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Jupiterimages/comstock/getty images related articles 1 [dme company] | how to start a dme company 2 [medical supply business] | how to start a medical supply business 3 [health care reimbursement arrangements] | health care reimbursement arrangements for sole proprietorships 4 [surety bond requirement] | what is a surety bond requirement for durable medical equipment? A durable medical equipment business is a company that sells health care related items intended for use in the home for an extended period. Products such as wheelchairs, hospital beds, glucose monitors and nebulizers are considered durable medical equipment, and are often covered by insurance plans and medicare provided that the equipment is intended for long-term use.

Opening a dme business allows you to sell and distribute these durable items to those who need them, receiving payment either directly or through an insurance plan that covers dme purchases. If opening your business as an online only store then you can use your home as the base of operation. If you plan on having a physical store, locate a commercial property that meets the needs of your business and rent or lease it.

Create a limited liability company or other business structure according to the procedures outline by your state. This arrangement protects your personal assets in case of business problems and may have tax advantages depending on the type of business structure you choose. Apply for a local business license; you may need to file a "doing business as" or d/b/a form to perform financial transactions under your company alias.

The licensing requirements may include restrictions on the type or amount of certain products you can keep in stock, information on patient recordkeeping including confidentiality requirements and the requirements enabling patients to contact your business in emergency situations. Begin setting up your dme business by decorating your store location or securing a website domain name and creating your website. Contact medical equipment manufacturers to see if special pricing or other discounts for dme businesses are offered.

Contact local doctors, informing them of your business and ask whether you can place an advertisement or business cards in their offices. Submit tax payments to the irs as required, filing your business tax returns according to the irs schedule for your business type. This will increase the visibility of your dme business for customers likely to require that equipment.

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What follows are common business operations that are areas that dmepos providers should pay particular care when ent management. Patient services is always the most important part of a healthcare business and when things are not being done right with the medical equipment that is delivered, it directly ties to the patient’s satisfaction and outcome quotients. The provider needs to contact each state and have documentation on the licensing requirements for each state where they do business.

Common deficiencies to the compliance team’s accreditation quality standards included: incomplete employee files; provider did not collect data on patient satisfaction and complaints; patients were not informed of charges/co-pay; verification of md license to validate that a dme order is from a licensed physician who is active, current and in good standing; or lack of quality improvement plan and meetings. Health accreditation ed reporting process collections boot connected hme: why interoperability should be your business email:(optional). Your entry into ibe to business' free email newsletter keeping you up-to-date and is your job function?

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