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From a ghostwriter: how to get the blog posts you really blogmutt september 30, open letter from a blogmutt writer, part one in a two-part post on how customers can get exactly what they want in their content. It always comes as a disappointment when my posts are rejected, because that means that i have been unproductive for the considerable time i put in writing that post, and you are now that much farther away from getting the post that you actually need. I hope we can avoid that, but in order for this to be a mutually beneficial relationship, we have to help each other are a lot of talented writers here at blogmutt and elsewhere in the content industry, but rejection happens -- our rate is about 10%. Fair mes (under 10%) customers express this by saying that my writing is too 18% of my rejections are because i miss the mark in how i describe the customer's mes (about 5%), customers have a distinct format they want me to follow and i don't follow it correctly, or it wasn't communicated in the first 's a theme here: in most cases of my rejections on blogmutt, i just didn't start with enough to go on to write the post the customer really needed. Little collaboration with your ghostwriter goes a long blog ghostwriters, we do bring to the table some personal experience and expertise. What we would like to do is help you project your expertise into your blog, so you can use your expertise to establish your brand. Or, they're fine writers who just don't have the time to keep up a regular blog. Most customers have to make a few tweaks to their posts before they're published, and it can really help us understand what you need if you show us some examples of changes you made to make the posts sound more like line: we can write for basically anyone, but collaboration is key! Again, i've found that presenting examples of past posts that you liked is very helpful 's also about being specific enough in your directions that we land on what you want the first time. To a degree we ghost bloggers can search out and find some new information and assess overall perspectives on a wide variety of topics. However, the final authority is that of the 's why collaboration is the key to successful blog ghost writing: we don't want to speak for you, we want to help you and your brand speak for yourselves. Communication and clarity are important, as is a willingness to work with writers and share your expertise to get to what you want to make your blog a source of pride, not stress -- we just need a little help from you to do that. A little investment in collaborating with your ghostwriters will save you lots of frustration down the 's note: stay tuned for part two of this post, where we'll get into the nitty-gritty of how best to communicate your needs with blogmutt eat our own dog food. The same writers that write for our clients write many of our blog posts—like this one.

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Any posts with an author named "blogmutt" were written by a writer from our talent pool of 3,000+ u. Well, inconsistency is for the ad blogmutt's free editorial calendar below to get your content ng for authors: when your writing is needed scott yates on january 27, from a ghostwriter: how to get the blog posts you really blogmutt september 30, open letter from a blogmutt writer, part one in a two-part post on how customers can get exactly what they want in their content. Well, inconsistency is for the ad blogmutt's free editorial calendar below to get your content ng for authors: when your writing is needed scott yates on january 27, ed seo service - hiring a ghost writer for your blog is a great hed feb 06, 2014 by james parsons in content 88 tweet41 +12 share18 ted read time of 4 minutes and 4 ng a blog is a great way to share your passions, interests and knowledge with the world. Blogging is a vast and interesting business, which is why some bloggers have chosen to hire ghostwriters to also make content for their blogs. Ghostwriter is a third-party writer who writes content that is appropriate for the website while the blog owner pays for the rights to the content in order to legally post it on their blog. Some people are opposed to this practice because they might not want to use the content of other writers on a site that they call their own, but there are many reasons why hiring a ghostwriter for your blog is a great sionally written and clean your writing skills in terms of grammar, punctuation, style and tone of voice may be fine, a ghostwriter may be able to provide cleaner and professionally written articles quickly and without hassle. It’s also common that bloggers don’t have proofreaders or editors working on their website to check for awkward styles, spelling mistakes, grammar troubles and more. Since clients usually take the credit for these posts, all of the content and professionalism will only be reflected towards you and your blog. Make sure to check with your ghostwriter about their preferences with credit as some ghostwriters may want credit for certain kinds of r common road block for bloggers is the slow pace in which they work. Distractions, slow typing speed and more can all hinder writing time when trying to create new content for your blog. If this fresh content is not available on a regular basis, the blog may lose viewers at a steady pace. However, the blog writer usually has other previous engagements to attend to such as work, school, children, personal lives and more. While a blogger may want to constantly write and update their blog, it may not be feasible. Hiring a ghostwriter allows you to have constantly updated blog content with little to no trouble on your or search engine optimization is a key factor in gathering a large audience.

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Seo is the practice of carefully inserting specific key words and phrases that are commonly used in search engines when searching for related content into blog posts and online articles. This allows your blog posts to be placed higher on the list of search engine results when searching for these key words and phrases, which will allow your blog to get more exposure and a wider audience. Ghostwriters are usually very knowledgeable in how seo works and how to place these key words and phrases into blog posts without sounding awkward or ch takes up a lot of time when it comes to creating accurate and interesting blog posts. This allows you to expand your knowledge on the topic and create even better content when you and gain more of the reasons that bloggers stay away from ghostwriters is the fact that they have to pay for content instead of creating it themselves for free. They don’t find the payment worth the additional content being made for their blog. It’s true that you do have to pay upfront for ghostwritten content, but you’ll be saving and even gaining money in the future by regularly updating your blog with professionally written and interesting content. A well-written and interesting blog that has plenty of seo content can garner thousands or even millions of viewers. You will always have full control over your blog, but having some extra input is also a good idea to expand your horizons and to please your r skill that ghostwriters tend to have is with marketing and promotion with social media websites. Practically every business and blog has a social media web page that allows them to get more exposure, hook in more readers and keep their readers updated on the status of the blog and plans for the future. This is also a good idea if your blog ever does suffer from a period of stagnation as you can alert most of your readers to certain updates about the website that may be preventing you from coming out with new s a fun work many people love to write, the process of regularly creating blog posts, researching, fact-checking and more can become very boring on your own. Writing with another person makes every aspect of your writing from brainstorming to researching to writing and proofreading a lot more fun and are many benefits to hiring a ghostwriter for your blog. They make you seem more professional and knowledgeable while also furthering your blog to possibly turn your fun hobby into a career. While blogs can generate plenty of profits on their own, many bloggers have gone on to write published novels and become professional writers because of their successful blogs. Ghostwriting can even help in published writing if you have the aspirations to become a writer.

There are many options available to you when it comes to choosing a ghostwriter, but as long as you choose a professional and knowledgeable writer with plenty of creativity you’ll be sure to have a successful blog no matter what the subject matter n by james parsons is a blogger and marketer, and is the ceo of pagelift. When he isn’t writing at his personal blog or for huffpo, inc, or entrepreneur, he is working on his next big author versus multi author blogs: which is better? Of : outsourced guest blog top 100 seo and internet marketing blogs to does one go to hire a ghost writer? Anyone is offering their services as a ghost blogger, please get in for an ’re looking for knowledgable writers who can publish contributions that are engaging and offer fresh new insights. Learn thanks, i want a boring social shares on each new blog like a pro and get real human shares as soon as you publish. Comments  - published 10/24/88 tweet41 +12 share18 ed seo service - hiring a ghost writer for your blog is a great hed feb 06, 2014 by james parsons in content 88 tweet41 +12 share18 ted read time of 4 minutes and 4 ng a blog is a great way to share your passions, interests and knowledge with the world. Comments  - published 10/24/88 tweet41 +12 share18 to find and hire the right to be a 't do it yourself on 't do it yourself on ibe to don't do it yourself via ibe to don't do it yourself via to hire a ghostwriter for your to hire a to hire a graphic to hire a virtual to hire a to make an you have your own blog, you probably enjoy writing and are fairly good at it. It can become a challenge to keep the posts flowing a couple times a week or even daily. When that happens, you might want to consider hiring a freelance writer for your blog. You can use a writer to offload a couple posts per month or do all the writing for your blog so you’re freed up to start another to look: find ghost writers & staff writers on ’s my step-by-step guide to help you find and hire the right ghostwriter or staff writer for your blog. Ghostwriter is an anonymous writer who is paid to write many types of content that are officially credited to another person like blog posts, e-books, and autobiographies. A good ghostwriter will try to use your style of writing and voice to make her posts appear like you actually wrote you want to use a ghostwriter for blog posts but don’t want to mislead anyone, there’s no requirement that says you have to display your name below each post. They’re hired by a blog or other content provider to write content on an ongoing basis. If the writer is well known, they may be able to bring some of their existing readers to your blog or help promote you on social article writer is typically less qualified than the writers above and works on short term deals.

While most ghostwriters and staff writers are hired for large projects or long term assignments (like several blog posts/month), article writers typically write short, <500 word articles. Ask around for you take the time to search for freelance writers online, ask your network of friends, family, colleagues, or fellow bloggers if they know of any skilled writers. Create a job posting for a you know the type of writer you want, it’s time to start your assignment, you’ll want to specify the writing style and theme of your blog to make sure you get applicants with experience in the right area. A mommy blogger may not be able to write about personal finance and vice versa, so be sure to specify the genre up is an example of a freelance writing job post. The blog category is personal finance with an emphasis on financial planning strategies for young adults. If all goes well, i’ll need 4-6 posts per month on an ongoing will be required to write articles based on the keywords that i send you, and each article will need to pass the following requirements:–  language: must be a fluent american-english writer. I prefer to hire a couple of writers to create 1 or 2 posts each and then see which i like the best. And if they’re decent you can run posts from several writers on your blog and then hire the writer you like best for long term your job on any of these popular freelance websites:I’ve also heard good things about the quality of writers found on the problogger job board although i’ve never tried it myself. However, unlike the first three sites where the fees are included in the bids from the writer, problogger charges a $50 listing fee to display a job posting, but then allows you to contract directly with a can you expect to pay for a ghostwriter? My experience is that you can get decent 500 word blog posts written between $15-30/post. Again, you don’t want a writer that is not ately, it’s a lot easier to narrow down candidates in specialties you are familiar with (like writing) unlike trying to find technical from the obvious (writing skills) here are a few more things to look for in a ghost writer:Follows through on deadlines and write with both readers and search engines (seo) in mind and incorporate your desired suggest topics or write based on your desired topics and follow your instructions like use of

tags, image attribution, post formatting, incorporate links to other internal posts, can track each of your candidates in this freelancer comparison worksheet i created. Evaluate completed blog posts and hire a writers have a voice that will work better with your blog than others. See which writer best matches your own personal style and offer them a long term blog writing may even decide to pay for posts from multiple writers on an ongoing basis. What i mean by this is that you may agree to pay something like $25/post for four posts for month.

If you decide to request additional posts in a month perhaps they are at a lower rate like $20/ return for a lower base rate, offer a % of ad revenue or higher rates if certain traffic thresholds are this point, hopefully you’ve found quality writer to join your team at a reasonable you have more tips about finding or hiring a writer, please share them in the a successful reneurship & g with freelance to hire a to hire a graphic to hire a virtual assistant.