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Of hate crimes are a specific type of crime committed against individuals or groups because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, age, or ethnicity. Genocide is an extreme form of hate crime, and other examples include cross burnings, physical assault and even threatening text messages. Hate crimes often come about through differences between in groups and out groups, the animosity felt between them, and they are enabled through the behavior of sympathizers and spectators. As an upward law, or a law designed to punish dominant groups in society, rather than a downward law, which is designed to punish subordinate groups, hate crime laws are often underenforced. Beginning with an historical review of hate crimes, this article moves on to a discussion of the causes of hate crimes, continues with ways in which hate crimes can be prevented, and ends with a debate over the merits of additional hate crime legislation on the federal ic topic ce & social control > overview of hate crimes are a specific form of crime in which a person or group is verbally and/or physically attacked because of their gender, sexual orientation, religion, politics, race, ethnicity, disability, or age. These include physical attacks; property damage; bullying tactics; insults; and threatening phone calls, e-mails, text messages, instant messages, or y of hate hate crimes have received considerable attention in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, the phenomenon is hardly new. One especially grievous example of hate crimes have been those perpetrated against the jewish people since even before the time of jesus, and culminating in the holocaust during world war ii, which is perhaps the greatest hate crime in human history. Other well-known examples of hate crimes include genocides in armenia, bosnia, rwanda, and sudan; cross burnings, lynchings, and other actions of the ku klux klan against african americans in the united states; and threats and violence against gays and lesbians throughout the the twenty-first century, as migration patterns are resulting in a world that is more racially, ethnically, culturally, socially, and religiously mixed than it has ever been, hate crimes--crimes against the other--have attracted considerable public attention. By 2003, there were more anti-jewish hate attacks in european countries than at any time since world war ii" (levin, 2007, p. Have noted that the concept of a hate crime presupposes a community that is morally outraged at prejudice of all kinds, and any particularly prejudicial attitudes and actions toward presumptive victim groups. Crimes in the united crimes in the united states have deep roots in american history and culture. As the us federal bureau of investigation (fbi) notes,Crimes of hatred and prejudice--from lynchings to cross burnings to vandalism of synagogues--are a sad fact of american history, but the term "hate crime" did not enter the nation's vocabulary until the 1980s, when emerging hate groups like the skinheads launched a wave of bias-related crime ("hate crime," 2008b). All these states define a hate crime as a criminal act perpetrated due to the victim's race, religion, and ethnicity, while some also include sexual orientation, gender, and disability as criteria for hate crimes. Only arkansas, georgia, indiana, south carolina, and wyoming do not have hate crime statutes on their books, though hate crimes in those states are prosecuted under existing statutes covering murder, theft, harassment, and ing to the 2007 fbi hate crime statistics, there were 7,222 "single-bias" criminal hate crime incidents involving 9,080 offenses and 9,652 victims (defined as "a person, business, institution, or society as a whole") in 2006. An fbi analysis of those incidents revealed the following:Table 1: some 2006 hate crime tion percentage most impacted group racial bias 51. 9-10), as well as on college and university students from muslim-majority nations studying in the united chers have found that the expected spike in anti-muslim hate crime did occur in the immediate aftermath of the september 11 attacks. As one team of researchers noted, "with over 400 cases of anti-islamic hate crime occurring nationally in the weeks after 9/11, in-group and out-group social psychology may have been amplified by the terrorist events" (byers & jones, 2007, p.

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Researchers also found, however, that the anti-muslim hate crimes followed a specific pattern of intensity: "the time series analysis also showed that the effect of 9/11 largely dissipated within eight days of september 11. That is, the daily reports of anti-islamic hate crimes began to level off yet did not return, on average, to the lower levels prior to 9/11" (byers & jones, 2007, pp. Most curiously, given the locations of the terrorist attacks, "new york city and washington, dc, anti-islamic hate crime reports are essentially non-existent (dc did have one report). With the exception of boston, ma, all other locations on the list of top 10 cities with anti-islamic hate crime reports in 2001 were some distance from both nyc and dc" (byers & jones, 2007, p. Seeking to explain the spike in anti-muslim hate crimes more generally, the researchers noted the pivotal role played by political, religious, and community leaders, "some of this effect may be accounted for by pleas in the media from islamic and political leaders calling for calm and tolerance" (byers & jones, 2007, pp. For the somewhat counterintuitive finding that anti-muslim hate crimes were markedly absent from police blotters in new york city and washington, dc, the research team suggested that this. Could be accounted for by the leveling of social distinctions as shown by previous researchers (blocker, rochford, & sherkat, 1991; gonzolas-garcia & soriano-parra, 1989; neal, 1984; turkel, 2002). Other words, the trauma of the attacks drew people in new york and washington, dc, together rather than driving them extensive survey of muslim americans conducted by the pew research center five years after the september 11 attacks found that "[a] quarter of muslim americans say they have been the victim of discrimination in the united states, while 73% say they have never experienced discrimination while living in this country" (pew research center, 2007, p. While much of the opposition to illegal immigration is conducted within legal boundaries and does not spill over into hatred and violence, hateful attitudes and actions have statistics show that the number of hate crimes perpetrated against hispanics rose 25 percent between 2004 and 2008. Log in ured english immersion in esl r competency should all be anda ngozi anda ngozi search returned over 400 essays for "hate crimes". Department of justice — federal bureau of investigation reported that “13,690 law enforcement agencies submitted hate crime data to the ucr program. Of these agencies, 2,145 reported 7,783 hate crime incidents involving 9,168 offenses and of the 7,780 single-bias incidents reported in 2008, 19. The statistics of 2008 are alarming to look at because the numbers of hate crimes committed in that year are exceedingly high.... In 2007, according to the federal bureau investigation of the nation’s law enforcement agencies “there were 9,535 victims of hate crimes; of these victims17. Percent were victimized because of a bias against a religious belief which totaled to be 1,628 victims of an anti-religious hate crime” (1). Matthew's death became a national symbol of violence against homosexuals, prompting prayer vigils and calls for state and federally supported hate crime laws.... However, this overwhelmingly large minority group continues to be one of the least protected by the government as well as most heavily targeted by discrimination and hate crimes.

Regardless of the powerful shift in public opinion concerning lgbt individuals during the last twenty years, the laws concerning hate crimes have remained invariable.... Within the last 10 years, hate crimes based upon sexual orientation have increased by 30% percent, around 1300 crimes per year, with many more incidents around the united states unreported. Hate crime must be defined by federal statute and the government afforded the power to enforce sanctions against violators to insure the safety of the american public. Hate crime and hate speech thrive within our country, and can go unnoticed due to insufficient coverage from the media and lack of public interest.... A hate crime is a crime, usually involving violence or intimidation committed against others based partially or entirely on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation or membership in another social group.... Hate crimes: crimes motivated by a victim’s actual or perceived gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or religion(federal officials, 2011). A hate crime is considered any malicious crime that is derived from hatred towards a certain group of people. Suffered a prime example of a gruesome hate crime in 1998, because of his african american descent.... He had dealt with segregation in his hometown of chicago, but his experiences could not even begin to compare with the extreme hate crimes that occur in mississippi. Hate can slowly cause the natural process of love peace, and affections of others to oxidation. It is hate that can transform the natural order of the living conditions causing an in and out battle within the fabric of has caused wars and can create rumors of wars; it has the children against children and adult against adult; it is hate that lets teachers the ability to bully their students and student’s to bully one-another. Hate is usually confused with pride , while the real and positive pride, is “the consciousness of one’s own dignity,” (webster’s dictionary, 2012), having a approval for someone’s achievements and persona... 4) hate crimes are also known as bias-motivated crimes because the crimes are motivated by a bias towards a person or persons including but not limited to those of a different gender, ethnic background, religion, or sexual orientation. Hate crimes are quite serious and have severe and long lasting-effects for the targeted victims.... From what i have identified on hate crimes in my research, the top two motivations for hate crimes are based on race and sexual orientation, “in 2010’s fbi report, of the 7,690 reported incidents, 48. 4 percent of the crimes were racially motivated attacks, with sexual orientation bias coming in second at 19. Dl chandler,2010) two of the best examples of these crimes are the james byrd and mathew shepard cases in 1998.

These crimes prompted the enactment of the hate crimes prevention act that was signed by president barack obama in 2009.... Hate crimes are not a new concept for society, because hate crimes have always been around. While the study of hate crimes and the laws that have been passed because of hate crimes is relatively new, hate crimes have always been around. Hate crimes were committed as far back as the 1800’s and even back to the civil war. Hate crimes are prevalent in society today just like they were in the past; because whether the crimes are aimed towards muslims, the gay community, or any other minority group; they are fueled by something that every person has come into contact with- prejudice.... Google (2014) states, “a hate crime is a crime that is motivated by racial, sexual, or other prejudice, typically one involving violence. Hate crimes in canada have negatively impacted our society in political, social, economic and cultural forums. In canada we have to freedom to hate, the primary question that is raised is to what extent. Hate crime victimization is a broad concept within hate crimes, it sheds light on occurrences and prejudice certain groups and individuals face, due to there background and identity (chakraborti, 2012... Any crime motivated by a bias against a person or group based on their ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, religion or another characteristic is a hate crime. When someone commits a hate crime they are targeting a group of people not just one individual. The punishment for hate crimes are very insignificant considering the deviant who committed a hate crime targeted an entire group of people.... Previous studies into the cause of hate crime offending have for the most part been cross-sectional in nature, emphasizing ecological factors associated with higher rates of offending. S (1998) investigation into communities in new york argued persuasively that demographic change in an area, usually an influx of immigrants or an ethnic minority, is a crucial explanatory factor when investigating why certain regions experience more hate crimes than others.... Love is defined as to have a deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person, and on the other side hate is told as to feel hostility or animosity toward a person or thing. In the following cases you will see that hate crimes take many different forms and there exists a wide variation among states in the specifics of their laws.... The many forms of hate crimes the issue of hate crimes has greatly affected the way in which people interact.

A hate crime is defined as any act of violence or verbal slashing of a person based upon race, religious belief, or one's sexuality. There are several other grounds for determining a hate crime depending upon guidelines in written laws. Hate crimes are said to have originally derived from the unjust treatment of jewish cultures during the holocaust in world war ii. Slavery of african americans in the early to mid 1900s has also been deemed a cause of hate crimes.... Hate crimes are like messages to members of a certain group that they are unwelcome in a particular neighborhood, community, school, or workplace. Hate crimes are criminal offenses, usually involving violence, intimidation or vandalism, in which the victim is targeted because of race, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, sex or political affiliation. Hate crimes can occur at home, at school, at places of worship, at work, on the street - virtually anywhere. A hate crime has many victims as it not only victimizes the immediate victim, but also impacts the larger community by creating fear and insecurity among all members of the group that the victim represents.... These criminal activities have been dubbed “hate crimes” and have plagues society as far back as one can remember. Hate crimes, in varying degrees, can consist of something as minute as a derogatory comment, to something as serious as an act of murder.... Hate crimes usually occur when a person is targeted because of their skin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, nationality, age, gender, or gender identity. Hate crimes” generally refers to a criminal act that is motivated by hate by one or more conditions involving physical assault, damage to property, bullying, harassment, verbal abuse or insults, and offensive graffiti or letters. Concern about hate crimes has increased among policymakers in the recent years, but this type of crime is not new it has happened in the past multiple times.... However, defining hate as the basis for a crime is not as easy without possibly jeopardizing constitutional rights in the process. A hate crime law seeks to treat a crime, if it can be demonstrated that the offense was a hate crime differently from the way it would be treated under ordinary criminal law.... Hate crimes have been prevalent in society for as far back as one can document it. Even from the time that the first settlers landed in america, hate crimes have existed.

Defining hate crimes hate crimes has become an increasing problem here in the united states ranging from racial hatred to gender discrimination but what are hate crimes. Jack mcdevitt, a criminologist at northeastern university in boston hate crimes are message crimes, hate crimes are defined as crimes that are violent act against people, property, or organizations because of the group to which they belong or identify with. The coined term “hate crimes” was first used no matter how many different definitions there are for hate crimes but we all can agree that hate crimes are wrong and immoral.... Reasons for hate crimes even though hate crimes have been around in the past, and have been most certainly been more violent in the past. Hate crimes are most certainly still a problem in today's society, but it is not dealt with the same violent manner as previously performed in the past. There are still violent acts done out of hate, but the battle has been a lot more words.... Now- a -days, crimes once driven solely by hatred for one's race now stem from opposition to one's religion, gender, disability, or sexual orientation. There are crimes committed out of rage, revenge, jealousy, love, greed, etc; but there is another type of crime, or one could say act of violence, called hate crimes. Have you ever thought maybe that crime was committed against just because of your racial background, or religious beliefs. Throughout this country’s history, hate crimes have taken place, either by known groups who hate and, most commonly, individuals that are inspired by hate.... Victims of hate crimes vary in the indiscretions placed against them, whether it is from a simple slander to a vicious attack. But they all have the same mutual notion that the crimes that were committed against them are far above other crimes because they were carried out in hate. I believe that the idea of creating a separate punishment for crimes of this nature is absolutely nonsensical and inane in theory. In the attached article, it states that “congressional negotiators stripped a measure to strengthen 1960s-era hate crimes law from a massive defense bill, likely killing for this year the effort to broaden hate crimes protections for gay people and the disabled (reuters, 2004). When this type of hate fuels a person into taking violent actions upon those they hate, it is called a hate crime; a topic which the american public is seriously concerned about. It has been a widely discussed subject on the media, and often debates of whether or not a crime should be attributed with hate are the center for hate crime imply on any case when a person is convicted for inflicting damage on someone "different".... We can trace the origin of hate crime back to the roman empire; however in the us what we now call hate crime were executed by the klu klux klan following the civil war (salami, 2012).

In the uk the term hate crime began to be used after world war two and official recognition occurred after the urban riots of 1981. The murder of stephen lawrence was a development in highlighting that problems of hate crime existed but were not being acknowledged. Hate crimes run rampant, minorities continue to be marginalized, the wage gap, despite common belief, marches on even today, and in history classes across the nation, the struggles of people of color are reduced and minimized to make way for white heroes. Discrimination remains and there is an increase in hate crimes against hispanics, latinos and mexican-americans, as one of the perceived symbols of that discrimination, the u. Hate crimes should not be punished differently than other crimes hate crimes should not be punished differently than other crimes. The idea of punishing crimes differently based on victims might make some people or groups feel that others are more protected or valued than they are. The concept of punishing crimes differently because of motive is senseless, unnecessary, and an injustice. The correlation research study excluded schools that served adults, previously incarcerated students, suspended students, and severely disabled students to minimize introduction of confounding variables. Hate crime                                          violence motivated by a bias against victims’ characteristics which include race, religion, ethnic background, national origin, gender, or sexual orientation, represents a serious threat to all communities. Criminal justice officials and state policy makers need to realize that it is key to make or adjust hate crime legislation. At his funeral, picketers carried signs saying, "god hates fags" and "fags deserve to die. Matthew sheppard is one of the thousands of victims who have suffered from the form of violence known as hate crimes.... The murder of michael brown in ferguson, missouri , the murder of a black teen for playing loud music in florida, the little rock integration and all other forms of abuse or hate crimes done against african americans will always be engraved in our history and in the hearts of all african americans as a period of injustice. For example, sodomy laws, laws that rule certain sexual acts as crimes, were established as early as 1963. In the year 2008, the first black president was elected in the united states, but in the same year, according to the fbi website, there were about 5,600 hate crime offenses classified as crime on race and ethnicity were reported to the police. A hate group is an organized group that acts with violence and hate towards people because of their religion, race, gender, and/or sexual orientation. Some hate groups don’t like anyone who is black, some act against people who are homosexual, and some don’t like and will act cruel toward someone who is jewish.

According to the southern poverty law center (splc), there are 926 hate groups today in the united states: and twelve hate groups in new jersey alone.... Introduction when the topic of hate and bias crime legislation is brought up two justifications commonly come to mind. Hurd discusses the courts and states views that those who commit hate and bias crimes ought to be more severely punished. She takes into consideration both sides of the argument to determine the validity of each but ultimately ends the article in hopes to have persuaded the reader into understanding and agreeing with her view that laws concerning the punishment of hate and bias laws should not be codified.... I believe that the people that are responsible for these horrific crimes should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Now, before i dive into this very controversial subject, i should probably define what hate crime laws are so you will have a better understanding of what i am talking about.... The history behind hate crime and the existing legislation many political scientists and researchers to a number of policy arenas in the united states ranging from corporal punishment to the quality of urban life have applied daniel elazar’s concept of political cultures. The categorization of rape as a hate crime as rape and hate crimes are separated into different categories, their definitions are almost exactly alike. Rape is the crime of having sexual intercourse with a person against their will usually influenced by violence and the will for domination. Hate crimes are physical crimes against a certain group; fortunately they also are usually influenced by violence and the will for domination. Rape and hate crimes are a huge part of today’s society however they are protected under and placed in different categories, where as they should both be in the same category.... Racism and segregation among different races took place since the beginning of time, “accordion crimes” by e. Methodology the literatures used in this research were from the school library researched textbooks, articles, government websites, and california department of justice information services; bureau of criminal information and analysis criminal justice statistics center. Because of the vast nature of hate crime my research and focus will be on the origins of hate crime in human society.... These two attacks sent outrage throughout the country and inspired tougher punishments against hate crimes. A hate crime is any crime that is committed due to a bias towards a particular group of people. Nobody should be attacked for who they are and by having hate crime legislation minorities can be protected.

Currently there are forty-nine states that have hate crime laws because they want to protect the rights of minorities. Ninety-five percent of the american states object to hate crimes and show that america takes hates crimes seriously. America does this by addition time to hate crime perpetrator’s sentences because the perpetrator picked their victim because of their physical traits. Hate crime in the united states of america thesis: in this research paper, information will be given on hate crime in the united states of america. It’s best to know about these types of crimes before it’s too late because it’s rarely reported or spoken about but does occur on regular bases. It's sad how these types of crimes still occur so many years later; there are innocent people who are attacked simply because of their race, religion or sexual orientation.... Hate crime victimization is a very prevalent and serious issue that exists amongst our society today that is often used to demonstrate a form of hate towards a particular group of people; primarily minority groups.... An excuse for hate there are many people in this world today who feel that prejudice is a regular part of life that must be dealt with along with getting up for work, and taking out the garbage. While this particular case may give the appearance that perpetrators of hate crimes receive appropriate punishment, almost a decade later, one particular case demonstrates the inequity in the application of hate crime punishments:... It will also elaborate on the topic of why hate crimes should be legislated against, with supporting information. The phrase “hate crime” is generally referred to as a criminal act against a person, a group, or property because of one’s race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation (civil rights- hate crimes- overview).... Profile of a hate crime offender sterilized from emotion, hate crime, also called bias crime, is those offenses motivated in part or singularly by personal prejudice against other because of a diversity-race, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity/national origin, or disability. Hate crimes are committed out of anger, ignorance, and lack of knowledge of another’s ideas and beliefs. It is not necessarily meant as a homophobic or hate-filled remark, and most of the time it is referring to an object, an idea, or a conversation; things that obviously have no sexual orientation. But now, according to a bill passed by the senate, it could almost be considered a hate crime. Many people support the widening of hate crime laws, assuming that with stricter penalties, the crimes will lessen.... Hate groups in the united states right now, there are many active hate groups in the united states such as the ku klux klan, neo-nazi, skinheads, christian identity, black separatists, etc.

These hate groups like the ku klux klan, which is one of america’s oldest and more feared, use violence and move above the law to promote their different causes. In order to reduce the astonishing number of hate crimes in the united states, the federal government should restrict hate speech, and the expressions of hateful ideas, in all its forms, in all places, both public and private. Contrary to some opinions, it is possible to accurately define hate speech, because hate speech does not actually have many elusive forms. Computer crimes come in a variety of names and can include hate crimes, telemarketing and internet fraud, identity theft and credit card account theft. These are considered to be cyber crimes when the illegal activities are committed through the use of a computer and the internet. It is very difficult to gauge the amount of damage and/or financial loss that has resulted from computer crimes. Those that do realize that they are a victim of a computer crime many times do not report it to the authorities or have no way of knowing what caused them to be a victim in the first place.... Hate crime laws since the united states of america and long with the whole world is filled with diversity there will always be conflicts about believes and feelings towards each other. Hatespeech hate speech and the people who use it hate speech; is this the type of speech that the first amendment protects. Filtered freedom hate speech is often misunderstood because it can be classified as either careless or intentionally hurtful. Questions have been risen of what hate speech is and if it should be allowed to be viewed by public access. Cyberhate - hate propaganda and internet censorship the internet is an ideal medium for hate groups, such as neo-nazis, because of the mass exposure, inexpensiveness, uncensored nature and ease of publishing offered. The internet allows hate groups to target a broad audience: impressionable children are the most vulnerable. Instead, the freedom of speech exercised by cyberhate groups can be applied by online anti-hate advocates to counter cyberhate.... It’s time to limit restrict hate speech free speech is the backbone that holds democracy together. A student looks at hate speech and hate web sites before delving into the ethics of hate sites, a definition of hate speech is required because it is the foundation of these 'hate sites. Hate speech disparages someone because of an immutable characteristic of that person - such as his or her race, gender, or ethnicity.

Our free enter the title keyword:Research paper crimes in the crimes in the crimes are generally defined as violent acts against an individual or group that are motivated by crimes in the us research paper due and don’t know how to start it? Crimes are generally defined as violent acts against an individual or group that are motivated by prejudice. The fact that prejudice is a motivating factor in hate crimes makes individuals or groups who are different from mainstream american society regular targets of hate crimes. Although most ethnic groups are vulnerable to hate crimes, american history is marked by hate crimes committed against african americans, which have included cross burnings and lynching. The civil rights movement and subsequent legislation did a lot in terms of reducing the incidence of hate crimes against african americans however, prejudice and the potential for such crimes still gh hate crimes is not a new concept in american society, the subject has gained special attention over the last decade. One of the primary reasons that hate crimes are more than ever the focus of the media as well as legislators is because of the increase in violent acts committed against diverse ethnic groups. This is especially true with regard to hate crimes committed against people of arab descent living in american society since the terrorist attacks on september 11, 2001. The media revealed that the attacks prompted a dramatic increase in hate crimes agains arab immigrants or anyone who looked like they were of arab descent. In response, leaders in a number of fields have encouraged greater cultural awareness and tolerance to help reduce and ultimately eliminate hate d research paper ing terrorism research papers look at the strategies behind combatting socio-political factors of 911 research papers discuss what the terrorist attack did to the united states ce in scandinavia delve into an example of an order placed on an type of violence that took place in itz research papers  look at one of the most reconizeable death camps during to write a research paper on hate crimes in the page is designed to show you how to write a research project on the topic you see to the left. Use our sample or order a custom written research paper from paper research papers - custom written research papers on any topic you need starting at $23. Per research paper services - learn about all of paper masters' custom research paper and writing your research paper worries in less than 5 minutes! A custom research paper on any online teed quality -time delivery via ential & masters - showing students how to write quality research papers for over 19 masters custom research papers on hate crimes in the masters writes custom research papers on hate crimes, which are generally defined as violent acts against an individual or group that are motivated by order paper faqs e-mail essayscustomterm papersresearch paperscustom book reportsdissertation writingpowerpoint presentationsaccounting & financemiscellaneous /term paper: hate crimesessay, term paper, research paper:  humanities essayssee all college papers and term papers on humanities essays available online are good but they will not follow the guidelines of your particular writing assignment. If you need a custom term paper ties essays: hate crimes, you can hire a professional writer here to write you a high quality authentic essay. Reasons for hate though hate crimes have been around in the past, and have been nly been more violent in the past. Hate crimes are most certainly still m in today's society, but it is not dealt with the same violent manner usly performed in the past. There are still violent acts done out of hate,But the battle has been a lot more words. 1) what are hate crimes,(2) examples of hate crimes, and (3) reasons for hate crimes are crimes done out of severe anger, ignorance, and lack dge about other's ideas and beliefs.

This does not to ethnic groups but also applies to race, religion, and other crimes are so hard to count because it is not certain whether is being committed out of 1989-1991, a study done by southern poverty law center in birmingham,Alabama, recorded an increase of hate crimes in those three years. Far left extremists want the country of anything that is not "pure" (the white anglo/saxon are a few of the many examples of hate crimes. In 1980 a d that he hated "fagots" and sprayed gunfire at a gay bar, killing s (out now). June of 1982, vincent chin, a 27 year old chinese/american y beaten with a baseball bat outside of a detroit bar by two bile factory workers who called him a "jap" and blamed him for the loss job in the automobile industry (jost) are also laws against hate crimes and punishments that onable. Side of this argument says "enhancing a criminal sentence for any hate no way creates a thought crime or penalizes anyone's conduct based upon -prescribable viewpoint or message that such conduct contains or expresses. In it's present form hr 4797 (hate crime penalty enhancement law) titutional has this both content based and view point based. The price we pay m of speech and the ability to talk our mind is that we have to person's beliefs and the final analysis, one can frankly acknowledge that hate is each new generation were more tolerant of those who are different, and prejudice would someday disappear from our world. Competent & proven writersoriginal writing — no plagiarismour papers are never resold or reused, periodsatisfaction guarantee — free unlimited revisionsclient-friendly money back guaranteetotal confidentiality & privacyguaranteed chat & 24/7 customer supportall academic and professional subjectsall difficulty levels12pt times new roman font, double spaced, 1 inch marginsthe fastest turnaround in the industryfully documented research — free bibliography (additional info): 866-332-0244fax (additional info): 866-308-7123live chat supportneed order related assistance?