Biology research opportunities

Organization tanding nsf funding opportunities es and ormative al and award policies and procedures guide (pappg). Clicking on a highlighted site title should direct you to the web page for more information on that report errors in the list below by writing to @t items per onal a state universityreu site: nanobioengineeringbiological y: komal vig (334) 229-5132komalvig@ondary: shree singh (334) 229-4168ssingh@ch topics/keywords: biology, biosciences, biomedical engineering, chemistry, physicsabstract of an museum of natural historyreu site: systematics and evolutionary biology for the 21st centuryrichard gilder graduate ch topics/keywords: evolution, systematics, phylogenetics, taxonomy, genomics, conservation genetics, paleontology, universityreu site: warm-water aquatic ecologyfisheries, aquaculture, and aquatic y: alan wilson (334) 246-1120wilson@ch topics/keywords: biology, biosciences, ecology, limnology, fisheries management, evolution, molecular biology, microbiology, invasive species, behavior, statistics, restoration, modeling, hydrology, remote sensingabstract of awardcofunded: biological universityreu site: diversifying undergraduate participation in computational biologybiological y: leslie goertzen (334) 844-1637goertzen@ch topics/keywords: biology, biosciences, bioinformatics, genomics, big data, computational biologyabstract of universityreu site: 3d invertebrate herbivory and biodiversity in deciduous north american forest canopies: inspiring students with physical disabilities to pursue field biologydepartment of y: william miller @ondary: margaret lowman (919) @ch topics/keywords: canopy, tardigrade, herbivory, micro-invertebrates, interstical chemistry, ambulatory ts: elzie mccord, ph. Of new college of florida is the third pi and a program state universityreu site: raptor researchdepartment of biological sciences and raptor research y: jim belthoff (208) 426-4033jbeltho@ch topics/keywords: raptor biology, ecology, behavior, conservation biology, wildlife management, ornithology, sensory ecology, population biology, demography, molecular ecologyabstract of collegereu site: integrated science for society (is2)ut hill, y: kenneth burch (617) @ondary: laura anne lowery (617) @ch topics/keywords: biology, biosciences, neuroscience, physics, energy, mathematics, chemistry, quantum computation, nanoscience, materials science, optics, microscopyabstract of awardcofunded: universityreu site: bioinformatics research and interdisciplinary training experience in analysis and interpretation of information-rich biological data sets (reu-brite)program in , y: gary benson (617) 358-2965gbenson@ch topics/keywords: biology, biosciences, bioinformatics, computational biologycomments: coordinator: caroline lyman, 617-358-2036, clyman@tract of universityreu site: control of gene expression for biological , y: thomas gilmore (617) 353-2020gilmore@ch topics/keywords: biology; genes: environment; genomics; molecular biology; environmental studies; evolutioncomments: tina fresta, urop@, 617-353-2020abstract of awardcofunded: department of defense (dod). Thompson institutereu site: plant genome y: georg jander 607-254-1365gj32@ondary: jian hua 607-255-5554jh299@ch topics/keywords: plant, genomics, genetics, biochemistry, moleular biology, cell biology, bioinformatics, ts: the program coordinator is tiffany fleming, who can be reached at pgrp-ourtreach@ or is universityreu site: cell and molecular visualization at brandeis m, y: susan lovett (781) 736-2497lovett@ondary: suzanne paradis (781) 736-2121paradis@ch topics/keywords: cell biology, molecular biology, genetics, neuroscience, microscopycomments: coordinator jessica maryott, contact at: jmaryott@tract of rnia academy of sciencesreu site: biodiversity science in the summer systematics institute at the california academy of sciencesinstitute for biodiversity science and francisco, ch topics/keywords: phylogenetics, biodiversity, evolutionary biology, molecular systematics, museums, collections, sustainability, o botanic gardenreu site: plant biology & conservation research experiences for undergraduates - from genes to ecosystemsplant science and ch topics/keywords: conservation biology, ecology, evolution, genetics, habitat, invasive species, plants, pollination, restoration, soil science, systematicsabstract of college of new yorkreu site: research and training in biochemistry, biophysics and biodesign (b3) for undergraduateschemistry, biology, physics, biomedical engineering and chemical y: david jeruzalmi (212) 650-6062dj@ch topics/keywords: biology, biosciences, biochemistry, biophysics, biodesignabstract of awardcofunded: atlanta universityreu site: collaborative research: genomics and computational biologybiological y: david logan (404) 880-6830dlogan@ch topics/keywords: gnomics, computational biology, epigenetics, bioinformatics, systems biologyabstract of n universityreu site: undergraduate research in biological sciences: from genomes to phenomes--exploring function across scalesbiological n, south y: victoria corbin (864) 656-1634vcorbin@ondary: michael sears (864) 506-5174sears3@ch topics/keywords: biology, genetics, genomics, cell biology, developmental biology, microbiology, ecology, evolution, computational biologycomments: for questions/comments please email: vcorbin@tract of spring harbor laboratory"reu site: cshl nsf-reu bioinformatics and computational neurosciencewatson school of biological spring harbor, new y: anne churchland (516) 367-5035churchland@ondary: michael schatz (516) 367-8307mschatz@ch topics/keywords: biology, biosciences, neuroscience, computational biology, computational neuroscience, quantitative biology, bioinformatics, genomics, systems neurosciencecomments: program coordinater: kimberly creteur, kcreteur@, urpadmin@tract of e of charlestonreu site: next-generation bioinformatics for genomics-enabled research in the life sciencesdepartment of computer science and department of ston, south y: paul anderson 843-953-8151andersonpe2@condary: andrew shedlock 843-762-8811shedlockam@ch topics/keywords: machine learning, data science, data mining, evolutionary computation, pattern recognition, computational intelligence, cyberinfrastructure, bioinformatics, genome, genomics, next-generation dna sequecomments: for more information please contact dr. Andrew e of charlestonreu site: research experiences in marine organism health: resilience and response to environmental ston, south y: robert podolsky (843) 953-9186reu@ch topics/keywords: ecological and evolutionary processes, organismal biology, microbial ecology, physiology, pollution, environmental change, parasitology, marine ct of awardcofunded: ocean e of woostercollaborative research: reu site: a distributed network of neuroscience scholarsbiology, chemistry, y: amy stavnezer (330) 263-2215ajstavnezer@ondary: jennifer yates (740) 368-3814jryates@ch topics/keywords: biology, biosciences, neuroscience, behavior, brainabstract of do state universityreu site: program in molecular biosciencesbiochemistry and molecular collins, y: paul laybourn (970) rn@ondary: shing ho (970) @ch topics/keywords: biochemistry, neurobiology, cell biology, infectious diseases, structural biology, plant biology, cardiac biology, dna repair, radiation biology, gene regulation, chromatin, developmencomments: the program coordinator is eric ross (491-0688 @) and the program contact person is yvonne bridgeman (reubiochem@ or 970-491-5602)abstract of l universityreu site: molecular biology and genetics of cell signalingmolecular biology and y: volker vogt (607) 255-2443vmv1@ondary: kelly liu (607) 254-8942jl53@ch topics/keywords: biology, biosciences, cell biology, biochemistry, biophysics, genetics, developmentcomments: the administrative manager of this program is anne dunford, senior director, dept of mbg, ad20@tract of awardcofunded: biological brooklyn collegereu site: brooklyn urban ecology and environment program (buee)y: tony wilson (718) 951-5000twilson@ondary: brett branco (718) 951-5000bbranco@ch topics/keywords: biology, biosciences, urban ecology, environmental science, human-coupled natural systems, aquatic researchabstract of danforth plant science centerreu site: research experiences in plant science at the danforth centereducation m collegecollaborative research: reu site: a distributed network of neuroscience y: robert rosenberg (765) 983-1464rosenbo@ondary: beth mechlin (765) 983-1431mechlbe@ch topics/keywords: biology, biosciences, neuroscience, behavior, brainabstract of n kentucky universityreu site: disturbance ecology in central appalachiadepartment of biological y: david brown (859) @ondary: stephen richter (859) r@ch topics/keywords: biology, biosciences, ecology, disturbance, restoration, conservationabstract of museum of natural historyreu site: evolution of biodiversity across the tree of lifedepartment of science and ch topics/keywords: biology, biosciences, evolution, genomics, genetics, microbes, systematics, phylogenetics, paleontology, morphology, conservation biologyabstract of a a&m universityreu site: undergraduate research experience in genomics, proteomics and bioinformaticsdepartment of biological y: ramesh katam (850) @ondary: virginia gottschalk (850) halk@ch topics/keywords: biology, biosciences, genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and bioinformaticscomments: ramesh katam at @tract of a institute of technologyreu site: research at the intersection of biology and mathematicsbiological sciences and mathematical y: david carroll 321-674-7133dcarroll@ondary: munevver subasi 321-674-7486msubasi@ch topics/keywords: ecology, evolution, cell and molecular biology, data mining, applied statistics, stochastic processes, biomathematics, mathematical modeling, developmental ts: contact info: david carroll, (321) 674-7133, dcarroll@ or munevver subasi (321) 674-7486, msubasi@ct of awardcofunded: mathematical town universityreu site: environmental science and policy in the nations capitaldepartment of gton, district of y: matthew hamilton (202) on@ondary: martha weiss (202) 687-6549weissm@ch topics/keywords: biology, biosciences, environmental science, public policy, ecology, population biology, mathematical modeling, climate change, geosciencecomments: program coordinator: prof. Manus patten, mmp64@tract of awardcofunded: mathematical t items per to top reu sites to top reu sites usawardshistorygovernanceadvertise with asbmbpress pagelipid cornersocial media and blogscontact usmembershipasbmb member typesasbmb member benefitsmember faqsdirectorypublicationsjournal of biological chemistrymolecular & cellular proteomicsjournal of lipid researchasbmb todayadvertise with asbmbmeetingsannual meetingspecial symposiadeuel conferenceworkshopsmeeting calendaradvocacyabout the paacadvocacy toolkiteventsgrassroots advocacy netoworkpolicy publicationsrelated sitescareersjob boardcareer developmentcareers blogcareer pathsscholarships & awardssummer researcheducationaccreditationconcept-driven teachingstudent chaptersundergraduategrad studentpostdocfacultyeducation and professional development committeeminority affairscareers beyond the benchgrant writing workshopresearch spotlightmarion b. Sewer distinguished scholarship for undergraduatesmsi partnershipspartnership for diversityresources for minorities in sciencehopesruth kirschstein diversity in science awardminority affairs committeeoutreachabout the poccommunication trainingevents and activitiesfundinglocal outreach opportunitiesoutreach sjob boardcareer developmentcareers blogcareer pathsscholarships & awardssummer research g for a summer research opportunity? Rockville pike, suite 302, rockville, md 20852-3110phone: (240) 283-6600 • email us  © copyright 2017 american society for biochemistry and molecular to contentuniversity of the pacificstocktonsacramentosan franciscoacademicsschools and collegescollege of the pacificacademicsdepartments & programsbiological sciencesacademicsundergraduate researchprintsharereturn to academicsundergraduate researchstudent research examplesbiology undergraduate research opportunitiesresearch and experiential learning opportunities for undergraduate c's undergraduate program in biology provides students with the intellectual foundation and practical skills to conduct original research in the area of biological y undergraduates have the opportunity to become fully integrated members of cutting-edge research laboratories as well as experience field research of the faculty research projects are supported by federal funding through the national institutes of health (nih) and the national science foundation (nsf). The past 10 years, over 35 undergraduate students have co-authored significant research raduates take active biology department has 17 active faculty members and 5 emeriti.

All members perform laboratory/and or field research, actively involving student the college of the pacific is considered a primarily undergraduate research institution (pui), the advancements of research projects in the biology department largely depend upon experimental work performed by undergraduate research s larger research institutions primarily use ph. Candidates or post-doctoral students to gather scientific data, at pacific, undergraduate students fulfill this fundamental objective of the undergraduate research experience at pacific is to give students the opportunity to conduct first-rate, hands-on research. Students learn about scientific reasoning, laboratory methodology, the bridge between theory and application, and the value of scientific specific objectives are to:Provide undergraduates with the opportunity to conduct original research that is at the frontier of p the physical and intellectual tools necessary for modern biological interactions with faculty and other undergraduate students to enhance scientific communication and writing creates unparalleled research opportunities and unprecedented experiences for students at the undergraduate university of the pacific on:University of the pacific stockton campus 3601 pacific avenue, stockton, california 95211 209. University of central florida offers numerous opportunities for undergraduates to pursue research in various disciplines under the direction of a faculty member. This intensive research opportunity enhances the academic experience and challenges students to strengthen their critical, analytical, and writing skills. You can find out more at the ucf office of undergraduate research () or the office of undergraduate studies (/research). In 2002, the ramp program is designed to provide a research experience working closely with a faculty mentor for students who may be interested in pursuing graduate education. Undergraduate students participating in this program receive financial office of research at office of research budgets $100,000 annually to match contract and grant dollars for principle investigators who hire undergraduates to assist in sponsored burnett honors college student-mentor academic research teams (smart). Smart program is designed to help students identify and work with faculty mentors in a research area of shared interest.

Frequently, smart students work as lab assistants on ongoing faculty projects; however some students develop their own independent research projects under the supervision of their faculty mentor. The burnett honors college has an online directory of faculty and their undergraduate research program. The burnett honors college partners with ucf’s office of research in sponsoring up to ten smart awards. It is designed to assist juniors and seniors who are intent on developing their own independent research project. Him students work closely with a thesis advisor and a faculty thesis searchsummer research research summer programs release new 2018 deadline dates, we will post them here. Questions about summer research opportunities can be sent to bioresearch@ or stop by the office of undergraduate biology (oub) in 216 : you can sort the table by clicking on the column headers. Mbi undergraduate research state ic summer undergraduate research experience (asure)/leadership einstein college of medicine- hispanic center of excellence- summer undergraduate mentorship einstein college of scholars science and biotechnology undergraduate research ia university/barnard college, massachusetts institute of technology, stanford university, uc berkeley, ucla, ucsf, washington university in st. Louis, harvard university, national institutes of courses at the university of sity of y/bcs summer research husetts institute of technology (mit). Department of energy, office of ng diversity in biomedical sciences for university - sackler school of graduate biomedical biology research scholars program (crsp).

Of cell biology, harvard medical r summer scholars program-oh residents health spring laboratory undergraduate research school of biological vation t conservation association (sca). Botanic gardens summer internship l university botanic l/rockefeller/sloan-kettering gateways to the laboratory cornell, rockefeller, ity student summer research opportunity program (dssrop). Hopkins university school of danforth plant science center's summer internship danforth center, duke conservation scholars program until all positions are ence in cardiovascular sciences summer forest university school of medicine and graduate school of arts and science summer scholars l university food science directions summer research d medical summer program (gsip). Gates center for regenerative ech college er sloan-kettering graduate school summer undergraduate research -kettering mithkline summer internship h, nc, philadelphia, d stem cell institute internship program [hip]. For biology education university of ative organismal systems physiology (iosp)  american physiological isciplinary summer undergraduate research university of ship program (boston museum of science). Undergraduate hughes medical institute, janelia farm research ' educational and research collaborative internship program (lercip). Of sciences undergraduate research opportunity sity of missouri - sciences summer sity of delaware - college of earth, ocean, & summer internship ey bay aquarium research l education development program (med). Of north carolina at chapel hill, schools of medicine and research sity of ty awards onian summer research ring avian productivity and survivorship (maps) ute for bird program website. Institute of ch triangle american awards onian summer student research al radio astronomy observatory (nrao).

Of texas health science center at san ric medicine winter/summer internships university school of podiatric ton summer undergraduate research experience (psure). Of chicago pritzker school of m health emergency langone medical ms in biomedical sciences-grad school sity of tative and physical sciences summer undergraduate research fellowships (qp-surf). University of texas southwestern medical center at research experience for ch experience for undergraduates program in estuarine and coastal marine ch experience in molecular and quantitative & computational ch in science and engineering (rise). Hard deadline - rolling admissions beginning ch experiences for undergraduates -integrative biology and ecology of marine sity of ch internships in field science (rifs). Cornell nanoscale science and -nsf summer undergrad research program in ment of biochemistry and biophysics, texas a&m university, -pacific internship for exploring sciences (pipes). Of hawaii at hilo, -research experience for undergraduates in al science -research experience for undergraduates in sity of iowa healthcare, carver college of -research experience for undergraduates in plant cell sity of california riverside, -research experience for undergraduates summer program in molecular do state university - department of biochemistry and molecular biology, -research experiences for undergraduates in integrative and evolutionary ment of biology university of massachusetts at -research experiences for undergraduates in magnetic fields, pressure, and al high magnetic field -research in ecology, evolution and genomics of grassland state -research in fungal genomics and computational sity of georgia and washington summer carver summer research internship state university, -research in prokaryotic sity of georgia, -shannon point marine center research experience for undergraduates in marine n point marine center western washington -smithsonian environmental research center (serc) internship program in environmental onian environmental research - nsf summer program in molecular and organismal sity of idaho, -summer research program in ecology at harvard d university, harvard forest, -summer student program - genomics research for college jackson laboratory, -summer undergraduate program in engineering research at berkeley (superb). Summer undergraduate research in biology (surb): interdependence across dine university, -the mount desert island biological laboratory research experience for and grass -undergraduate research training at whitney whitney laboratory, university of florida - e enrichment program (sep). Commonwealth university school of -term research education program to increase diversity in health-related research (stride)  american physiological program (summer multicultural access to research training). Of onian internship onian based on s summer scholars graduate school of the stowers children's research center (scrc summer training program).

Of t research intern shore long t research internships in y of hard deadline - varies by institute of marine biology - university of honors undergraduate research program (shurp)/leadership d medical school-division of medical institute for training in carolina state university,national heart, lung, and blood institute in anatomy for hopkins university school of intern program virginia institute of marine ia institute of marine internship in science and technology (sist). Of american medical colleges, robert wood johnson medical and research training (smart) college of medicine, the national heart, lung, & blood institute, the debakey medical program for undergraduate research (spur). Hard deadline; rolling admission until spots are phd program in biological sciences in public d university school of public programs for undergraduate research (spur). University, columbia university, cornell university, dartmouth college, harvard university, howard university, hunter college, johns hopkins university, montana state university - bozeman, new york university, princeton university, stanford university, tufts university, university of colorado at boulder, university of maryland - baltimore county, university of miami, university of pennsylvania, vanderbilt university, yale research fellowship (surf) sity of rochester school of medicine and research fellowship for sity of arkansas for medical research for hopkins university - institute for research internship at harvard center for systems research internship program (srip). Of virginia school of research opportunity tee on institutional research opportunity estern research opportunity program (srop). Park cancer l park cancer research sity of california san francisco ng diversity in biomedical research program in biological tte university, research programs in the research programs outside s colleges, universities and research training program for te division -university of california, san scholars sity of rochester, student fellowship woods hole oceanographic astronomy summer program (sasp). Of rhode undergraduate research fellowship eller undergraduate research fellowship estern graduate school of biomedical sciences, the university of texas southwestern medical undergraduate research fellowship al institute of standards and technology physics undergraduate research fellowship program (surf). Of pharmacology, university of california san undergraduate research institution for the study of kidney disease (suriskd). State college of undergraduate research sity of north carolina at chapel hill - program in molecular biology & undergraduate research hutchinson cancer research undergraduate research ment of pharmacology, case western reserve university school of undergraduate research sinai school of undergraduate research program (surp).

Of pittsburgh school of medicine interdisciplinary biomedical graduate program, undergraduate research program (surp) in neuroscience for new jersey sity of medicine & dentistry of new state university of new jersey (rutgers). Undergraduate research program in biomedical r institute, nyu school of undergraduate research sity of undergraduate research sity of depending on veterinary student research program / merial veterinary scholars ia-maryland regional college of veterinary medicine at virginia albert einstein college of medicine summer undergraduate research program (surp). Institute of mit and summer student training and research (star) medical college of travelers summer research fellowship medical university of cincinnati college of medicine r. University of cincinnati college of weill graduate school access summer research graduate school of medical sciences of cornell summer fellowship institute for genomic al herpetology/ rain forest ecology/primate behavior and ecology/drawing studio in the rain forest and more... Suerte biological field t info about desired raduate fellowships for woods hole oceanographic raduate research excellence fellowship (ugref). American physiological raduate research national primate research raduate research an society for plant raduate research fellowship (urf). Society for raduate research york university center for neural raduate scholarship al institutes of raduate student raduate summer research fellowship (ugsrf). Summer research internship programs in biological and biomedical sity of connecticut health raduate summer research raduate summer research university medical raduate summer research downstate medical sity of iowa summer undergraduate mstp research program (sumr program). University school of program - brush -biomedical research for university students in health an state university- college of veterinary ations accepted year summer undergraduate research fellowship (surf) program.