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Most ridiculous research papers ever by david pegg, updated on january 15, on there is plenty of quality research out there, every basket has some bad apples. These are the 25 most ridiculous research papers ever l researchers at shiseido research center in yokohama came out with a study concluding that people who think they have foot odor do, and people who don't, don' oregon state health division and liverpool school of tropical medicine pioneered a study about salmonella excretions in joy riding mack of harvard medical school and david jacobs of temple university performed a study which concluded that people who believe they were kidnapped by aliens from outer space probably l researchers recently performed a very official study of constipation among us military service gh they officially denied it, the japanese meteorological society allegedly performed a seven year study of whether earthquakes are cause by catfish wiggling their going viral right & entertainment. In other words, whether breathing through one nostril makes you smarter or institute of food research in the uk performed a groundbreaking analysis of soggy breakfast cereal entitled "a study on the effects of water content on the compaction behaviour of breakfast cereal unimed in norway and the technical university of denmark published a study that conclusively proved wearing wet underwear in the cold was not a good idea. Researchers at the university of bergen, norway released a report with the title "effect of ale, garlic, and soured cream on the appetite of leeches. Of buffalo researchers released a report in the journal of periodontology which concluded that financial strain is a risk indicator for destructive periodontal university in england released a report proving that toast tends to fall on the buttered side. It was published in the european journal of university hospital of zurich, the kansai medical university in osaka, and the neuroscience technology research center in prague performed a massively overfunded study of people's brainwaves while chewing on different flavors of university in conjunction with muzak holdings conducted a study showing that listening to elevator music stimulates immune system production and may help prevent the common state university of new york at albany released a report entitled "chicken plucking as measure of tornado wind university of surrey, england performed a study called "the possible pain experienced during execution by different methods. They concluded that in spite of the perception that most forms of capital punishment are relatively painless, with the exception of intravenous injection this view is almost certainly 1996 there was a research paper published in the journal of analytical psychology with the title "farting as a defence against unspeakable dread".

University of bristol performed a study that was published in nature magazine on the optimal way to dunk a university of east anglia published a report calculating the best way to make a teapot spout that does not sie university released a research report entitle "the comparative palatability of some dry-season tadpoles from costa rica". Hence, it’s comforting to know that the world of academic research is a far more inclusive, eclectic and remarkably unusual place than one might first assume. However left-field a particular subject might seem, there are almost certainly countless other research papers that wipe the floor with it in the weirdness stakes. Ovulation: a lap dancer’s secret investigate the theory that estrus – the interval of amplified fertility and sexual awareness often referred to as “heat” in mammals – is no longer present in human females, researchers turned to an unlikely source: lap dancers. Noted a distinct correlation between estrus and greater income from gratuities, representing what the researchers called “the first direct economic evidence for the existence and importance of estrus in contemporary human females. To find out which would triumph between the dog- and cat-dwelling varieties, researchers from the ecole nationale vétérinaire de toulouse, france meticulously recorded the leaping efforts of a collection of both species of flea. In 2008 the research team scooped the annals of improbable research’s ig nobel prize in the biology category – the ig nobel prizes being awards that recognize the feats of those who “make people laugh… and then think.

One topic that would probably merit inclusion – despite the research not being published until 2009 (in philosophical psychology) – is the revelation that books on ethics are more liable to be absent from the shelves of university libraries than comparable books on other philosophical subjects. Apart from the obvious “significant cooling effect of wet underwear on thermoregulatory responses and thermal comfort,” the research also discovered that the thickness of the underwear exerted a greater effect on these factors than the material used to make the garment. It’s also the backbone of the booty call, if research published in 2009 is anything to go by. Appearing in the journal of sex research, “the ‘booty call’: a compromise between men’s and women’s ideal mating strategies,” was written by researchers from the department of psychology at new mexico state university. Jonason, now working at the university of western sydney, shared follow-up papers in 2011 and 2013, for the journal of sex research and archives of sexual behavior, respectively. Published in the lancet, bart knols’ 1996 research, “on human odor, malaria mosquitoes, and limburger cheese,” changed that. Crucially, the research also showed that these mosquitoes can be attracted to limburger cheese, a stinky fromage that shares many characteristics with the whiff of human feet, offering potential use as a synthetic bait for traps.

To examine this, researchers from the department of psychology at illinois state university enlisted the help of 23 blindfolded volunteers, recording their perceptions of the weight of either a pound of lead or a pound of feathers contained within boxes of precisely the same shape and size. Published in 2009 in the british medical journal, their research, “sword swallowing and its side effects,” found that performers had a heightened chance of injury when “distracted or adding embellishments” – as in the case of one unfortunate swallower who lacerated his throat after being disturbed by a “misbehaving macaw on his shoulder. These important questions were answered in 2009 by a team of researchers from the university of bern with their seminal paper, “are full or empty beer bottles sturdier and does their fracture-threshold suffice to break the human skull? The propulsion parameters of penguin titles of scientific research papers can sometimes be fairly impenetrable to the layman; other times they may take a more direct approach. With knowledge of just a few parameters – including the thickness of and distance covered by the fecal matter – the researchers were able to calculate that the birds employed pressures of up to 60 kpa (kilopascal) to eject their bodily waste. However, after several meetings, the provision of a barrage of youtube links to gaga videos such as “telephone” (which apparently demonstrated her postmodern aesthetic) and “a bit of work,” permission for al-kadhi to undertake the research was granted. 2002 research paper by stefano ghirlanda, liselotte jansson and magnus enquist at stockholm university decided to make inroads into the question – most likely contemplated by very, very few people – of whether “chickens prefer beautiful humans.

The researchers claim this offers evidence for the hypothesis that human preferences stem not from “face-specific adaptations” but from “general properties of nervous systems” – perhaps overlooking the possibility that their human test group just had very unusual tastes. As courtney miller, assistant professor at the florida campus of the scripps research institute, puts it, “our memories make us who we are, but some of these memories can make life very difficult. With that in mind, miller led a team of researchers to try and find out whether certain unwanted memories – specifically, drug-related ones – could be erased without damaging other memories. The research from the bnai zion medical center in israel notes that “no other recurrences were observed. Francis fesmire, who penned a medical case report with the same title in 1988 and with whom the researchers shared an ig nobel in 2006. Fesmire passed away in 2014, and one fitting epitaph from an entertainment-oriented research magazine mused, “dr. Professor watanabe – who went on to explore paddy birds’ appreciation of the spoken word – put the paper into context, saying, “this research does not deal with advanced artistic judgments, but it shows that pigeons are able to acquire the ability to judge beauty similar to that of humans.

Fortunately, that all changed in 2009 when georg steinhauser, a chemist and researcher at the vienna university of technology, published a research paper entitled “the nature of navel fluff. In a 2009 paper entitled “effects of cocaine on honey bee dance behavior,” a team of researchers led by gene robinson, entomology and neuroscience professor at the university of illinois at urbana-champaign, analyzed how honey bees are affected by low doses of cocaine. And that’s precisely the topic that a group of researchers from china and the u. More interestingly, the researchers also discovered that the longer the bats spent engaged in fellatio, the longer the copulation itself lasted – and that when fellatio was absent, pairs spent much less time mating. Published in 1992, their research paper, “the effect of country music on suicide,” actually discovered a strong link between the amount of country music radio airplay in any particular city and the suicide rate among the white population in that area. University college london neuroscientist eleanor maguire was inspired to take a closer look at this feat of memory after researching similar examples in the animal kingdom. Sixty-six years later, a new piece of research saw the cat replaced by two ducks, in far less paradoxical though no less opposing states of life and death – but now with the crucial addition of gay sex.

The researchers’ paper, “safe and painless manipulation of penile zipper entrapment,” details instead a “quick, simple and non-traumatic” method using wire cutters and a pair of pliers – though “painless” does seem a highly ambitious adjective in this particular context. With such a vivid and prose-rich approach to scientific research, it should come as no surprise that sidoli scooped the ig nobel for literature in 1998. At taiwan’s national cheng kung university – assures his public that the book’s contents are “academic and heavily researched. Please try again hed on nov 3, 2011meredith carpenter & lillian fritz-laylin present, 20 funny research articles in under 5 minutes, at ignite sci foo rd youtube autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play reasons why research is cool: quique bassat at ific method monty qualities of a good qualitative x research terminology simplified: paradigms, ontology, epistemology and for elt - the essay. Nteresting research to write a great research most published research findings are to develop a good research perfect marketing funny to write a good college research paper fast, easy and stress-free using an iphone 5 (optional). Matter: the future of research a research ata research - funny cat ata research, ace ethics scenarios -- ethics video | dupont sustainable sustainable is market research? An informative research reports, smartphone product testing: funny focus balm market ch methods: don'ts of g more suggestions...

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