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Of json and ajax enabled, database driven, user interfaces for science application ting american sign language to voice using pdf conversion application for the android ation of ant-based technology in selection of glycan markers for cancer and implementing web content management d, a mobile based performance assessment tool for language t management system for art lab, asset database for sdsu school of art design and art e for freeway evolution in san diego tool to demonstrate freeway evolution in san ance of metadata in data warehousing. Dynamic database approach for e-commerce system using ctive graphical interface for printed glycan array data modeling emergent neocortical complexity with complex adaptive real estate agent for real estate agent for ing performance of applications written in native sdk, web phone frameworks and : a flash translation layer exploiting intra-plane copy-back goggles android based rm independent experimentation workbench for unimodal/cross-modal priming c projection of data on maps based on time-lines : client c projection of data on maps based on time-lines: client ajax based technical forum for thermodynamics i multimedia teaching tool about the mormon tating research with learner data in online speaking notification system for computerized assisted screening history maps, a gis based teaching tool for us t checkout system for online testing tool nt reader interface: designing the nt reader interface: database and admin narayan chandrashekar.

2017 computer science department, san diego state trobe university > department of computer science and information technology > research > apply for research > thesis s/masters by coursework thesis coordinatordr. Eric pardede beth gleeson 221 melbourne (bundoora) campus t: 03 9479 3459 e: e@w are the research areas of staff at both the melbourne and bendigo campuses for the department of computer science and information technology. Topics suitable for the fourth year project (cpa/cpb) will be negotiated between students and staff from the melbourne ts should discuss their topic of interest with the respective staff member and get their approval before making a final decision. In some cases, a student may choose a topic outside the list of topics below provided a staff member is willing to act as supervisor and the head of department judges it to be an appropriate thesis or project topic. Students are advised to complete all the discussions well before the start of the proposed enrolment, so that they are not research thesis (45cp, duration – two semesters)cse5tsa and cse5tsb – semester 1  and semester 2please refer to online subject outline for cse5tsa and cse5tsb for more details and to applyall students enrolling in:a thesis must download and complete a thesis administration form [doc 95kb]a project must download and complete a major computer engineering project administration form [doc 94kb]. Topic 3: real-time concept feedback in lecturesthis project requires you to develop a web application that will be used by students and teachers to help determine how concepts are being understood by the class.

The intention is students will come to a lecture, open the class handout in digital form on their ipads/tablets/laptops and follow along with the lecturer. The protocols used in a wsn, therefore, are designed with objectives which differ from the objectives of the protocols in other computer are usually randomly deployed (scattered/aerially dropped) and are self-configuring. Richard lairesearch areas of interest:component based software engineeringsoftware process and managementsoftware measurement, metrics and testingrequirement engineering and uml specificationthe projects that i offer are suitable to students who have a keen interest in software engineering and software project management. This approach is very time-consuming and thesis proposes and investigates a new approach, in whichwe build a model of the data contained in the survey. The aim of the thesis is to study the sbvr standard in depth, to survey the works that have been published since the release of the standard, and to critically evaluate the applicability of sbvr to practical information system 3: converting business rule models to uml (object-oriented) models: an application of meta modellingbusiness rules are the most important factor that determines the structure and behavior of an information system. The aim of the thesis is to automate the conversion of an sbvr business rule models into an object-oriented uml business model.

Typically, the process for building such a system starts with building an sbvr model, and then translates that model into a uml model, which is more suitable for practical approach proposed for this thesis consists of the following steps: (1) build a formal model for sbvr; (2) build a formal model for uml; (3) formulate transformation rules to transform a sbvr model into a uml model; (4) implement a system to automatically translate an sbvr model into a uml 4: design and implementation of web services for information systemsthe aim of web services is to make data resources available over the internet to applications (programs) written in any language. Restful web services have now been recognized as generally the most useful methods to provide data-services for web and mobile application aim of the thesis is to study the concept of restful web services in depth and to construct a catalogue of patterns for designing data-intensive web services. The aim of the catalogue is to act as a guide for practical design of web services for application eric pardedetopic 1: using case based recommended system for subject selection the rationale behind this research is a need for a practical system that can be used by students to select subjects during their study. While the advice of course coordinator and the short description of the subject in the handbook are most frequently used by students to make up their mind, they can make more informed decisions by using experience of past students. In this thesis, the student will use case based reasoning (cbr) to design and develop a recommender system for subject selection in higher education context. In this thesis, the student will review educational technology methods and tools that have been used in higher education sector.

The outcome of this thesis is to propose mapping rules of rdb to nosql database addition, once the mapping rules are established, the research can also be extended by proposing the query rewriting of sql in rdb into nosql mahardhika pratamageneral areas of interest:neural and fuzzy systemsintelligent control systemsmachine learningdata stream miningreal-world applications of computational 1: advanced evolving intelligent system data stream mining is today one of the most challenging research topic, because we enter the data-rich era. And, how many computer systems that you know of invisible, or nearly invisible in the sense that they assist you but, don't intrude on your non-computer work patterns? Our goal is the production of systems which can be installed in a work environment, either computerised or not, and have almost zero learning effort, but, which will make life do we design things like this? Thesis topic is to survey this field, define the problem, and produce a simple tool, if 13: test harnesess - deriving white box coverage analysers from machine-readable designs. That is, it needs to be possible to easily (and preferably automatically), to generate the "hooks" in the code that will make this tester wants to be able to specify a test script in terms of the names used in the design, and have the harness execute the code, doing the required thesis topic is to survey this field, define the problem, and produce a simple tool, if ication systemstopic 14: unambiguous, informal specification techniquesdiscussions of specification capture raise the issue of a suitable language for system specification of software systems. This project provides scope for students to learn about different facets of dealing with unstructured (text) data, and in particular, about how clustering and classification techniques can be successfully applied to it.

To take this topic, students must have received a strong mark in cse2aif, and one or more of cse3alr and cse3ci. Students should also have some background in both the python and matlab computer programming 2: text processing incorporating semanticswhereas information retrieval is typically conducted on text at the document level, in recent years researchers have become increasingly interested in also dealing with shorter segments of text; e. This project provides scope for students to learn about different facets of semantic text processing, and to apply appropriate techniques to some problem of the student's choosing. Students should also have experience with the python programming language, and preferably also 3: open project in data miningdata mining is the process of sorting through large amounts of data in search for novel and useful information that can be used to aid decision making. It is often used in business intelligence and financial analysis systems, but is increasingly being used in the sciences to extract information from the enormous data sets generated by modern experimental and observational methods. It has been described as "the nontrivial extraction of implicit, previously unknown, and potentially useful information from data" and "the science of extracting useful information from large data sets or databases.

This project provides wide scope for students to apply or develop data mining techniques for some domain (i. Students should also be proficient in ate professor ben soh areas of interest:wireless communications, and mobile and pervasive computinginformation system research, design & technology, and cloud computingfault-tolerant computing, and information & networking systemsbusiness process and workflow & supply chain managementnote: details of each project will be finalised prior to signing 1: wireless communications, and mobile and pervasive computingfoundations, standards, protocols and algorithmspervasive infrastructures, services and applicationswireless sensor and ad hoc networks on: (1) security & privacy, and reliability; (2) intrusion detection and error control; and 2: information system research, design & technology and cloud computinginternet-based technology relating to: (1) cloud computing; (2) web availability and reliability; (3) fault-tolerant is, (4) is intelligence focusing on: (1) information filtering and retrieval; (2) searching and browsing; (3) data storage with grid intelligence; (4) backend database security, backup & 3: performance and security & safety in information, database & networking systemssecurity foundations with regard to: (1) information system authorisation & access control; (2) intrusion detection and prevention; (3) cryptography and secure communications; (4) information forensics, recovery and healing; (5) database security and backup & recovery; and (6) information security risk ty and safety in information, database & networking systems and cloud computing regarding: (1) security & privacy; (2) trust management and security; (3) web and web-services security; (4) security and safety in ad hoc and sensor 4: business process and workflow & supply chain managementbusiness process and workflow & supply chain foundations in terms of: (1) modelling and design techniques; (2) implementation and language; (3) ss process and management relating to: (1) security control; (2) dynamic workflow control; (3) service-oriented computing; and torab torabi research areas of interest:software engineeringø  mobile computingprocess 1: maritime simulationthe research will investigate the use of ai techniques for better path prediction or accident avoidance or port management. This research requires knowledge of xml and standards in weather and good knowledge of prakash veeraraghavanresearch areas of interest:computer and network securitydigital watermarkingbiometric based authentication schemesmobile and ad hoc networksnext generation protocolstopic 1: power aware routing in mobile networksthe energy-efficiency problem in wireless network design has received significant attention in the past few years. This research is focused on various data aggregation and scheduling 5: computer forensic and investigationcryptography helps people to achieve confidentiality, integrity and authenticity while communicating with unknown (or known) people over the unknown network. However, once an attacker hacked into a network or computer, it is necessary to make a thorough study on what information the attackers are looking for and how to collect evidences for prosecution. The process is more os dependant; the process also depends on the software introductory project on computer forensic and crime investigation, aims at making a good revision on various techniques available in the literature, establish their strengths and weaknesses and propose a suitable improvements.

Students opting for project must have strong mathematical aptitude and strong programming and os skills). In this project, students will experience the whole process of  mfr systems design and implementation. Students will have a good opportunity to further develop their knowledge base and implementation skills with this 6: robust algorithms for dna motif discoverycomputational approached for motif discovery in dna sequences demonstrated promising results. Students to take this project need strong programming skills, knowledge on data mining and computational o campussupervision of melbourne campus students by academics from the bendigo sectionproposed delivery mode:formal weekly email between students and communication by video link - appropriate facilities will be provided at both sections of the communication will occur by phone, email and video link as academic from melbourne campus will be allocated to act as a ts who have a supervisor from bendigo campus will need to attend a short fortnightly meeting with their melbourne co-supervisor to discuss their to "sign up"please see our staff page for a list of academic staff located at the bendigo contact the bendigo staff member(s) whose thesis topics are of interest to you. When you have decided on an appropriate topic and wish to fill out the required form for supervision from a bendigo academic, please use the thesis administration form available from the general office. Academics at the bendigo section of the department welcome enquiries from students at the minor thesis, major thesis and phd ka ching chanresearch areas of interest:wearable platform for cyber enhanced scent detection dogswearable scent device for canine traininginnovative ict applicationsstatistical least cost routing, voip peering, embedded voip systemsremote hands-on labs for networking and security subjectsrouting and communication protocols, and ip addressing protocolscarrier grade voice/data infrastructurestopic 1: statistical least cost routing systems with real time performance feedbackleast cost routing is a common practice in the telco wholesale industry.

The second is to propose multiple designs of a flexible training platform based on the findings and technologies available video is queuequeuewatch next video is topics for computer science cribe from phd projects? Please try again rd youtube ts are disabled for this autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play in computer lectures by ravindrababu ravula. To choose a thesis ch in computer science & uction to to develop a good research 10 most amazing er science advice for students from professor hamzeh ch paper topics (top 100 best research topics). Ideas of computer computer er science final year year project g a thesis topic (03:27 min). Er science thesis topics for project topics for computer science ng creative computer science: simon peyton jones at to choose final year project topic in any branch of engineering ? In to add this to watch thesis page lists all allen school student theses, archived online since 2005.

01: pdf winner, 2015 best senior thesis awardprobability type inference for flexible approximate programmingbrett boston, supervised by dan grossmantr15-02: pdftleilax: porting tor to arrakissunjay cauligi, supervised by tom andersontr15-03: pdfekg monitoring and arrhythmia detectionamaris chen, supervised by bruce hemingwaytr15-04: pdfautomated analysis of paper-based immunoassay testskrittika d'silva, supervised by gaetano borriello & paul yagertr15-05: pdf the wisdom of multiple guessesryan drapeau, supervised by johan ugander and carlos guestrintr15-06: pdfextending streaming features for myriayuqing guo, supervised by magdalena balazinskatr15-07: pdftabletop manipulationdylan holmes, supervised by emanuel todorovtr15-08: pdfpeer-to-peer data transfer in resource constrained environmentsshahar levari, supervised by gaetano borriello & richard andersontr15-09: pdfoba research & developmentaengus mcmillin, supervised by alan borningtr15-10: pdfa web based tool for labeling the 3d worldaaron nech, supervised bysteve seitz & richard newcombetr15-11: pdftalk space: developing the online salonkarthik palaniappan, supervised by alan borningtr15-12: pdfidentification of unstructured language indicating multiple objectsvivek paramasivam, supervised by luke zettlemoyertr15-13: pdfdistributed sampling in a big data management systemdan radion, supervised by dan suciutr15-14: pdfalgebraic simplification for the herbie projectalex sanchez-stern, supervised by zachary tatlocktr15-15: pdfunderstanding charts in research papers: a learning approachnoah siegel, supervised by ali farhaditr15-16: pdfleaguespeak: the language of skill in leage of legendsking o. Xia, supervised by james fogarty 2014tr14-01: pdfpomdp-based interaction and interactive natural language grounding with a nao robotmaxwell forbes, supervised by rajesh raotr14-02: pdfrunning n-body use cases on myrialee lee choo, supervised by magdalena balazinskatr14-03: pdfverification games type systemsnathaniel mote, supervised by michael ernsttr14-04: pdfpna: protein-nucleic acid complex structure predictionraymond zhang, supervised by martin tompatr14-05: pdf winner, 2014 best senior thesis awarddcdn: distributed content delivery for the modern web nick martindell, supervised by tom anderson & arvind krishnamurthytr14-06: pdfdata purchase advisor: cost-effective data acquisition for shared data analysismartina unutzer, supervised by magdalena balazinskatr14-07: pdfinvestigation into measuring blood pressure with a mobile phonemolly moen, supervised by gaetano borriellotr14-08: pdfdigitapsvaspol ruamviboonsuk, supervised by richard ladnertr14-09: pdfmodeling relational vocabulary for grounded language acquisitioncaitlin harding, supervised by luke zettlemoyertr14-10: pdfspectral graph theory, expanders, and ramanujan graphschristopher williamson, supervised by james lee & anup raotr14-11: pdfeyes-free error detection and correction of speech dictation on mobile devicesrochelle ng, supervised by richard ladnertr14-12: pdfon a competitive secretary problemeric lei, supervised by anna karlin  2013tr13-01: pdftraceur: inferring variable control flow using synoptic with multiple relation typestimothy vega, supervised by michael ernsttr13-02: pdf 1, pdf 2, pdf 3monitors: keeping informed on code changes [pdf 1]news and notification: propagating releveant changes to developers [pdf 2]refinements and git integration with notifications and monitoring [pdf 3]christopher dentelsupervised at eth zurich by christian estler, dr. Bertrand meyersupervised at uw by david notkintr13-03: pdf 1, pdf 2, pdf 3contract inserter: a tool for automatically generating and inserting c# code contractsforrest coward, supervised by michael ernsttr13-04: pdfodk tables graphing toolnathan brandes, supervised by gaetano borriellotr13-05: pdfprobabilistic co-adaptive brain-computer interfacingmatthew bryan, supervised by rajesh raotr13-06: pdfstroke rehabilitation through motor imagery controlled humanoidpriya chagaleti, supervised by rajesh raotr13-07: pdfanalyzer: integrated tools to guide the application of machine learningchristopher clark, supervised by oren etzionitr13-08: pdfconsidering accuracy and diversity when creating ensembles of classifiersmichael fain, supervised by james fogartytr13-09: pdfodk tables mapschristopher gelon, supervised by gaetano borriellotr13-10: pdfappliance readerantonius denny harijanto, supervised by richard ladnertr13-11: pdftowards a theory of multiparty information complexitysamuel hopkins, supervised by paul beametr13-12: pdfinstance-based recognition of screen-rendered text in a system for pixel-based reverse-engineering of graphical interfacesstephen joe jonany, supervised by james fogartytr13-13: pdfidentifying idiomatic language at scalegrace muzny, supervised by luke zettlemoyertr13-14: pdfidentifying application breakage caused by virtualizationsteven portzer, supervised by arvind krishnamurthytr13-15: pdf winner, 2013 best senior thesis awardan api for touch-free interfaces for andriod devicesleeran raphaely, supervised by gaetano borriellotr13-16: pdfodk tables: improving the custom viewsheidi so, supervised by gaetano borriellotr13-17: pdfleveraging data invariants in model interfernce for test case generationroykrong sukkerd, supervised by michael ernst 2012tr12-01: pdfinvarimint: modeling logged behavior with invariant dfasjenny abrahamson, supervised by michael ernsttr12-02: pdfquantum compiler optimizationsjeff booth, supervised by aram harrowtr12-03: pdfstopfinder: improving the experience of blind public transit riders with crowdsourcingsanjana prasain, supervised by alan borningtr12-04: pdfa type system for regular expressionseric spishak, supervised by michael ernsttr12-05: pdfrun-length encoding markovian streamsjennifer wong, supervised by magdalena balazinskatr12-06: pdfexpanding the depth cloud: how to intelligently improve graspingmatthew mullen, supervised by joshua smithtr12-08: pdfsimultaneous tracking of two hands using camshifteric hare, supervised by dieter foxtr12-07: pdfa cold chain data visualization toolmelissa winstanley, supervised by ruth andersontr12-09: pdf winner, 2012 best senior thesis awardthe elan programming language for field-programmable gate arrayselliott brossard, supervised by carl ebelingtr12-10: pdfthe friendbo attention bar: improving engagement with web feeds on social networking sitesgreg bigelow, supervised by james landaytr12-11: pdfnamaste: a yoga activity logging sensormilda zizyte, supervised by shewtak pateltr12-12: pdfefficient mapreduce applicationsfinn parnell, supervised by luis cezetr12-13: pdfodk tables: a customizable data management application for androidhilary worden, supervised by gaetano borriellotr12-14: pdfa synchronization protocol for odk tables and odk aggregatedylan price, supervised by gaetano borriellotr12-15: pdfcomputer security in the undergraduate curriciulummiles sackler, supervised by tadayoshi kohno 2011tr11-01: pdf improving dht routing performance in harmony using client caching allison obourn, supervised by tom andersontr11-03: pdf smart connect: developing an sms-based communcations systems for health clinics in vietnam krysta yousoufian, supervised by richard andersontr11-04: pdf improving performance of prototype recognition in prefab orkhan muradov, supervised by james fogartytr11-05: pdf  winner, 2011 best senior thesis award lifeguard: locating internet failure events and generating usable alternate routes dynamically robert colin scott, supervised by tom andersontr11-06: pdf towards practical brain-computer interfaces: hierarchical learning and source estimation willy cheung, supervised by rajesh raotr11-07: pdf improving open data kit collect's multiple choice data entry methods jeffrey beorse, supervised by gaetano borriellotr11-08: pdf runtime verification of portable programming interfaces jeff rasley, supervised by justin cappos 2010tr10-01: pdfmodeling a lattice-traversing robotalbert chiu, supervised by eric klavinstr10-02: pdf haptic laser erik rosenkrantz dennison turnquist, supervised by shwetak pateltr10-03: pdf the cinematic sandbox: utilizing video game engines for rapid prototyping of animated films nicholas garrett, supervised by barbara monestr10-04: pdf  winner, 2010 best senior thesis award applications of the ip timestamp option to internet measurement justine sherry, supervised by tom andersontr10-05: pdf iterative design and implementation of an educational platform for shared computing contexts sunil garg, supervised by richard andersontr10-06: pdf deployment and evaluation of an educational platform for shared computing contexts clint tseng, supervised by richard andersontr10-07: pdf multiviewer imaging viewer: automated calibration pet phanton analysis project yogesh saletore, supervised by linda shapiro 2009tr09-01: pdf node containment in the seattle testbed cosmin barsan, supervised by justin cappostr09-02: pdf simulating hand interaction in a virtual environment with open dynamics engine and cyberglove nick nunley, supervised by miro enevtr09-03: pdf  winner, 2009 best senior thesis award real-time classification of everyday fitness activities on windows mobile alireza bagheri garakani, supervised by james fogarty 2008tr08-01: pdf winner, 2008 best senior thesis awardmaintaining intelligibility of asl video in the presence of data loss sam whittle, supervised by richard ladnertr08-02: pdfparallel n-body simulation using problem space promotionbrandon farrell, supervised by larry snydertr08-03: pdfexploring new applications for parallel programming: envisioning a new realmdavid tepper, supervised by larry snyder 2007tr07-01: pdfconnecting diets to disease: using data-mining to find links between food comsumption and chronic diseasesalex zheng, supervised by rajesh raotr07-02: pdf tagged representations in wil daria craciunoiu, supervised by craig chamberstr07-03: pdf multicore zpl steven p. Smith, supervised by larry snydertr07-04: pdf implementing not exists predicates over a probabilistic database ting-you wang, supervised by dan suciutr07-05: pdf  winner, 2007 best senior thesis award context-based arithmetic coding for the dct: achieving high compression rates with block transforms and simple context modeling kyle littlefield, supervised by richard ladner 2006tr06-01: pdf winner, 2006 best senior thesis awardfeature-based classification of the mouse eye images jenny yuen, supervised by linda shapiro 2005tr05-01: pdf winner, 2005 best senior thesis awardtext segmentation and grouping for tactile graphics matthew renzelmann, supervised by richard in topic id, title, supervisor, description, type and topic by supervisor name. If you want to sort it differently, click on the heading of the field you want to sort on the topic title to get more details about that ng the millions of ways to play a m synthesis by hierarchical ty audit and bug to people recommendation in social ng words and pictures: cross-modal multimedia web infomation t similarity modelling for learning for medical image of synthetic aperture radar (sar) application specific instruction set processor (asip). Low-power fft processor design and implementation for synthetic aperture radar (sar) based tracking of aircraft on stic computing for fault tolerant igurable computing literature survey - data science/machine le satellite payload onal verification of dynamic reconfiguration in zynq -based satellite flight and talk about topics of mutual e learning on level synthesis of reliable fpga-based application circuits.

Computer model of electrocardiogram pment of a cellml editor for biological er simulation of atrial al bezier patch modelling of anatomical er simulation of cardiac lar mimicry in viruses and ative and functional genomics in cing and annotation of the cane toad evaluation of a multiserver os on mario galaxy operations: cas vs ll/sc vs tsx/ in verified quantitative information ormatics of the immune ure-based comparison of protein binding bounds for extremal vertex sets in e and conquer for efficient edge terized algorithm for k-leaf spanning terized algorithms for backdoor re for computing graph ity of ted design and analysis of branching igating mutational profiles in fication of genetic causes of congenital heart disease using tanding the emergence of new mutations in the human genome using computational memroy data protection for embedded processor and decay leakage control for the register file/cache memory customization of embedded processor lity-oriented programming interface for lising the sel4 /emulate google magenta to cognitive robot disease mutation identification in whole genome sequencing ormatics software regulatory network in embryonic organ -based computing for massively parallel single-cell genomic ormatics algorithms for single cell rna-seq ative metabolomic data le 3d virtual reality visualisation of biological ted analysis of 3d biomedical imaging le device, heart rate dynamics and heart failure checking tool suite for protocol ing network routing 's a good routing protocol? Novel approach to privacy preservation in the internet of things using parallel haskell benchmark for mobile graphic for data serialisation and c topic: programming languages & ge support for gpu systems for certified ts in programming languages and ng networks in ty assignment for functional data flow isation of a type inference algorithm for pment of a functional language ng cutting-edge materials science by enhancing the simulation ting human body part dimensions from 2d image for malnutrition vs proof: the modular router on resources in an sel4-based terminal on 4 based iot ping new methods for analysis of next generation genome sequencing based molecular typing of pathogenic ing garbage collection and region allocation in typed functional on support for a home telehealth and development of a kinect-based 3d quantitative facial assessment tool for clinical hone app for activity classification and fall ed algorithms for a low power wearable fall alth architecture for android app for cardiac hone app for telepsychiatry and mental -time estimation of social connections from location and proximity for childhood cancer hone/ipad app for gait assessment and activity for promoting health eating in childhood cancer is of mental health related social media for predicting end of for cardiac rehabilitation and heart pment of a web based tool for analysis of t cell network analysis of viral infections in prison sequencing analysis of the early infection phase of hepatitis c of next generation sequencing to analyse genome evolution in infectious and genetic and how to use animation: connecting human minds to ing effective instructional & how to use gestures: connecting our bodies & minds to writing or typing a better way to learn? System for retrograde analysis in l game-playing -level control programs for baxter ion monitoring for set programming for robot nt modelling in -valued decision diagram dge based analysis of a distributed reting a formal security protocol language in an epistemic model ative performance of model checkers for epistemic cation of secure transaction t in blockchain, smart contracts and rency theory and distributed modelling, verification and analysis of wireless mesh siveness of distributed dge graph ourcing annotation for relation application r data code broadcast in wireless sensor ralizing big data of computer science and sydney nsw 2052 australia telephone +61 2 9385 provider code 00098g abn 57 195 873 179.