Qualitative research powerpoint presentations

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“a form of social inquiry that focuses on the way people interpret and make sense of their experiences and the world in which they live.

Br />subjective - individuals’ interpretation of events is important
qualitative data is more rich, time consuming, and not generalizable.

Types of qualitative research
attempts to shed light on a phenomena by studying in depth a single case example of the phenomena.

Types of qualitative data collection & analysis
those who are not familiar with qualitative methodology may be surprised by the sheer volume of data and the detailed level of analysis that results even when research is confined to a small number of subjects (myers, 2002).

Br />in communicating--or generating--the data, the researcher must make the process of the study accessible and write descriptively so tacit knowledge may best be communicated through the use of rich, thick descriptions (myers, 2002).

Research:funnel approach
general research questions
collect data
narrower research questions
collect data
narrower research questions

Research:inductive approach
specific narrow research question
emergent data
collect data
broader question
collect data
broader question

Research methods:triangulation
method to enhance the validity & reliability of qualitative research
enhances accuracy of interpretation
confirms that the data collected is not due to chance or circumstances

Research design:triangulation
for example:

  • may interview teachers, principals & interview & observe review student records, interview teachers, observe t data from multiple t data in multiple ways from t different kinds of data in multiple ways from multiple subjects
  • multiple data collection strategies
    kinds of data
    (data sources)
    data collection strategies
    multiple data sources
    multiple kinds of data
    qualitative research design:triangulation

    Br />relationships between the researcher and the researched
    difficulty in studying large populations

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