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Professor of medicine, university of texas md anderson cancer s-in-chief dicine now accepts  factor is 2. A meta-analysis of the short-and long-term results of randomized controlled trials that compared laparoscopy-assisted and conventional open surgery for colorectal cancer. We followed-up a cohort for 24 years investigating the association between missing teeth and the incidence of cancer with the hypothesis that dental chronic inflammation links to cancer.

Methods: who icd-7-9-10 malignant diagnoses were recorded from the swedish cancer registry from 1985 to 2009 in 1 390 individuals who had underwent clinical oral examination in 1985. Research communicationa single nucleotide polymorphism in hpgd gene is associated with prostate cancer risk xiaofei qi, yu wang, jianquan hou, yuhua huang. Pdf]research paperprogrammed cell death ligand 1 protein levels predicted survival of non-small cell lung cancer shaohua cui, xinying su, lili dong, jialin qian, lin ye, tianwei zhang, haihua fu, hulin han, jiaqi huang, yihong yao, yi gu, liyan jiang.

Pdf]research paperproteomic analysis of lung metastases in a murine breast cancer model reveals divergent influence of ctsb and ctsl overexpression florian christoph sigloch, martina tholen, alejandro gomez-auli, martin lothar biniossek, thomas reinheckel, oliver schilling. Pdf]research paperhazard rate of tumor recurrence over time in patients with colon cancer: implications for postoperative surveillance from three japanese foundation for multidisciplinary treatment of cancer (jfmc) clinical trials hiromichi maeda, kosuke kashiwabara, toru aoyama, koji oba, michitaka honda, shuhei mayanagi, mitsuro kanda, chikuma hamada, sotaro sadahiro, junichi sakamoto, shigetoyo saji, takaki yoshikawa. Pdf]research paperthe parp-1 inhibitor olaparib suppresses brca1 protein levels, increases apoptosis and causes radiation hypersensitivity in brca1+/- lymphoblastoid cells emma c.

Pdf]research paperaberrant expression of the long non-coding rna ghrlos and its prognostic significance in patients with colorectal cancer shuangjie wu, jun liu, xinhai wang, mengjun li, zongyou chen, yifan tang. Pdf]research paperuhrf1 is an independent prognostic factor and a potential therapeutic target of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma jiecheng ye, yong zhang, weiye liang, jianxian huang, lihui wang, xueyun zhong. Pdf]research paperoverexpression of ckap4 is associated with poor prognosis in clear cell renal cell carcinoma and functions via cyclin b signaling chen-min sun, jiang geng, yang yan, xudong yao, min liu.

Pdf]research paperheteroplasmy and copy number variations of mitochondria in 88 hepatocellular carcinoma individuals weiyang li, yanwei qi, xiaofang cui, yuhui sun, qing huo, yan yang, xinyuan wen, meihua tan, shiyi du, huali zhang, meng zhang, chuanxin liu, qingsheng kong. Pdf]research paperprognostic effect of albumin-to-globulin ratio in patients with solid tumors: a systematic review and meta-analysis jiaxi he, hui pan, wenhua liang, dakai xiao, xuewei chen, minzhang guo, jianxing he. Pdf]research paperalbumin and fibrinogen combined prognostic grade predicts prognosis of patients with prostate cancer yanqing wang, wei chen, chuanyi hu, xiaofei wen, jiahua pan, fan xu, yinjie zhu, xiaoguang shao, xun shangguan, liancheng fan, jianjun sha, zezhou wang, yong cai, qiang liu, baijun dong, wei xue.

Pdf]research paperpost-resection exhaustion of intra-platelet serotonin: also an indicator of early hepatocellular carcinoma recurrence? Pdf]research papertumoral anxa1 is a predictive marker for sunitinib treatment of renal cancer patients marjut niinivirta, gunilla enblad, per-henrik edqvist, fredrik pontén, anca dragomir, gustav j. Pdf]research paperectopic expression of snail and twist in ph+ leukemia cells upregulates cd44 expression and alters their differentiation potential noa kidan, hazem khamaisie, nili ruimi, shay roitman, elizabeth eshel, najib dally, martin ruthardt, jamal mahajna.

Pdf]research paperfuzi enhances anti-tumor efficacy of radiotherapy on lung cancer qi zhang, xue chen, youjun luo, huaping ren, tiankui qiao. Ed review: cancer stem cell though cancer is now viewed as a stem cell disease, there is still no consensus on the metabolic characteristics of these cells. Summarizes the latest findings and discoveries on cancer stem cell h society of breast radiology annual scientific meeting hed on: 1 november on of t2-guided optical tomography improves noncontrast breast magnetic resonance imaging o feng, junqing xu, shudong jiang, hong yin, yan zhao, jiang gui, ke wang, xiuhua lv, fang ren, brian w.

Haffty and zhiyuan hed on: 18 october expression modules in primary breast cancers as risk factors for organotropic patterns of first metastatic spread: a case control ine lawler, efterpi papouli, cristina naceur-lombardelli, anca mera, kayleigh ougham, andrew tutt, siker kimbung, ingrid hedenfalk, jun zhan, hongquan zhang, richard buus, mitch dowsett, tony ng, sarah e. On: 13 october accessed articles ng the right cell line for breast cancer h l holliday and valerie hed on: 12 august atic breast cancer cells inhibit osteoblast differentiation through the runx2/cbfβ-dependent expression of the wnt antagonist, mendoza-villanueva, leo zeef and paul hed on: 27 october al research gaps and translational priorities for the successful prevention and treatment of breast e a eccles, eric o aboagye, simak ali, annie s anderson, jo armes, fedor berditchevski, jeremy p blaydes, keith brennan, nicola j brown, helen e bryant, nigel j bundred, joy m burchell, anna m campbell, jason s carroll, robert b clarke, charlotte e coles…. Novel function for p21cip1 and acetyltransferase p/caf as critical transcriptional regulators of tgfβ-mediated breast cancer cell migration and dai, amal a al-odaini, ani arakelian, shafaat a rabbani, suhad ali and jean-jacques hed on: 20 september m to this article has been published in breast cancer ed thematic series - lobular breast special series takes a translational view of lobular breast cancer, from bedside to bench and back.

The second most common breast cancer subtype, lobular breast cancer displays many unique molecular and clinical properties. Leaders in the field explore the molecular biology, pathology, risk factors, imaging, treatment and prognosis of this breast the thematic series cancer research is an international, peer-reviewed online journal, publishing original research, reviews, editorials and reports. Open access research articles of exceptional interest are published in all areas of biology and medicine relevant to breast cancer, including normal mammary gland biology, with special emphasis on the genetic, biochemical, and cellular basis of breast cancer.

In addition to basic research, the journal publishes preclinical, translational and clinical studies with a biological basis, including phase i and phase ii chodosh, university of pennsylvania, cancer research image competition year's scientific breast cancer image competition - in partnership with the uk’s largest breast cancer charity, breast cancer now - has closed; many thanks to the participants who submitted their amazing work! Read more cancer awareness month hed on: 10 october stic petals: unfurling the factors that help cancer to hed on: 22 september w kaleidoscope: the breast cancer research image competition hed on: 04 september us at the annual san antonio breast cancer symposium! Cancer use cookies to improve your experience with our information about our cookie ed review: cancer stem cell though cancer is now viewed as a stem cell disease, there is still no consensus on the metabolic characteristics of these cells.