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Religious studies and theology ous studies and theology ent causes of cultism in tertiary ound to the is as old as mankind. It focuses on the relevance measures in which public relations and any external body could adopt to solve social phenomenon in tertiary institution in study tries to portrayed the relationship and effect between the students and the cultism in nigeria institution. To examine the different causes of cultism in tertiary examine the role of public relations as strategies tool to reach the study the various challenges the cultists group have caused on the school relation has a significant effect in the fight against cultism a tertiary institution. What are the tools put in place to mobilize and encourage students on cultism in the institution?

7 significance of research is chosen because it will enlighten the student about the risk of joining a cult or being a member of a cult, and help to excavate the evolution and the remote cause of cultism on campuses and proffer and enduring solution to it. 8 scope of the study focuses on public relations strategies and the fight against cultism in nigeria tertiary institutions. Presence of cultism in our citadel of learning has done a lot of havoc to the nation’s educational systems just as it has negative impact on the socio-economic and political systems. Evolution of cultism in tertiary origin of the secret cults in the nigerian universities can be traced back to the pyrates confraternity, also known as national association of sea dogs, that was founded at the university college, ibadan(now called the university of ibadan),in 1953 when the institution was still a satellite campus of the university of london.

Causes of cultism in nigerian tertiary are various causes of cultism on campuses some of which are examined as follows, as identified by eberendu (1999). Akinfolarin (2003) and omoegun and akanle (2007) also reported in their studies that peer group influence is one of the reasons student join al background; students, who come from homes where codes of good conduct and discipline are not strictly enforced, are found to be member of cultism. Such students, because of their low self-image find solace in cultism in order to survive the academic rigors at all rization of the nigerian polity; adewale (2005) remarked that the culture of violence which has become part and parcel of nigerian polity has many faces among which are military coups, state sponsored violence, political assassinations, activities of ethnic militia and communal clashes. Ibukun (1999) also highlighted militarization of the nigerian polity for decades as a factor for cultism in nigerian tertiary institutions.

While the happenings in the institution are an offshoot of the larger society, violence became pressed into the psyche of an average reasons for cultism in tertiary institutions include lack of recreational facilities, decay in social life and increasing materialism of the society (omoegun and akanle 2007). Effects of cultism in nigerian tertiary attendant effect of cultism on the learning process cannot be exhausted as both intra and inter- cult clashes negatively affect the students in a very high proportion. Our thousands of essays:If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom religious studies and theology essay, dissertation or piece of coursework that answers your exact question? Each of us is qualified to a high level in our area of expertise, and we can write you a fully researched, fully referenced complete original answer to your essay complete our simple order form and you could have your customised religious studies and theology work in your email box, in as little as 3 senior lecturer in economics, essay uk researcher religious studies and theology essay was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your page has approximately you use part of this page in your own work, you need to provide a citation, as follows:Essay uk, different causes of cultism in tertiary institution.

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At least, vice chancellor of the university of port harcourt, professor t owned up when he said, "cultism worries", while he in office as vice chancellor. They appear not to have produced reasonable r has the denial of the students or the cultists by the llors of the universities they attend proven to be the solution problems associated with cultism. The problem therefore is: why measures taken so far to curb cultism on our campuses not sful? This method of analysis is considered most appropriate to because it will enable the researchers to actually analyse vital questions on the measures that university had taken so curb cultism in nigerian universities and why they appeared to .

Taken to curb cultism so farcultism has generated a lot of fear, tension, insecurity e of schools. Neither the school authorities, parents, the nor the government have developed an acceptable framework on ameliorate the menace of secret cults which have continued to rity to life and property in of the major steps school authorities have used as a measure g cultism on our campuses is the expulsion of caught secret s. Another we cannot consider expulsion as a solution is that those who are to re-enroll in the universities have often taken to armed , becoming a bigger problem to the society, while on their part, s secret cults do enlist new members to replace expelled from expulsion of cultists from schools, cultism has declared banned by school authorities and various governments a. In the first place,The schools require the cooperation of parents, the various the general public to be able to curb cultism.

When children are comfortable they are most going to be aggressive and will be less dependent on friends lead them to join secret role of parents in curbing cultism cannot be . Sumobrain solutions ng: president buhari refuses to sign 2 national assembly is cultism and its effects? To the oxford dictionary, the cultism definition is next – it`s a social or religious group whose beliefs are individualistic, secret and esoteric. Oxford avance learners dictionary propose another cultism definition as a ritual practice that involved into the group of people, their policies, rituals and admission are kept secret from the general public.

Therefore, it`s possible to distinguish several characteristics of cultism:Cultism is a spiritual or religious practicecultism is practiced by a group of individualscultism is a secret practicecultism policies are unknown for the general publiccultism changes the values of the peoplecultism effects on the life of an individualtherefore, cultism can be defined as a distractive force in the society. Of cultism in africaafrican traditional system of worship is known for the reference of supreme beings and entities as well as ancestors. Moreover, cult members are not aware that they are being is cultism and its effects? And cultismmany participants of the cults because of lack of the security in the society.

It`s especially seen in female cultism in nigeria, where young women join the cult because they feel insecure. The same goes to male cultism as men have a natural desire to protect their families. If tradition institutes can`t provide them this kind of protection, then they seek for other identity and cultismpeople who can`t find themselves within the society – have a tendency to seek help from various social groups. If they manage to promote the cult and be the good assets to it, then they can be granted with a bless of a leader and get some promotion within the hierarchy of the is cultism and its effects?

People with emotional and psychological sickness, they do not fit for traditional societies, and cult leaders use them as the assets for the cult also: female cultism in nigerian universities and other dangerous cultscauses of cultism in nigeriawhat is cultism and its effects? Therefore, if they can`t solve their problems with the government officials, they can expect that somebody can help of cultism and their symbolswhat is cultism and its effects? If a person is willing to give the possessions to a leader of a cult, then he or she might expect better conditions in the cal cultismit`s usually connected with a certain idea of the world domination. One class is illuminati themselves another class is the servants of al or race cultismthis type of cultism has several expose only one idea.

The cultists of national cultism provide the idea that their group is chosen by god or other supreme entity to rule over other groups. They have the idea that the white race is chosen to be supreme over other of cultism in nigeriawhat is cultism and its effects? The most notorious are daughters of jezebel and the danselalso, viqueens and black uences of cultismcultism and cultist groups are created to provide some source of security. Cultist cultism in nigeria cultism and its admission list 2017 who is the richest woman in nigeria peace corps budget 2017 check jamb result 2017 importance of civic of a famous nigerian banga soup with a delicious banga soup for your there are no mcdonald's outlets in nigeria?

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