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También está disponible en españ't show this with chromebook: can you use it to actually get work done? Chromebook challenge continues with productivity and workplace tests in part 2 of our 29, 2013 1:47 pm the first part of our living with chromebook series, i outlined the initial hardware and account setup required to use a laptop running google's chrome os. In this second installment, the focus is on my long-form chromebook test-drive, i'm spending most of my computing time with the hp pavilion 14 chromebook. Like the smaller 11- and 12-inch chromebooks we've reviewed, it operates almost entirely within the chrome web browser, which looks and feels the same as the chrome web browser you may be using right now on your windows or mac os makes for a familiar experience in some ways, as many of us have already moved large swaths of our lives online, into web-based tools such as gmail, facebook, and netflix. More than most, i've embraced cloud services for as many things as possible, primarily because reviewing laptops means moving into a brand-new, fresh-from-the-box pc at least once or twice a you're anywhere near as invested in cloud services as i am, then the transition to a chromebook should hypothetically be fairly painless. Perhaps traditional folders-and-file systems are a security blanket, because despite having used chromebooks before this, i found being locked into a browser-only world still felt confining, especially for office work -- documents, spreadsheets, and folders of files nestled within each of the things you want to do -- send e-mail, share via social-networking services, stream online video -- are available on a chrome os 's no doubt why the chrome os now has a more pronounced (if still rudimentary) file system than the very first chromebooks did, making it possible to save and easily access files. This hewlett-packard model only includes 16gb of solid-state drive (ssd) storage, but acer's c7 chromebook includes a standard 320gb platter hard drive. The original pitch for the chromebook was that this would be an always-on device, connected to either wi-fi or mobile broadband, that idea seems to have fallen by the wayside. The hp pavilion 14 chromebook, for example, does not include a 3g antenna, something found in the original google chromebook, as well as the samsung chromebook series 5 550. For that reason, using google drive on a chromebook was a natural transition for me, and one of the elements of chromebook use that felt the most comparable to using a non-chrome os nearly all writers, i spent years using microsoft word on both windows and os x systems. Even now, on the hp pavilion 14 chromebook, i can open any document i've been working on from another laptop, add some text, and then seamlessly switch back to the first laptop at any point. That's not something everyone uses, but for writers, especially those who got their start in print publishing, being able to see every tab, paragraph break, and even the spaces between characters is important. It's a paid service, not all features work in chrome os, and it doesn't facilitate the easy sharing that google docs does with anyone who has a free gmail may be something you'll need to use every day, but i've had good luck exporting google docs files into the pdf format (it's a setting built right in to google docs under file > download as), and the file browser in chrome os can open pdf files for easy chromebook pixel pavilion 14 chromebook g chromebook series 3 c7 chromebook handy thing to keep in mind is that most google drive files can be accessed even when your chromebook (or other pc) is offline. Gmail also has an offline mode, and you can find more apps and features that work on an offline chromebook in this special section of the chrome web store (of course, you'll have to be online to see this list). A mouse, printer, and other of the big problems i had with the less-expensive chromebooks from samsung and acer has been the terrible touch pads built into those systems. I don't care if your laptop cost less than $200, if the touch pad is unusable, you're just not going to be productive on touch pad on the $329 hp pavilion 14 chromebook is a bit better, but still not even as good as the touch pads found on budget windows laptops.

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It was passable for basic web surfing, but if you plan on using your chromebook for more than a couple of hours at a time, an external mouse is ately, despite not having any way to install drivers or dive into the deeper functions of pointing devices, i had good luck getting external devices to work. Up cloud print is about as far from the simple, stripped-down appeal of chromebooks and the chrome os as one could ng is a little more complicated. More likely, you have what google generously refers to as a "classic printer," in which case, you have to run a cloud print app on a separate windows or os x machine, and from there, connect to your is about as far from the simple, stripped-down appeal of chromebooks and the chrome os as one could said, when i followed the steps outlined in this support doc from google, the cloud print feature worked the first time i tried your job involves only e-mail, text documents, and simple spreadsheets, moving to a chromebook may well be a very simple transition for you, especially if you already make use of google's online , however, you have occasional need for programs such as photoshop, you're going to have to find a workaround. It works well enough in a pinch, although if you're a heavy photoshop user, a chromebook just isn't for you. One caveat, especially if you're working with big images: remember that you'll have to both upload and redownload the image file, so make sure you have the time and bandwidth to work that way before you count on an online app such as can be productive on a chromebook, an on-the-go system for catching up on e-mail (especially if you use gmail or google's corporate e-mail services), and creating or editing basic office documents, a chromebook works, and works well considering the less-than-$250 investment (for the samsung chromebook series 3, the most affordable chromebook cnet can recommend). Even if you only need a particular app once in a great while, unless there's an online version that works in the chrome browser, you're out of drive/google docs works the same as it does on non-chrome cloud-based documents makes it easy to share and access documents on multiple mice and other accessories are e access to some features helps the chromebook be more universally 're stuck with second-rate online alternatives to programs such as g up a printer is a docs lacks many of the bells and whistles of microsoft the next living with chromebook installment, we'll look at entertainment options in chrome os, from streaming video to s: living with chromebook: can you use it to... These machines have done quite well in the education market, but their appeal has prices, long battery life and ease of use are just a few reasons why chromebooks are attractive. Chromebooks outsold macs for the first time in 2016, and gartner is predicting that chromebook sales will grow by 16. Million chromebooks for use in the classroom, just under half of the total laptops, according to the associated press. One massachusetts-based high school is even reporting it expects to see chromebooks than cellphones in the is a chromebook right for you? Our chromebook buying guide has the answers to these and other chromebook flip n22 2-in-1 g chromebook books run chrome os, google's operating system, so they heavily feature google's suite of applications and often times rely on a working internet connection. Although you can log in to chrome os as a guest, we recommend you log in to the system with a google account to have the best list of android app-supporting chromebooks is growing by the day, check out this page to see if yours is books are optimized for google's apps, such as gmail, google calendar and google drive. Chromebooks will be easy to set up if you already use those : best chromebooks available unately, popular software applications, such as adobe photoshop and the microsoft office suite, aren't available on all chromebooks. However, microsoft office online, the free cloud version of office, is available as a webpage in the chrome browser, and you can always use the native google drive to open and edit documents and may be best to stick with microsoft office online if you already have a lot of office files that you're bringing over to your chromebook. Fortunately, google drive allows you to save documents to microsoft formats, so you'll still be able to share files with non-chromebook the other hand, there are a handful of photo editors available for chrome os, including pixlr (free), which looks a lot like photoshop. But those with existing files are out of luck — there is no chromebook app that can edit adobe's .

The idea is to give chromebooks access to more games, productivity options and other apps to make these machines more tly, android-capable chromebooks include the samsung chromebook plus, asus chromebook flip, acer chromebook r11 and google’s own chromebook pixel. If you’re looking to take a chromebook to school with you, make it one of books are designed to rely heavily on the internet, which means that many apps simply won't work if you're out of wi-fi range. There are more than 200 offline chrome apps that can work without internet connectivity, including gmail, pocket and google drive, and tons of the android apps coming soon will also work 'll still be able to play games on the chromebook, but your options are sparse. Of course, chromebooks with android support get more modern titles such as fallout shelter, star wars: galaxy of heroes and books generally have limited graphics processing power, so you'll want to stick to less demanding assistant landed on the chrome os platform in the pixelbook. While the launcher is currently integrated with google now, giving you info cards for the current weather and local news stories, we could see it switching to google redesigned the on-screen keyboard for touch-screen use, making it easier to use on 2-in-1s like the asus chromebook flip. Of the 10 chromebooks we've reviewed in the past year, we've seen an average of 9 hours and 15 minutes of endurance on the laptop mag battery test, which involves continuous web surfing over the top end, you'll notice standouts like the acer chromebook r 13's runtime of 11:00, though the average is down from the 9:59 time we previously found. Google's own pixelbook, disappointingly, offers a relatively short 7 hours and 43 minutes of recommend shooting for at least 9 hours of juice, which half of the chromebooks we've reviewed offer. While some affordable windows 10 notebooks, like the lenovo miix 310 (12:24) and the dell inspiron 11 3000 (13:39), offer amazing battery life, the ultraportable notebook average is a shorter 8 hours and 21 r to business notebooks made to survive drops and other minor disasters, chromebooks for work are built to withstand falls, scrapes and similar punishment. In our testing, the acer chromebook 14 for work proved durable, surviving unscratched and fully functional after our dropbot 5000 test bench dropped it from a height of 48 inches onto a plywood the acer chromebook 14 for work and the thinkpad 13 chromebook (another for work model) are mil-std-810g certified, meaning they're capable of passing durability testing that u. Degrees to 140 degrees fahrenheit), humidity, vibration, rain, sand and e chromebooks aren't just for adults. The kid-friendly acer chromebook 11 n7 c731t survived a full glass of water getting spilled onto its keyboard, as well as the 48-inch high drops from our dropbot 5000. The lenovo thinkpad 13 chromebook and google's pixelbook include the trusted platform module, a security chip that helps keep malicious attackers away from your size screen do i need? That means you won't have trouble choosing a smaller model, such as the 11-inch acer chromebook 11 n7 , the 12. Inch asus chromebook flip c302ca and the 13-inch thinkpad 13 models often weigh less than 3 pounds, making them the most portable, and great options for kids. However, the screen size and keyboards may seem cramped for acer chromebook 15 is the only 15-inch chrome os notebook looking for more real estate for web surfing, getting work done, watching movies and playing games can pick up the 14-inch acer chromebook 14 for work, or the 15-inch acer chromebook 15, the only chrome os notebooks above 13 inches. Unfortunately, both are on the older end of the spectrum, as there hasn't been much demand for large chromebooks.

Chromebooks are meant primarily for online use, the specs aren't as important as they are for windows laptops, but you'll still want to know how much power and storage you're getting for your money. The hp chromebook 14 (4gb ram) and the lenovo 100s chromebook (2gb ram) featured the same celeron n2840 processors, but the hp notebook handled more than a dozen open tabs without a problem while the lenovo stuttered with 10 open chrome tabs and spotify playing. Our tests of the windows version of the lenovo ideapad 100s ($180) show that similarly spec'd pcs can handle a larger stack of processor in your chrome os machine helps determine how smoothly your chromebook performs, especially when you have multiple tabs open and you're streaming video or playing find intel celeron chips in many chromebooks, and they often provide acceptable speed. The $229 acer chromebook 11 n7 c731t (celeron n3060, 4gb ram) for example, could run 8 concurrent chrome tabs, but stuttered after we opened can get a windows 10 laptop with similar specs and price, such as the dell inspiron 11 3000 ($229), but it might not be as capable. That machine has the same processor and memory, but while it lasts more than 13 hours, its performance was less than that of the 11 that doesn't sound like enough for you, certain chromebooks pack intel core cpus for even more speed. The biggest downside to these core m chromebooks, such as the asus chromebook flip c302ca ($499) and samsung chromebook pro ($549) is their heftier price. Don't worry about that powerful cpu affecting the battery life, as the samsung chromebook pro (core m3) provided more power and longer longevity (8:05) than its weaker chromebook plus (arm mediatek; 7:46) you want a chromebook with enough speed to run your favorite android apps, consider laptops with the core i5 and core i7 cpus, such as the you want a chromebook without an intel chip, there's always 2014's acer chromebook 13, the only chrome os machine with an nvidia chip (the tegra k1). While it offers excellent graphics performance, it doesn't offer a touch chrome os is so lightweight, chromebooks often don't need much storage. Once android support lands on the platform, users will find ways to make use of the sd card reader in notebooks such as the acer chromebook 14, where you can expand the storage up to for a 32gb model now if you're buying with android apps in mind. Similarly-priced windows laptops often include 32gb by default, but that operating system takes up so much space that you're left with a similar amount of free storage as a 16gb gives you 100gb of free google drive storage with every chromebook purchase, though that only lasts for two years, after which you'll only have the standard 15gb of free size of the screen isn't the only thing that matters. While we appreciate the bright, color-accurate panel in the$179 samsung chromebook 3, its 1366 x 768-pixel dimensions mean it's best for writing and reading. But if you want sharper images, video and graphics, spring for one with a full-hd display (1920 x 1080 pixels), such as the $359 acer chromebook r s 10 has been built for touch screens, but you can get the same functionality in chrome os. The $280 acer chromebook r 11 can bend into a tablet, making use of its ips touch-screen asus chromebook flip c302ca is our overall favorite chromebook. Image: jeremy lips/ $449 asus chromebook flip c302ca also has a touch screen, and it's one of the few to currently support android apps, though others will gain that support later this year. If the prospect of using what's app, super mario run and other apps on a chromebook sounds like an option for you, make sure your next chromebook includes a touch pixelbook offers one of the best displays we've seen in a chromebook, with a qhd 2400x1600-pixel resolution and 421 nits of are you buying it for? The best way to tell if someone will enjoy owning a chromebook is if you know they already spend most of their time in the chrome browser.

Those users will take to the notebook you're buying this chromebook for someone else, you should take a few moments to consider how they're going to use the device. Chromebooks are especially good for younger students, as they are ease to use and are fairly en who are still learning how to use computers may be more receptive to learning how a new operating system works, and while there's no official minecraft title for chrome os, the android-based minecraft: pocket edition will become available on certain chromebooks later this elder relatives may have never truly understood windows enough to use their pc frequently, but others who have learned just enough to make do may become frustrated that they need to relearn where downloads go, or that their favorite app is not available for if your office will support chrome os, you might want to look into getting your company to spring for the pixelbook. At the low end, you can pick up the affordable and light $169 acer chromebook r11, which has an 11. There are more affordable options, as we've detailed here, but the pc laptop market has a much higher cap than the chromebook can even wind up spending as much as $1,199 on the 12. To use your chromebook: tips and best chromebooks available month with a chromebook: the good and i buy a chromebook? To use your chromebook: tips and best chromebooks available best chromebook month with a chromebook: the good and i buy a chromebook? If you surf the web, write and read emails, watch netflix and youtube, do some basic word processing or spreadsheet work or do minor picture editing, a chromebook may be right for you. If you purchased a mac or windows pc in the past and never added any programs, and don't run programs outside what i've described, a chromebook may be for you. If you already have a workhorse pc at home and want a lightweight, grab and go computer to do basic browsing and work on, a chromebook may be for tand what you need and what a chromebook can and cannot do. People who purchased a chromebook and then act surprised they can't run windows programs and games didn't do much research beforehand. But you can certainly respond and write emails, watch downloaded movies and shows, write and work in spreadsheets offline in a chromebook. If you do none of those things and don't install programs on a windows machine, think about a chromebook. Other than that, i'd say a chromebook could easily work for a lot of 30th, 2017 at 5:00 only honest advice i can give is dont by a mine three weeks ago and selling it and getting a laptop same as my last 5th, 2017 at 5:30 y is chromebooks are mainly sold into the educational market and only in the us. But if your fine work just within the google ecosystem i don't see a reason not to try a chromebook. Probably the easiest linux based device you can er 2nd, 2016 at 7:16 you like offline things such as games like minecraft or listening to music dont get one get a regular r 24th, 2016 at 1:23 asking if you can load lotsa extra apps and stuff on chromebooks - they are intended and work super as email and youtubers! Only someone would blend all the good bits we love into one super chromebook it would be wonderful!

I know of plenty of people who would do just fine with a $300 chromebook over a $700 pc notebook. Especially since i need a reliable laptop/book for my ber 8th, 2016 at 4:46 a chromebook. It is so liberating to not have to deal with the endless pit traps that the expanded functionality windows at chromebook says:August 10th, 2016 at 11:52 ... A big advertisement article for chromebook, and it completely skips over the fact that you need a very very very large high speed internet connection. Imo, you are an idiot if you buy a chromebook, unless you live in korea and got that fiber connection and 1000mps speed. 30th, 2015 at 11:00 you heard if the chromebook is going to support a bluetooth-enabled printer connection ? Purchased an hp chromebook because i only use my laptop and ipad for writing on googledocs. Surprisingly google docs works perfectly on my ipad and mac pro but google docs is always a problem on the chromebook: whole chapters disappeared. Yes the chromebook is cheaper and lighter than my old mac pro but now, the hours of writing i lost, i wish i had never purchased er 4th, 2015 at 5:09 i create a pdf file on an acer chromebook? It appears that the students using school purchased chromebooks hate the hardware, and hate that you can't put games on the 's be honest, one of the beautiful things about chrome os is that you can't download any sort of third party program on it. I thought for sure i'd settled on a core m powered windows device but came across a review about the toshiba chromebook 2. This would be my first chromebook, cause sure enough the first time i say that screen in person i was instantly sold at the $300 is was selling for at the time of purchase. Chromebooks will do most of the work you need to do offline anyways, like document editing and far my experience after a month of use has been quite positive. The chromebook pixel 2 is looking more and more tempting everyday but i still find the price to swallow considering the maturity of the os running on 9th, 2015 at 10:35 you are getting this for school or communication, i wouldn't recommend it. Chromebook is useless i hate the 1 i am using and i wish that chrome os had never been invented because we can't get minecraft and there are other games i want but can't get and even at schools there are chromebooks so if the chromebooks are ment to be for a school then buy 19th, 2015 at 12:12 am. Althouh my chromebook cannot replace my mac because of specific statistical software i have to use for work, everything else i do on my chromebook.

I'm just saying that you can dual-boot a chromebook so that it will run linux on it (and thus getting all of the desired apps like libreoffice). 1st, 2015 at 11:42 it is good help but i didnt read all so i might be roung maby you did but you should of put the regulure prise in 14th, 2015 at 11:26 than forthright about chromebook. Microsoft surface could be foldable, make your chromebook offlineeven if you’re not connected to the internet, you can still do lots of things with your : some offline apps and services won’t work in incognito or guest can read, respond to, and search your emails when you aren’t connected to the internet using gmail offline. Messages you write, archive, label, or delete while you’re offline will be sent or moved when you connect to the internet. Learn more about using google calendar movies, music, or movies and tv shows , buy a movie or tv show on google play , download your movie or tv show to your chromebook:Click the launcher up arrow . To music , buy or upload your music to google play , download your songs to your chromebook:Click the launcher up arrow . The menu music the song or album you’d like to listen to more a download location, then click download the download completes, you can play your songs using your chromebook’s built-in media , find and install games that can be played offline:Go to the chrome web the left, click the box for runs games work offline, like cut the rope and cube slam. If your chromebook works with android apps, you can also search the google play store app for offline you’ve installed a game, you can find it by clicking the launcher all can take notes offline using google keep. First, if you’ve already taken notes, you’ll need to save them so you can read and edit offline:Make sure your chromebook is connected to the the launcher up arrow . Your chromebook will automatically save your notes so you can see them your chromebook saves your notes, you can edit them or write new notes offline. And edit photos with the chromebook’s built-in photo web pages: right-click the page, select save as, then save the page as an html file. You can also use an app from the chrome web store, like more apps that work offline: open the chrome web store, click apps, then check the box for runs this: casey is a chromebook expert and author of this help page. Your chromebook offlineeven if you’re not connected to the internet, you can still do lots of things with your : some offline apps and services won’t work in incognito or guest can read, respond to, and search your emails when you aren’t connected to the internet using gmail offline. That's where chromebooks come put, a chromebook is an affordable (typically under $200) laptop that doesn't run windows or os x, but can run one thing: the chrome web browser. While that may seem limited, these days you can do just about everything in a browser, including checking e-mail, writing papers, editing photos, and watching streaming video services like netflix and what else can a chromebook do? After spending a little less than a week with it—including writing this article and editing all the photos you see here—we have to say we're chromebooks good for students?

In most cases, a chromebook can do everything a student will need it to do, whether that's checking the syllabus online, responding to e-mails, or writing won't run the full microsoft office suite, but using google docs or microsoft word online you can draft, edit, and save word documents in common formats . If your major requires more dedicated software—such as photo editing or computer-assisted design programs—you may need to step up to a full chromebooks print? Though chromebooks can't hook up directly to a printer via a usb port or wifi, you can just save your document to a thumb drive and print from there. If that's not an option you can try to connect your printer to google cloud print or use your printer's own cloud printing solution if it has chromebooks get viruses? Chromebooks don't run traditional windows or os x programs, they usually aren't susceptible to malware written for those kinds of computers. Chromebooks don't need (and can't run) traditional anti-virus software, but to be safe just avoid visiting websites you don't trust and don't download attachments from your e-mail unless you know what it is—especially if you will transfer those files to a windows pc or mac that will be chromebooks have cameras? Google hangouts is a great option for this; microsoft's skype service works via the web app, but it doesn't support video calling on chromebooks chromebooks work offline? Most of their functionality requires an internet connection to work, it's easy to assume that chromebooks don't work offline. Though most chromebooks have very limited storage, if a file is on your local machine you should still be able to work on it without a connection. You can even use apps like gmail offline and respond to e-mails; the chromebook will send them off as soon as you find a chromebooks run microsoft office? You can also create and edit any of these offline as well by enabling this in enable offline editing, sign into your chromebook, open chrome, and go to google drive. Newer chromebooks have bluetooth antennas buried inside, allowing you the use of wireless accessories like bluetooth headphones. You can also use the usb port to power dongles from accessories like a wireless mouse just like a regular laptop, but only if they don't require specialized software to chromebooks have good battery life? If you have the screen brightness turned way up and you're playing movies, though, your mileage may chromebook run games like minecraft? Re not going to be able to run steam or any really high-end games on your chromebook, but you can find a smattering of low-intensity timewasters on the chrome store games much anything that you already run in chrome, safari, internet explorer, edge, or firefox will work on a chromebook—unfortunately, this doesn't include minecraft. If you want to run that, you'll have to be comfortable installing a linux distro like ubuntu and running the linux version of the chromebooks run other programs?

It also means you can't run the full versions of programs like adobe photoshop, lightroom, quickbooks, including things you actually need and very little that you don't, chromebooks are the tool of choice for budget-minded pinterest warriors, facebook fanatics, and young students. Truth is, if you're like most people and spend nearly all your time in the web browser, then a chromebook just may be the best cheap laptop you can said, it's not for everyone—myself included—because sometimes you need more than what a browser can do. Despite being able to carry this article from start to finish with a $180 chromebook, i can do that—and much more—faster on a full-size laptop. I also generally prefer the superior screens of laptops, though google's flagship chromebook pixel is an for the vast majority of people the vast majority of the time? A chromebook is good for just about everything you'd isement - continue reading editors review and recommend products to help you buy the stuff you need.