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We-love/ is home to over 20 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software from the computer science community to read and git or checkout with svn using the web ajara chapter (#499). To all readmes for hosted mental_ to all readmes for hosted to all readmes for hosted papers presented on sf chapter on feb 23rd 2017 (#432). Error in logic_and_programming the trusting classifiers paper from the seattle papers we love (…. From branch we love (pwl) is a community built around reading, discussing and learning more about academic computer science papers. This repository serves as a directory of some of the best papers the community can find, bringing together documents scattered across the web. You can also visit the papers we love site for more to licenses we cannot always host the papers themselves (when we do, you will see a 📜 emoji next to its title in the directory readme) but we can provide links to their you enjoy the papers, perhaps stop by a local chapter meetup and join in on the vibrant discussions around them. You can also discuss pwl events, the content in this repository, and/or anything related to pwl on our slack, after signing-up to join it, or on our #paperswelove irc channel on are our official chapters.

Of our meetups follow our code of out our youtube and mixcloud (audio-only format) 're looking for pull requests related to papers we should add, better organization of the papers we do have, and/or links to other paper-repos we should point good places to find system technical journal, paper awards in computer scholar (choose a subcategory). Programming books 's artificial intelligence lab 's distributed system's reading paper es engineering reading gs in distributed l typing ty data science ch papers from robert harper, carnegie mellon tagged as check out our wiki-page for links to blogs, books, exchanges that are worth a good g a paper is not the same as reading a blogpost or a novel. Here are a few handy resources to help you get to read an academic on reading academic to read and understand a scientific i read papers? Refreshingly rewarding realm of research ations/ideas built around papers we a paper - @buting take a look at our name "papers we love" and the logos for the organization are copyrighted, and under the ownership of papers we love ltd, all rights reserved. Reload to refresh your theory 567 ment 116 and modeling 207 buted systems el computing 202 ics and electronic tion 29 e 141 architecture 64 -computer visualization 408 ation retrieval and the igence 874 tion 400 ation 47 l language processing ty, privacy and tion 278 ering 91 s 273 sing 241 ncy 45 theory 567 ment 116 and modeling 207 buted systems el computing 202 ics and electronic tion 29 e 141 architecture 64 -computer visualization 408 ation retrieval and the igence 874 tion 400 ation 47 l language processing ty, privacy and tion 278 ering 91 s 273 sing 241 ncy 45 tical computer tical computer science stack exchange is a question and answer site for theoretical computer scientists and researchers in related fields. Join them; it only takes a minute:Anybody can ask a best answers are voted up and rise to the papers should everyone read? Question is (inspired by)/(shamefully stolen from) a similar question at mathoverflow, but i expect the answers here will be quite all have favorite papers in our own respective areas of theory.

They don't have to be from theoretical computer science -- anything that you think might appeal to the community is a fine can give as many answers as you want; please put one paper per answer! Note there has been a previous question about papers in recursion-theoretic complexity but that is quite specialized. I have too often seen tcs papers that are truly seminal, but i'd rather save my colleagues from the pain of trying to decipher the original write-up – which is far too often a hastily-written 10-page conference abstract, with references to a "full version" that never appeared... I hope it is clear that papers of this type are not good for the list (if you want to share it with everyone, then it shouldn't be a pain to read). The more you labor, the closer you get to their actual thought also mathoverflow, what are the most important results (and papers) in complexity theory that every one should know? Revs, 5 users 25%grigory 1936 paper that arguably started computer science itself:Alan turing, "on computable numbers, with an application to the entscheidungsproblem", proceedings of the london mathematical society s2-42, 230–265, 1937. Are every computer scientist should know about floating-point paper explains and reinforces the notion that floating point isn't magic.

Also note that this is a living document, unlike most papers which do not receive updates after being , trees and flowers by j. You really get the feeling of how things were in the old "wild west" frontier of the 60'|cite|improve this ed sep 12 '10 at 0:m mechanical computers (pdf) by richard introduces the idea of quantum computation, describes quantum circuits, explains how classical circuits can be simulated by quantum circuits, and shows how quantum circuits can compute functions without lots of garbage qubits (using uncomputation). Expander graphs are even used in numerical analysis mial-time algorithms for prime factorization and discrete logarithms on a quantum computer - peter w. Revs, 2 users 77%lev s too basic, but i'm shocked that nobody has mentioned the original lambda papers by steele and |cite|improve this ed sep 21 '10 at 15:36. This paper proves that all the languages decided by polytime nondeterministic turing machines can be (cook-)reduced to the set of propositional importance of this result is (at least) twofold: first, it shows that there exist problems in np which are at least as hard as the whole class, the np-complete problems; furthermore, it provides a concrete example of such a problem, which can then be reduced to others in order to prove them ys karp reductions are more commonly used than cook reductions, but the main proof of this paper can be easily adapted to show that sat is np-complete with respect to karp |cite|improve this ed sep 12 '10 at 9: is one of those conference papers for which no journal version ever appeared, but this one is definitely worth going back to: well written and full of great side comments. Hoare, an axiomatic basis for computer the abstract: in this paper an attempt is made to explore the logical foundations of computer programming by use of techniques which were first applied in the study of geometry and have later been extended to other branches of has six pages that are quite easy to |cite|improve this aug 14 '12 at 19:-by-value is dual to call-by-name by philip wadler is a good |cite|improve this ed sep 20 '10 at 10:ng by phil wadler is a good , matias and szegedy, the space complexity of approximating the frequency moments, jcss 58(1):137-147, rather magical paper was the first one to formalize streaming algorithms and prove rigorous upper and lower bounds for foundational tasks in the streaming model. 1970), "relationships between nondeterministic and deterministic tape complexities", journal of computer and system sciences 4 (2): 177–|cite|improve this sep 12 '10 at 19:ed approximation algorithms for maximum cut and satisfiability problems using semidefinite programming by goemans and williamson.

Fine example of introducing a new technique to obtain results that are much better than those known |cite|improve this ed sep 12 '10 at 15:ca della : /~goemans/papers/l impagliazzo's a personal view of average-case complexity. Except for the turing original paper, which is of historical importance, i would not recommend reading most original papers if there is followup work that cleaned it up. There are many classic papers that contain conjectures not yet proved, techniques that have been overlooked, or results that tend to be forgotten but could be dusted off and put to new great when this happens. Rusting of circuit fallen in tical computer science stack exchange works best with javascript of important publications in computer wikipedia, the free to: navigation, article has multiple issues. Is a list of important publications in computer science, organized by reasons why a particular publication might be regarded as important:Topic creator – a publication that created a new hrough – a publication that changed scientific knowledge nce – a publication which has significantly influenced the world or has had a massive impact on the teaching of computer science. It contains the first published description of the logical design of a computer using the stored-program concept, which has come to be known as the von neumann ecture of the ibm system/360[edit]. Journal of research and development, ecture of the ibm system/ption: the ibm system/360 (s/360) is a mainframe computer system family announced by ibm on april 7, 1964.

It was the first family of computers making a clear distinction between architecture and case for the reduced instruction set computer[edit]. The risc is a cpu design philosophy that favors a reduced set of simpler ts on "the case for the reduced instruction set computer"[edit]. Clark, wd ications of the acm, january 1978, volume 21, number 1, pages 63–ption: the cray-1 was a supercomputer designed by a team including seymour cray for cray research. The first cray-1 system was installed at los alamos national laboratory in 1976, and it went on to become one of the best known and most successful supercomputers in ty of the single processor approach to achieving large scale computing capabilities[edit]. It is a good paper for discussing issues of reliability and fault tolerance of computer systems, and the cost of providing such case for a single-chip multiprocessor[edit]. Acm siggraph'87 conference, anaheim, ca, july ption: the academy of motion picture arts and sciences cited this paper as a "milestone in computer graphics". Geman and donald transactions on pattern analysis and machine intelligence, ption: introduced 1) mrfs for image analysis 2) the gibbs sampling which revolutionized computational bayesian statistics and thus had paramount impact in many other fields in addition to computer : active contour models[edit].

Ational journal of computer vision, 29(1):5–28, ption: a technique for visual recognition from local scale-invariant features [edit]. Dings of the afips fjcc, pages 335–344, ption: this paper discuss time-sharing as a method of sharing computer resource. The main importance is not of the paper but of the operating system, which had tremendous effect on operating system and computer ed voting for replicated data[edit]. One of the first papers discussing how to manage disk storage for high-performance file systems. Of the wjcc (western joint computer conference), los angeles, california, february ption: this paper describes the design and implementation of the first fortran compiler by the ibm team. Of the acm, 3(4):184–195, april l online ption: this paper introduced lisp, the first functional programming language, which was used heavily in many areas of computer science, especially in ai. See the related papers: whetstone algol revisited, and the whetstone kdf9 algol translator by brian w.

Steele, ption: this series of papers and reports first defined the influential scheme programming language and questioned the prevailing practices in programming language design, employing lambda calculus extensively to model programming language concepts and guide efficient implementation without sacrificing expressive ure and interpretation of computer programs[edit]. Abelson and gerald jay press, 1984, ption: this textbook explains core computer programming concepts, and is widely considered a classic text in computer hending monads[edit]. Springer berlin heidelberg, ption: this paper introduced system f and created the modern notion of parametric axiomatic basis for computer programming[edit]. Also: list of software engineering topics § notable re engineering: report of a conference sponsored by the nato science committee[edit]. N–wesley, reading, massachusetts, ption: this book was the first to define and list design patterns in computer harts: a visual formalism for complex systems[edit]. Measuring password guessability for an entire university, ccs '13 proceedings of the 2013 acm sigsac conference on computer & communications security, pages security[edit]. And schroeder, the protection of information in computer systems, acm symposium on operating system principles (october 1973) html and schell, thirty years later: lessons from the multics security evaluation, acsac t, butler.

Miller, an empirical study of the robustness of windows nt applications using random testing, 4th usenix windows systems symposium, seattle, august d and lekkas d, addressing cloud computing security issues, future generation computer systems, 28/3, pp. Proceedings of the 8th conference on usenix security symposium, volume 8, pages 14–kel, simson and shelat, abhi, remembrance of data passed, ieee security and privacy, volume 1 issue 1, january 2003, page tical computer science[edit]. Article: list of important publications in theoretical computer covered: theoretical computer science, including computability theory, computational complexity theory, algorithms, algorithmic information theory, information theory and formal (digital bibliography & library project in computer science). Of open problems in computer of computer science of computer science collection of computer science kanellakis award, a prize given to honor specific theoretical accomplishments that have had a significant and demonstrable effect on the practice of computing. Most influential papers acm sigplan papers published in pldi from 1979 through 1999; organized into a special sigplan ic search engines[edit]. Science ries: computer science papershistory of computer sciencelists of publications in scienceartificial intelligence publicationscomputing-related listshidden categories: pages using web citations with no urlpages using citations with accessdate and no urlwikipedia references cleanup from october 2011all articles needing references cleanuparticles covered by wikiproject wikify from october 2011all articles covered by wikiproject wikifyarticles needing cleanup from august 2013all pages needing cleanupcleanup tagged articles with a reason field from august 2013wikipedia pages needing cleanup from august logged intalkcontributionscreate accountlog pagecontentsfeatured contentcurrent eventsrandom articledonate to wikipediawikipedia out wikipediacommunity portalrecent changescontact links hererelated changesupload filespecial pagespermanent linkpage informationwikidata itemcite this a bookdownload as pdfprintable page was last edited on 29 october 2017, at 15: is available under the creative commons attribution-sharealike license;.