Nursing research proposal on handwashing

Custom report mate custom term paper mate custom thesis mate custom dissertation legitimate custom writing mate custom ic writing childhood development: nature verses nurture ry analysis-the gift of se on essay “hidden g research proposal: hand g research proposal: hand health is as a result of combination of many factors, one of these factors is hand hygiene. This paper will research on the standards of nurses hand hygiene in a chicago as health professionals should promote a healthy living practices to the citizens. This paper will carry out a research on the hygienic practices of nurses at a chicago health facility to establish whether they are carrying on the gospel of proper hygiene or they just preach and not follow it, what the bible may term as preaching water and drinking wine. From the literature review which indicated many nurses as preaching water and drinking wine, they preach hand hygiene but themselves do not embrace what they stand for, by this it is expected also from the literature that the nurses have not fully complied to self participants of this research undertaking will be nurses from a central chicago health facility.

Nursing research proposal hand hygiene

A preliminary visit will be conducted to the health facility prior to the research; to get the permission to carry on the research in the facility and also to familiarize with the respondents. 1department of pediatric nursing, faculty of nursing and midwifery, tabriz university of medical sciences, tabriz, iran 2department of pediatrics, faculty of medicine, tabriz university of medical sciences, tabriz, iran 3department of medical-surgical nursing, faculty of nursing and midwifery, tabriz university of medical sciences, tabriz, iran 4department of pediatric nursing, faculty of nursing and midwifery, student research committee, tabriz university of medical sciences, tabriz, iran *corresponding author: marzieh abdolalipour (msc), e-mail: @r information ► article notes ► copyright and license information ►received 2014 aug 19; accepted 2014 sep ght © 2015 by tabriz university of esthis article has been cited by other articles in ctintroduction: based on recommendations from world zation, hand hygiene is the most important way to control the hospital to the critical role of nurses in patient care, they should have essential and ation regarding hand hygiene. A researcher prepared questionnaire that investigated dge of participants about hand hygiene and was used after approving its validity ility. But in this case, consensus has not been achieved studies reported that despite having a good knowledge, the performance of health nel about hand hygiene is other hand, other researchers believed that the first steps in improving the health care personnel about hand hygiene is increasing their knowledge in .

The study instrument was a researcher made questionnaire that developed based on of literature, articles and guidelines. The content validity of questionnaire was approved by 10 academic members from nursing (ic members) and medicine (3 neonatal sub-specialists) faculties in tabriz medical sciences. Data collection was started after: approval of the study proposal by regional tee at tabriz university of medical sciences (number 5/4/10330); obtaining the research deputy of tabriz nursing and midwifery faculty; and acquisition t from all participants. Based on this finding, these researchers concluded g workshops and continuing education programs that focus on the protection of have a lower impact on nurses’ performance regarding hand hygiene.

Acknowledgments this study is a part of an approved master thesis in tabriz nursing and midwifery faculty. We are grateful to all of those who have helped us with data collection:Management office and the nursing staff of selected hospitals, research deputy of g and midwifery faculty, tabriz students’ research committee, and health deputy university of medical sciences. This research was conducted by the financial research deputy of tabriz university of medical sciences. Pubmed]articles from journal of caring sciences are provided here courtesy of tabriz university of medical s:article | pubreader | epub (beta) | pdf (356k) | ational scholarly research l menu about this journal ·.

Totable of contents of contents receive news and publication updates for international scholarly research notices, enter your email address in the box mation email to cite this article. Kim, “knowledge and performance of the universal precautions by nursing and medical students in korea,” american journal of infection control, vol. Pratt, “‘now please wash your hands’: the handwashing behaviour of final mbbs candidates,” journal of hospital infection, vol. Petrikkos, “a comparison of the hand hygiene knowledge, beliefs, and practices of greek nursing and medical students,” american journal of infection control, vol.

View at publisher · view at google scholar · view at t us | terms of service | privacy ational scholarly research l menu about this journal ·. My experiences working at nicu recently researcher found that the rates of death due to nosocomial infection rose to 50% from 2009 to 2010 because of that, researcher would like to carry out short study to look into the level of hand hygiene practices among health care workers in nicu hrpz 11. My experiences as a nurse manager in the intensive care unit, researcher found that the hand hygiene are not well practice among health care workers in this unit . Study may provide objective to elevate the quality of care to clients, further nursing care and knowledge to maintain nursing profession.

Descriptive research is aimed to explain a phenomena that is happening or discover something areas that have not been review or less(mohd majid,1994),descriptive research consist of several types ,such as survey research, correlation research and development ,for this study researcher have using a descriptive survey research. The instrument used in this study are questionnaire, such research commonly used in the descriptive study. It would be avoid (bias) to the researcher and provide the an opportunity for respondent to think. Second the participants completed the self report the participants not understand they can ask researcher immediately or can contact hand phone look about 10 minutes to answer and finish all the questionnaires.

In this study ,30 health care workers was involved but the researcher failed to get the consent from the radiographer and the generalization of our result was limited to only this unit in kelantan due to coverage of whole nicu in hospital in kelantan could not be respondent who fulfilled the inclusion criteria and gave their verbal consent were recruited into the the pilot study 2 participants each group were this chapter ,the main purpose were to describe the social demographic factor, the knowledge and practice of 5 moment of hand hygiene among the participants in this study . From above table showed that the educational level are not influence the practice of hand health care workers in nicu, researcher said that because from the table above showed that the respondents which diploma or degree holder still not practice the standard procedure while performed the ence working in nicu * hand hygiene practice refer to cross 2 . From the data, the researcher found out that from 30 respondents only 2 of them used microbial, soap and water to wash hand,Which each of them only having 1 year experience working at nicu and another one having 11 years experience. Of respondents choose all to the answer are listed, the researcher found that the respondents experience working in nicu are equal between less than 1 years experience with 6 to 10 years experience are about 11 of respondents with 39.

From the finding, researcher can conclude the working experiences not influence the practice of hand 3 :how many moments do you know in hand hyigene procedures * hand hygiene practice refer to cross many moments do you know in hand hyigene hygiene practice refer washing using anti microbial,soap & 3 above show cross tabulation with the 5 moments component in hand hygiene practice . The table researcher found out that 2 of respondents of 30 knows that the 5 moments of hand hygiene, however they only using anti microbial, soap and water in hand hygiene practice meanwhile other 28 of respondents stated that they choose all the answer in the 4 formal training on hand hygiene * designation cross traning on hand 4 represent that from 30 respondents, 2 of them never attend any training regarding the hand hygiene procedures. The researcher concluded that 15 out of 30 respondents washed their hand before handling the infant which is 50% of the total respondent. Even the courses and training had being given, with this kind of attitude they still cannot implement it research was based on hand hygiene practice among the health care nicu at hospital raja perempuan zainab ii kota baharu kelantan.

In these research ,two main factors for hand hygiene was studied which were the practice of hand hygiene and 5 moments of hand hygiene . Demographic factors also were determined in this research which was gander, educational level, length of services and the experiences working in this research , the participants were choose from different categories which neonatologist, medical officer ,house officer , nurses and j/masyarakat in of them was selected randomly from these department with different categories . Researcher said that because the table 1(cross tabulation) showed that the respondents which degree or diploma holder still not practice the standard procedure while performed the 2 in cross tabulation between experience working in nicu with the practice of hand hygiene from the finding researcher can conclude the working experiences not influence the practice of hand the table 4 & 5 are link to each other as from the both table we can see that the most of the respondents previously attending a formal courses regarding hand hygiene practice wash hand before touch the baby and 8 of respondent not apply hand hygiene before touch the the table 6 already proved the attitude was the major factor that leads to respondent not implement the practice of hand hygiene and components of 5 moments . To deliver good patients care the caring attitude must be emphasized so that becomes a culture in health care 's very hard to change the attitude, even though they realized the important of hand hygiene, unless they are self on this research ,we realized that the attitude towards hand hygiene in actory among health care workers in nicu at hospital raja l recommendations can be offered to be taken up by the hospital infection control team and the head of department in changing the attitude among health care providers caring for patient in the wards;.

Handwashing: a simple, economical and effective method for preventing nosocomial infections in intensive care nn da,durvin wa,jr,freeman mial infections in a neonatal intensive 1981;44: wa,larson el,mc ginley kj,leyden jj,microbial flora on the hands of health care personnel ; differences in composition and anti bacterial control hosp epidemiol 1988:9: washing is effective to avoid infection (sunday star 26,2009).