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To find a specific nursing resultsbehavioural intention and user acceptance of research evidence for nursesnumerous researchers have cited a multitude of barriers for the utilisation of research in the nurse clinical context.... Click here to read more published: 2016-07-25 50 pages 17,553 wordsexample nursing dissertationexample nursing dissertation - the expanding role of the support worker within the national health service (n. Click here to read more published: 2017-05-25 56 pages 19,551 words nursing: multisystem pathology nursing: philosophy health nursing nursing: postnatal depression nursing: qualified nurses shortage nursing: radiation protection for angiography procedure nursing: student nurse nursing: why is hrt prescribed for menopausal : all of the dissertations in this section were written by students and then submitted to us to publish and help others. They are not the work of our own expert dissertation writers; we never publish the work that we produce for our customers. Umass e of nursing dissertations tations from ison of the efficacy of arv medications alone and in combination with herbal medications in the treatment of hiv among nigerian hiv+ patients, abdulfattah pain processes in the hospice caring triad: a grounded theory study, olga n veterans experiences in the military: a case study, carolyn ing the balance: a path analysis examination of the maintaining the balance model, sheila tations from tions and barriers for saudi nurses to pursue a doctoral degree, abdualrahman dge development in undergraduate clinical nursing education, nancy a. Pain symptom assessment and management in nonverbal puerto rican patients in the early postoperative period, sherily tations from ion drug users’ perceptions of received nursing care: a case study, kimberly feeding in the neonatal icu: the influence of country, belief, preference, and past behavior, sameh ghareeb. Onal coordination: the perception and experiences of student nurses and nursing faculty in a hospital setting, clare tations from theory of compromised eating behavior, ellen frances sions from clinician self-disclosure: a qualitative study, kathryn rising clinician self-disclosure: a qualitative study, kathryn rising rican teens' perceptions of teen pregnancy and births in holyoke, massachusetts, nancy j. With a depressed partner, bridget teristics of patients on telehealth that influence their heart failure outcomes in the home-care setting, kavita teristics of patients on telehealth that influence their heart failure outcomes in the home-care setting, kavita g experiences of chinese americans with cancer illness in the united states, jui-wen g experiences of chinese americans with cancer illness in the united states, jui-wen tations from lived experience of college sudents who have been medicated with antidepressants, pamela joan tion to fatherhood: a puerto rican perspective, suzanne women want to know: assessing the value, relevance, and efficacy of a self-management intervention for rural women with coronary heart disease, holly evans ar physical activity to familiar music: the effects on apathy, agitation, eating ability, and dietary intake in institutionalized older adults with dementia, janet ruth sions from tment in "songs of the gorilla nation: my journey through autism": a humanbecoming hermeneutic study, susan a tment in “songs of the gorilla nation: my journey through autism”: a humanbecoming hermeneutic study, susan a ility of family participation in a delirium prevention program for the older hospitalized adult, deborah sions from decision making and the prevention of adverse events, priscilla k cycle of substance misuse and victimization, karen a gong exercise to improve balance for parkinson fall prevention, sheree loftus sions from al prenatal attachment in women who conceive through in vitro fertilization, jean evelyn management documentation: the effects of the perception of the practice environment and clinical expertise, joanne goodman ipatory action research among thai women and girls involved in prostitution, nicharee sions from endence in successful aging: a grounded theory of older women's strategies to age successfully, kristal role of professional nursing in the origin of the newborns' and mothers' health protection act of 1996 from a feminist perspective, 1981--1996, jan-louise sions from effects of a walking program on older chinese american immigrants with hypertension, chun-ying ry from bulimia nervosa: a transformational journey to the sacred space within, kathryn a sions from tioner characteristics associated with psychosocial care for patients with fibromyalgia, patricia m -selected distraction for acute procedural pain in adolescents: an intervention feasibility study, debra a adolescence: the experience of adolescent girls with endometriosis, karen m impact of intimate partner violence and abuse among puerto rican women living in shelters in the commonwealth of puerto rico, yadira empowerment, work relationships and expertise in experienced acute care nurses, joan p tors of capacity to direct attention in cardiac surgery patients, marilyn s sions from functioning, hope, and quality of life of school -age children with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, thomas william c awareness, uncertainty, and delay in care -seeking in acute heart failure, corrine yvonne ng a story: word patterns in writing and quality of life in women with advanced breast cancer, margaret saul thousand words of luck: narratives and analysis of u. Resident chinese immigrants with metastatic cancer, hung-ru sions from one intervention: hope for cancer patients, jean ellen of maternal posture on breech presentation in pregnancy, sandra a ch utilization of registered nurses in us army hospitals, deborah jean c rehabilitation, home -walking, health status, and self -efficacy, virginia marie fidrocki s affecting the school nurse's role in effectively managing the child with asthma, susan skier sions from tability in nurses who practice in three different nursing care delivery models, cathy elizabeth in an unfamiliar culture: the lived experience, patricia a re ulcer pain: a heideggerian hermeneutic analysis, deborah a s of guided imagery on dyspnea, medication usage, airway obstruction, and human field image in children with asthma, maria ann relationship among emotional intelligence, self -management and glycemic control in individuals with type 1 diabetes, annmarie donahue ts' expected and actual functional status after coronary artery bypass graft surgery, paulette ann seymour sions from tual aspects of adolescent sexual behavior, magda s of humor, childhood cancer stressors, and outcomes of psychosocial adjustment, immune function, and infection, jacqueline sue menopause experience: a woman's perspective, sharon ann ing the middleman: a grounded theory of women's self -care for vaginal symptoms, rosemary sions from ed health -promoting behaviors of incarcerated males, stephen michael and the functional status of nursing home residents, amy laufer g music and hand massage with agitated elderly, ruth sions from 1998. Survey exploring the et nursing art of wound care: factors associated with clean versus sterile technique, nancy ann cent exposure to violence: antecedents and consequences, deborah susan sions from -management in adult clients with sickle cell disease (scd), ninon philogene ing, self -efficacy and nurse practitioner students, eileen frances ing midlife: stories of women's health, elayne m inants of condom use intention in the prevention of hiv/aids among chinese college students, chao-hsing context to search:Across all me via email or for faculty y author e of nursing page is sponsored by the university libraries. Theses and g theses and /dissertations from effectiveness of an intervention designed to improve chlorhexidine (chg) bathing, janette echemendia of distress among women veterans attending a women’s health specialty clinic in the va healthcare system, debbie t.

Masha'ing the relationship between severity of illness and human milk volume in very low birth weight and extremely low birth weight infants over six weeks, shannon leigh vascular disease risk scores and novel risk factors in relation to race and gender, johanna /dissertations from 2015. Comparison of quality of life between intense and non-intense treatment for patients with acute myeloid leukemia and high-risk myelodysplastic syndrome, sara marie /dissertations from uration, self-efficacy and breastfeeding behavior in a sample of hispanic women, ivonne f. Dge and acceptance of hpv and the hpv vaccine in young men and their intention to be vaccinated, brenda renee relationships between sleep disturbances, depression, inflammatory markers, and sexual trauma in female veterans, ellen s influencing vaccination decisions in african american mothers of preschool age children, chauntel mckenzie ation of possible protective effect of rhesus d positive blood factor on toxoplasma-related depressive symptoms in pregnancy, lisa lynn dge, attitudes, and practice of primary care nurse practitioners regarding skin cancer assessmnets: validity and reliability of a new instrument, debra michelle /dissertations from dge and practice of reproductive health among mothers and their impact on fetal birth outcomes: a case of eritrea, winta negusse /ethnicity, subjective and objective sleep quality, physical and psychological symptoms in breast cancer survivors, pinky h. Chapman relationship between socioeconomic status and body mass index on vitamin d levels in african american women with and without diabetes living in areas with abundant sunshine, shani vann tors of quality of life in patients with cutaneous t cell lymphoma, darcie marie onship between dysphoric moods, risk-taking behaviors, and toxoplasma gondii antibody titers in female veterans, allyson radford al stress, depression, and herpes viral titers, pao-chu s associated with fear of breast cancer recurrence among survivors, jean marie cell disease: the role of self-care management, nadine strong black woman, depression, and emotional eating, michelle renee pment of an investigator-designed questionnaire concerning childbirth delivery options based on the theory of planned behavior, chun-yi /dissertations from mediating effect of distress caused by constipation on predictors of quality of life of hospice patients with cancer. Abdel g a model of bacterial vaginosis among black women, jessica effect of tight glycemic control on surgical site infection rates in patients undergoing open heart surgery, sierra pment of a tool for pressure ulcer risk assessment and preventive interventions in ancillary services patients, monica shutts e nurses- attitudes and knowledge about pain management, amie jacqueline /dissertations from cy and hazard communication comprehension of employees presenting to an occupational health clinic, christine bouchard. Meta-analysis of cultural competence education in professional nurses and nursing students, ruth wilmer onship between cancer-related fatigue and depression: a pilot study, gloria michelle guess. Comparison of oncology and non-oncology nurses in their knowledge of cancer pain management, nicole ting knowledge and attitudes of graduate nursing students regarding pain, eric bartholomew marrow transplant nurses' attitudes about caring for patients who are near the end of life: a quality improvement project, leslie ation and adaptation of the center for epidemiologic studies-depression (ces-d) scale into tigrigna language for tigrigna speaking eritrean immigrants in the united states, mulubrhan fisseha manager emotional intelligence as a predictor to registered nurse job satisfaction and rn perceptions of the practice environment and the relationship to patient, nursing and hospital outcomes, jacqueline cecilia relationship of mid-pregnancy levels of cytokines, stress, and depression with gestational age at delivery, melissa molinari lactic, risk-reducing surgery in unaffected brca-positive women: quality of life, sexual functioning and psychological well-being, sharon /dissertations from relationship between fam5c snp (rs10920501) variability, metabolic syndrome, and inflammation, in women with coronary heart disease, jennifer l. S perceptions of postpartum stress: a narrative analysis, nancy gilbert experience: near-fatal adolescent suicide attempt, phyllis ann ing the relationships among work-related stress, quality of life, job satisfaction, and anticipated turnover on nursing units with clinical nurse leaders, mary kohler. Ting knowledge and attitudes of undergraduate nursing students regarding pain management, jessica tion of oncology nurses' knowledge, practice behaviors, and confidence specific to chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy, rebecca denise ting the effectiveness of messages to promote physical activity in type 2 diabetes, rachel e. Correlation between neuropathy limitations and depression in chemotherapy patients, melissa /dissertations from e symptom distress and its relationship with quality of life in adult stem cell transplant survivors, suzan fouad g advocacy and the accuracy of intravenous to oral opioid conversion at discharge in the cancer patient, maria l. Social outcomes of weight stigma among college students, sabrina joann experience of fatigue and quality of life in patients with advanced lung cancer, andrea relationship between uncertainty in illness and anxiety in patients with cancer, naima ng paradigms: the development of nursing identity in foreign-educated physicians retrained as nurses practicing in the united states, liwliwa reyes /dissertations from te cancer screening intention among african american men: an instrument development study, susan anita geriatric cancer experience in end of life: model adaptation and testing, harleah g.

Decision behaviors: appropriateness of dietary choice, daryle hermelin /dissertations from relationship between sleep-wake disturbance and pain in cancer patients admitted to hospice home care, marjorie hair positioning and pulmonary function in children with cerebral palsy, lee ural equation model of exercise in women utilizing the theory of unpleasant symptoms and social cognitive variables, sarah elizabeth relationships among pain, dyspnea, constipation and quality of life in lung cancer patients enrolled in a hospice program, lisa a. Of a preoperative warming intervention on the acute phase response of surgical stress, vanda doreen /dissertations from relationship between b-type natriuretic peptide levels and hospital length of stay and quality of life in congestive heart failure patients, irma b. Relationship between anxiety and spirituality in persons undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, cindy /dissertations from ved barriers to breast cancer screening: a comparison of african american and caucasian women, natalie e. And quality of life in hospice patients with cancer, cynthia effects of a comprehensive post-treatment recovery program for breast cancer survivors, keri ann effects of an education/behavioral intervention on knowledge, perceived risk and self-efficacy in women, versie relationship between hot flashes and sleep quality in women being treated for breast cancer, carly context to search:Across all notifications and faculty ences and and e of nursing us on ibility rworks @ georgia state outfaqmy g and the health g dissertations (phd). From ng pregnancy risk by motivation overweigth and obese women to make preconception changes to diet and physical activity behavior: a pilot study, josie ers' pain recognition in older adults with chronic pain and dementia, rebecca anne tations from engagement in end-of-life discussions with dying patients and their families, frances gomes marthone tations from telehealth to support informal caregivers of elders with urinary incontinence: a pilot/feasibility study, nicole 's experiences with traumatic childbirth, tamara dennis al stress, sleep, and well-being in mothers of middle age children with developmental disabilities, jiwon rtum depressive symptoms: a study of influencing factors and an intervention for improvement, susan liipfert tations from effects of hospital unit nurse leaders' perceived follower support on nursing staff performance outcomes, joy ing meaning to kidney disease: a qualitative study of african americans with a first degree relative on hemodialysis, loretta al outcomes involving the use of extracorporeal magnetic innervation in the treatment of urinary incontinence, kathy out of foster care: the experiences of former foster youth who successfully navigated this transition, margot a. Effects of pattern recognition based simulation scenarios on symptom recognition of myocardial infarction, critical thinking, clinical decision-making, and clinical judgment in nursing students, susan a. S influencing surrogate end-of-life healthcare decision-making for a family member with alzheimer's disease, sharlene context to search:Across all me via email or sion etd (thesis/dissertation). Of ibility outfaqmy te school of te school of nursing the phd program began in 1997, students in the graduate school of nursing (gsn) have contributed dozens of doctoral dissertations to the field of nursing. This body of work is accessible through the gsn dissertations tations from experience of caregivers of relatives with alcohol and opiate dependence (a phenomenological study), akwasi al caregivers’ experience during acute exacerbation of copd in older adults: a dissertation, helen m. Relationship between hope, core self-evaluations, emotional well-being, sexual risk taking, substance use, and academic performance in freshman university students, stephanie ences of racism and breastfeeding initiation and duration among first-time mothers of the black women’s health study: a dissertation, michele k. Cted practice and patient safety: the healthcare team experience: a dissertation, lynn berggren knapp d'atory study of nurse-patient encounters in home healthcare: a dissertation, mary kate ognition in the health care built environment (m-hcbe): a focused ethnographic study of 'neighborhoods' in a pediatric intensive care unit: a dissertation, susan o'hara cal efficacy and political participation of nurse practitioners: a dissertation, nancy c.

O'ch participation decision-making among youth and parents of youth with chronic health conditions: a dissertation, jesica s caring for adult children with serious mental illness: a qualitative descriptive study: a dissertation, kathryn y. Tations from experiences with icu bedside rounds: a qualitative descriptive study: a dissertation, john shawn teristics of the middle-age adult inpatient fall: a dissertation, donna m. Rate practice of iv medication procedures by student nurses: feasibility, acceptability, and preliminary outcomes: a dissertation, deborah ing grandparents of grandchildren with type i diabetes using simulation: a dissertation, laura l. Ence of women with a diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea (osa): a dissertation, kathleen j. Pment and psychometric testing of the efurms scale: an instrument to measure faculty engagement with underrepresented minority nursing students: a dissertation, paula j. Tations from ing the enteral feeding practices used by critical care nurses: a dissertation, margaret m. Ing change in symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress in adults after treatment of chronic cough: a dissertation, cynthia l. Onic bedside documentation and nurse-patient communication: a dissertation, cynthia identification of staff nurses as organizational champions: a dissertation, melissa o’malley tations from herapy-induced premature menopause among latina women with breast cancer: an interpretive description: a dissertation, maryellen d. Tations from tioning through middle age with an incomplete spinal cord injury: a qualitative description of changes in physical function: a dissertation, deborah k. Role of school nurses in the early identification, referral and provision of services for students with early signs of mental, emotional or behavioral disorders: a dissertation, susan m experience and treatment delay during acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a dissertation, elizabeth d. Vascular risk factor knowledge, risk perception, and actual risk in hiv-infected patients: a dissertation, patricia a.

Experience of the health care team members involved in facial transplant surgery and patient care: a dissertation, linda a. Tations from role of the mass media in women’s infant feeding decisions: a dissertation, paula ’s experiences of discontinuing hormone therapy: a dissertation, mary a. S influencing long-term health-related quality of life among patients after aneurysmal and nonaneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage: a dissertation, arthur p. Ing healthcare experiences of lesbian, gay, and bisexual college students using community-based participatory research: a dissertation, caitlin m. Tations from s of children newly diagnosed with t1dm:Experiences with social support and family management: a dissertation, ellen m. G unit staffing: an innovative model incorporating patient acuity and patient turnover: a dissertation, shirley j. Tations from ncy nurses’ experiences with critical incidents: a dissertation, cynthia francis -deployment health assessment in united states service members after iraq deployment: a dissertation, sean t. Al decision making by critical care mid-level practitioners working within an interdisciplinary team: a dissertation, melinda -management of type 1 diabetes across adolescence: a dissertation, lori a. S knowledge of cardiovascular risk factors, level of self-nurturance and participation in heart-healthy behaviors: a dissertation, annette jakubisin ncy department nurses' experiences of violent acts in the workplace, paul steven t nurses’ experience of learning with human patient simulation, jay kyle tations from ied nursing assistants’ perceptions of nursing home patient safety culture: is there a relationship to clinical or workforce outcomes? Ayers tations from experiences of younger adults (18-40 years) living with an implanted cardioverter defibrillator (icd): a dissertation, annette nce use experiences and hepatitis c treatment decision-making among hiv/hcv co-infected adults: a dissertation, lisa marie fink cent experience with trauma and orthopedic external fixation: a dissertation, michele m. Tervo c awareness and daily hassles in women with acute myocardial infarction: a dissertation, nancy e.

Ication with healthcare providers at end of life: the perspective of decedents' next of kin: a dissertation, jill m. S experiences of managing relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis with disease modifying drugs: a dissertation, eileen f. Ity of the infant car seat challenge and risk factors for oxygen desaturation events, michele tations from s affecting the school nurse's role in effectively managing the child with asthma: a dissertation, susan s. Context to search:Across all by author last context to search:Notify me via email or arship@umms library soutter arship@umms dissertation dissertation submission by @ibility statement.