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Cut down on waiting time for customers, many cash registers line the main counter of a pret a manger store in thompson for the new york ing weird is happening inside a pret a manger sandwich shop on broadway in midtown ’s not all those quirky british sandwiches, thin and understated with ingredients like free-range egg mayonnaise and avocado-and-pine-nut , it’s the employees. A manger, the veddy british chain, has gained a foothold in our mcworld of burgers and fries, where you can fun-size this, combo that and, let’s face it, sort of expect sullen to, say, mcdonald’s, pret a manger amounts to a fleck of relish, if that. But pret a manger — the name means “ready to eat” in french — is slowly expanding in new york and other american cities with its own brand of grab-and-go food and, more significantly, a fresh approach to fast-food service. At pret, they compliment your ue reading the main makes pret a manger a compelling business case study is its approach to customer service and to training and motivating its staff. Yes, pret happens to make sandwiches — but the lessons are worth knowing, whatever your line of work. Continue reading the main ue reading the main businesses have trouble getting longtime employees to work well and, in particular, to work well together. But pret has managed to build productive, friendly crews out of relatively low-paid, transient employees. Its annual work force turnover rate is about 60 percent — low for the fast-food industry, where the rate is normally 300 to 400 the request of sunday business, francis flynn, a professor of organizational behavior at the stanford graduate school of business, reviewed some of the management practices of pret a manger. Paris, where it plans to open two shops this does pret a manger do it? To find out, i went to london to learn about the company’s approach to training and teamwork, as well as how to make a proper pret sandwich. When i landed, i grabbed a coffee at a pret shop across my from hotel and watched a thin, shaggy-haired employee pick up garbage and sweep the floor. He was skipping as he , i thought, was going to be schlee, the chief executive of pret a manger, steps out of the company’s headquarters near victoria station and into the morning bustle of central london. Over the next hour or so, we walk to five pret a manger shops, two starbucks, two branches of eat (a london competitor), an outpost of le pain quotidien, a sainsbury’s grocery store and a local sandwich shop. We also visit a variation on a pret store that the company may take to the the way, mr. Schlee, a lanky brit with a patrician but friendly air, recounts the history of pret a ue reading the main all began in 1986, when julian metcalfe and sinclair beecham, who had been college friends in london, believed  that they couldn’t find a decent sandwich.

By 2001, pret a manger had 100 stores in britain and was moving into the united states. Pret added more stores in the united states without figuring out some basics — the fact that some americans are not fond of mayonnaise, for example, and that we tend to drink more drip coffee than espresso or lattes. Schlee 2008, mcdonald’s sold its stake, and a private investment firm, bridgepoint capital, bought a majority of pret for about £345 million. At 9:30 in the morning at a pret near victoria station, there is no customer line. A very important part of pret is you see four, five, six to nine people on till,” says mr. At a nearby starbucks, there is just one cashier, versus five to seven at a typical pret. Pret a manger sandwiches don’t have sell-by dates — they are made daily, and what doesn’t sell is donated to food eat (unrelated to e. At pret a manger, executives say, the answer is to hire, pay and promote based on — believe it or not — qualities like is a certain “survivor” element to all of this. New hires are sent to a pret a manger shop for a six-hour day, and then the employees there vote whether to keep them or not. Pret workers know that a bad hire could cost them also sends “mystery shoppers” — people who anonymously visit and grade the stores — to every shop each week. When employees are promoted or pass training milestones, they receive at least £50 in vouchers, a payment that pret calls a “shooting star. The top executives at pret get 60 “wow” cards, with scratch-off rewards like £10 or an ipod, to hand out each year to employees who strike them as particularly good. Pret has all-staff parties twice a year, and managers get a monthly budget of £100 or so to spend on drinks or outings for their workers. S, and then can move up to food preparation positions like “hot chef,” who oversees soups, pastries and other hot foods, en route to more senior management ue reading the main all employees are enthusiastic about pret’s career tracks. But pret has standardized so much — soups, for example, are sent to the shops premade and in plastic bags, and ovens are preprogrammed for each baked item— that the training is largely about food safety and disposal.

A hot chef relying only on pret’s training could have a hard time as a restaurant line cook, or even cooking a meal at home. It’s not yet 6:45, but petronela roman, with a big brunette topknot and cat-eye eyeliner, is making coffee for co-workers at a pret store. Reading the main varga, who has been at pret for just a week, is having trouble with her ham and pret pickle sandwiches. Roman is training to be a hot chef, and, after eight months at pret, a promotion would mean a raise to £7. Few weeks later, back in manhattan, the line is forming at the pret a manger at broadway and 39th street. This, apparently, is the new york interpretation of the suggestion in pret’s training manual to, after greeting the customer, “check if they would like any hot drinks or croissants so that they can be ordered first. Which might seem appropriate for a 15-year-old, but not so much for the gray-haired man to whom she seems that the american employees, or at least the new yorkers, have yet to fully embrace the pret then i see two employees shuttling between the kitchen and the shelves, trying to restock sandwiches as fast as the customers take them. A manger, a familiar fixture on london’s raph: alex segre/ more sharing y 14 april 2015 04. D away on an anonymous street behind victoria station in london, opposite a ladbrokes betting shop and overshadowed by the gaudy branding of a nearby restaurant called loco mexicano, is a little glass door crowned with the words pret academy. But this is where the pret a manger brand is taught and , pret is one of the capital’s most visible businesses, almost as entrenched in the cityscape as a red letterbox or the lollipop tube sign. The firm, founded by the entrepreneurial friends julian metcalfe and sinclair beecham in 1986, rode out a harrowing first year – when it chalked up losses of £80,000 – and recovered to establish itself as a suave new presence on the high street of thatcher’s growth continued in the 1990s, and in 2001 metcalfe and beecham sold a 33% share of the business to macdonald’s. However, this partnership ceased in 2008 when bridgepoint capital, a private equity firm, bought a controlling stake in pret for £ since, despite the credit crunch and subsequent downturn, it has been fast uphill for pret. Pret now operates more than 360 outlets, in locations far beyond its london company is exploring international markets too. Last year it opened outlets in paris and shanghai, adding to existing restaurants in hong kong, new york, boston, chicago and washington pret has expanded, the core characteristics of the brand have remained the same: the deep burgundy backdrop of the store signs, the five-pointed sheriff stars, the three omnipresent promises: “freshly prepared”, “good”, “natural foods”. Pret’s goal is to serve you within 60 seconds – with warm wishes in your ear – so with a tap of your card, you’re on your “pret buzz” is one of things taught here at the pret academy.

At the end of the corridor is a presentation room, the walls bedaubed with exhortations to “never, never, never give up”; up another staircase is a run of seminar rooms, in one of which a class of fledgling baristas are learning their the pret a neighbouring room i sit down with andrea wareham, pret’s director of people, to talk shop. But what i really want to talk about is this reputation for being m, of course, maintains that pret a manger is a happy place to work. We get lots of feedback from customers via social media, commenting on the positive experiences that people have when they go into a pret. I went into pret today and your team member did this for me or that for me’, so there’s this huge wealth of anecdotal feedback. Ethos, wareham says, can be traced back to the opening of the first pret store, just along the road in victoria. Julian has always said very simply, that happy teams equal happy customers equal a happy business. They ascribe it to a particularly twenty-first century form of emotional moulding – forcing staff members to act in a particular of our focus is on helping teams to feel good when they come to in 2013, pret’s ceo, clive schlee, made headlines when he revealed that on store visits: “the first thing i look at is whether the staff are touching each other. Leapt on this as evidence that pret was peddling an inauthentic “have a nice day” culture, the cheerfulness prised out of a workforce worried they were being spied ’s a charge that i put to wareham. A staff member is not hired on the strength of a traditional cv but on whether they conform to the three core pret behaviours: passion, clear talking and team working. In the recruiting centres they are not asking about have you made sandwiches before, can you make coffee, they are asking questions to see if people have these qualities,” wareham an applicant fits the bill they will soon find themselves at the academy learning the pret culture. You join as a team member, after three months you are promoted to become a team member staff, then you come to a fork where you can specialise, becoming a hot chef, a barista or a trainer in the training at the pret that you can rise to be a team leader and, after about three years of service, an assistant manager. If you invest in your people, if you put your absolute focus on that part of your business, then everything else flows. To any small business, i’d say you have to put your money where your mouth is. One such initiative is the joy of pret which allows staff to give away free drinks to returning or deserving customers. Rogers, who has been working for pret for two and a half years at a store in vauxhall, london, applied to work for the company having seen an advert for pret’s school leavers’ programme on a website.

I wanted to become a manager but i looked at pret and it looked like the same sort of thing. Up to become a member of the guardian small business network here for more advice, insight and best practice direct to your ting business & drink g comments… trouble loading? Birds eye sets sail again as us investors buy e equity owner of birds eye and findus’s parent company strikes deal to sell group to us hed: 20 apr n birds eye sets sail again as us investors buy a manger tries to woo british workers as brexit ch chain has begun advertising in jobcentres and on social media as it faces up to potential staff hed: 28 apr a manger tries to woo british workers as brexit a manger to pay work experience recruits after criticism of unpaid ch chain had offered teenagers a week with the company without pay as part of recruitment drive linked to hed: 25 mar a manger to pay work experience recruits after criticism of unpaid annoying language on food packaging: rhapsodies and ‘family owned’ and ‘created with love’, to ‘hand crafted’ and ‘authentic’, food-packet rhetoric is now mainly in the business of selling nice hed: 17 apr annoying language on food packaging: rhapsodies and for $15: workers across us protest to raise minimum wage – as it hed: 15 apr for $15: workers across us protest to raise minimum wage – as it a manger looks to uk's teenagers to tackle looming staff hed: 25 mar a manger looks to uk's teenagers to tackle looming staff virgin '100% real' olive oil goes on sale in hed: 15 apr virgin '100% real' olive oil goes on sale in a manger: just one in 50 job applicants are british, says hr hed: 9 mar a manger: just one in 50 job applicants are british, says hr more on this ship & managing s x. To case studies expires six months after purchase ation date: april 24, a manger, a london-based chain of sandwich shops, was known for its fast, genuine service and pre-packaged sandwiches prepared on-site daily. Instructed by its board to grow at 15 percent per year, pret considered opening "twin" shops in locations too small to contain kitchens; these shops would receive sandwich deliveries throughout the day from a nearby "parent" shop. Would pret's employees and customers accept twin shops or view them as counter to the pret culture? Plan a course, and save your students up to 50% with your academic ts: tell your instructors about the savings ies and excerpts of the latest books, special offers, and more from harvard business review ers who viewed this item also viewed loading... A manger at penn station, new york raph: tim knox for the more sharing neate in new ay 23 april 2016 10. Long lines of travellers wait for the long island rail road and amtrak trains; for the bathrooms where dozens of homeless people spend the night; and for food and drinks outside dunkin’ donuts, starbucks and pret a line for the french-sounding-but-british-owned pret is longer than that for any of the other food chains. That’s no surprise as the outlet, above platforms 20 and 21 on the lirr, is the busiest for its size of all the 400 or so prets chain – founded with one outlet in london’s victoria by serial food entrepreneur julian metcalfe and his friend sinclair beecham 30 years ago – now operates around the world including china and france. And it is growing fast: last week pret revealed sales climbed nearly 14% last year, to £676m. Takings from lines containing avocado were up 26% last year: pret’s outlets got through 5 million avocados in 12 first steps into the us – back in 2001, with a store on new york’s broad street – were faltering. Americans thought the sandwiches had too much mayonnaise and they took time to be convinced that food sold in packages, rather than made to order in a deli, could be truly the us is now pret’s most significant market outside the uk – with 65 stores and 10 more planned this year. He says pret’s strategy in the us has been the same as in the uk: constant, steady innovation to get the mix right before expansion. It took five years of tinkering in the uk before pret opened its second schlee, chief executive of pret a manger photograph: linda nylind for the businesses that have expanded abroad and have been forced into “hideous retreats” have made the mistake of trying to copy the same large-scale operations they have in the uk.

It takes longer but it’s more durable,” says schlee, who joined pret during its uncertain overseas expansion phase in the early 2000s. At that time mcdonald’s was a 33% shareholder, although it later sold its the us, pret has now adapted to sell a more seasonal menu, including iced teas and coffees suitable for hot summers and a broader range of hot foods for cold days. He believes new york is a “wonderful pret market” and the company could easily have as many stores there as it has in is now majority owned by private equity firm bridgepoint, with metcalfe and the management holding small stakes. Bridgepoint, whose other investments include businesses like fat face, hobbycraft and leeds bradford airport, has been involved for eight years, but so far shows no sign of checking out and there are no current plans to float the business. Someone once asked julian metcalfe what adjective he would use to describe pret and he said dependable. At the time people thought that was not very glamorous but actually that’s what you want – dependable friends, dependable meals,” says ’s also about reassuring ethical policies, he says, such as donating waste food to the homeless through direct relationships with hostels and offering jobs to more than 200 homeless schlee argues that pret’s key strategy of making food fresh in kitchens behind each coffee shop – even those in busy and expensive locations such as waterloo station – is the key strength of the business. Supermarkets and the vast majority of other sandwich chains make their food in factories and deliver them to ’s system offers better flexibility to adapt to new food trends – such as veggie food and avocados – and sudden fluctuations in demand caused by the weather or disruption at transport hubs that can mean surges or slumps in customer a manger at penn station: customers can serve themselves filter coffee, and have a choice of salad dressings. As the government prepares its sugar tax, pret is looking at lowering the natural sugar content of its fruit juices and has 15 staff looking at the next food the uk, schlee is counting on the freshness and flexibility of pret’s food to fend off rising competition on the high street. The gaps are being filled by an ever-increasing array of eateries ramping up competition with the likes of says: “pret tends not to worry about the competition but about being true to itself, avoiding the temptation of centrally made food and making sure we look after our staff. Focus on healthy fare has helped pret open its first outlet in a british hospital – a new area for expansion – and there are plans to move onto university campuses as well as open more outlets in regional british cities such as ly staff – with the freedom to hand out free coffees to whoever they like up to a certain percentage of sales – are a big part of building loyalty in those new management is extremely lucky to be selling healthy food at convenience and speed, which is what people doesn’t use zero-hours contracts and has raised wages to maintain the business’s differential above the new minimum wage for over-25s – the so-called “national living wage” introduced by the government this earn £7. Workers who put in a full day’s shift also get two free meals and paid says the package will help pret remain the “employer of choice” among coffee chains, helping it stand out from rivals such as caffè nero and eat, both of which have recently been criticised for cutting back on staff benefits. That’s a very meaningful part of what we pay,” schlee deal for workers, he says, means pret has lower staff turnover than the majority of its rivals – less than half its staff leave every year. A manger tries to woo british workers as brexit ch chain has begun advertising in jobcentres and on social media as it faces up to potential staff hed: 28 apr a manger tries to woo british workers as brexit a manger to pay work experience recruits after criticism of unpaid ch chain had offered teenagers a week with the company without pay as part of recruitment drive linked to hed: 25 mar a manger to pay work experience recruits after criticism of unpaid a manger looks to uk's teenagers to tackle looming staff ch chain to offer unpaid work experience to 500 young people to head off recruitment challenge posed by hed: 25 mar a manger looks to uk's teenagers to tackle looming staff a manger: just one in 50 job applicants are british, says hr of lords committee told firm will struggle to attract enough staff if it cannot recruit eu nationals after hed: 9 mar a manger: just one in 50 job applicants are british, says hr a manger sales soar with help of a green hed: 19 apr a manger sales soar with help of a green a manger – behind the scenes at the 'happy factory'. A manger's success is deserved – just hold the mayonnaise, hed: 3 apr a manger's success is deserved – just hold the mayonnaise, more on this hare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Related slideshares at a manger: case study w eriksen, photo producer for commercial hed on mar 27, a manger is a fast food chain based in the united kingdom.

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