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Original researchfree 2gc research papers on strategy and balanced ch2gc's research commitmentwe are convinced that our active involvement in performance management research helps us better understand how to most effectively address the issues faced by our clients.

True test of 2gc’s research contributions and the understanding these demonstrate is academic peer review – the process used to screen articles prior to academic publication.

To ensure we continue to provide leading edge services to clients, we research management science topics relevant to our work, and seek to publish our findings in peer reviewed journals.

Our research topics include strategic control, strategic and performance management, and balanced research papers are available for free download and printing.

If you have any comments or questions about our work, please contact balanced scorecard as a communication protocol in ed scorecard,strategic alignment,this paper reports on research carried out in a multi-divisional organisation, and shows how a modified balanced scorecard design process allowed a firm to rationalise its strategic communication so that only relevant information is transmitted, and how this simplified communication formed the basis for the design of a strategic control fication of balanced scorecard designs based on intended gy implementation,balanced scorecard,strategic alignmentthis paper describes a classification of balanced scorecard designs based on intended method of use within an ion of the 3rd generation balanced gy implementation,balanced scorecard,strategic alignmentthis paper describes the changes to the definition of the balanced scorecard that have occurred since it became popular as a performance measurement framework during the early do only one third of uk companies realise strategic success?

Implementation,balanced scorecard,performance managementa survey of over 200 companies in the times 1000 revealed that while almost all companies had a ‘strategic vision’, only one in three reported achieving ‘significant strategic success’.

For many, the answer lies in the quality of the strategic management ing public sector governance through better strategic gy implementation,balanced scorecard,strategic alignmentthis paper shows how an improved balanced scorecard design has the potential to enhance strategic management and public sector mance management system design in a devolved gy implementation,balanced scorecard,strategic alignmentthis paper is a case study exploring the design of a new performance management system for the uk environment agency (11,000 staff, more than 40 discrete management units).

Performance management in a uk insurance mance management,this paper explores two issues related to the performance management of individuals: effectiveness and alignment with overall business ed scorecard implementation in ed scorecard,balanced scorecard has been widely adopted in medium and large organisations since it was introduced in the early 1990s.

Risk management and performance ed scorecard,performance management,risk management executive boards seeking improved corporate governance have implemented new risk management solutions.

Balanced scorecard and the business excellence ed scorecard,quality management,the balanced scorecard (bsc) and the business excellence model (bem) have each been widely adopted in recent years, and are often assumed to address broadly similar ng quality ed scorecard,quality management,since western economies began to adopt quality management principles in the early 1980s, it has been noted that quality management projects have produced limited long-term success when compared with equivalent initiatives in japan, where quality management tools and processes were balanced scorecard & ed scorecard,performance management,this paper reflects on how the eva measures of organisational performance can be used within the balanced scorecard approach to strategic ing measures of intellectual mance management,intellectual capital measures must have relevance to the organisation to which they relate, such relevance being obtained through linking intellectual capital measures to ed scorecard and results-based management: convergent performance management gy implementation,balanced scorecard,public sectorthis paper compares and contrasts two of the most widely adopted performance management (pm) frameworks – balanced scorecard and results-based ing incentive systems: linking people performance and mance management,this working paper looks at how to structure a people performance management (ppm) system and how it can support a strong employee and team performance incentive -level strategic alignment within a complex gy implementation,balanced scorecard,strategic alignmentthe implementation of large numbers of balanced scorecards as part of a coordinated programme (“cascading”) has been suggested as an efficient method for implementing strategy across an organisation, but case studies of this type of strategic alignment are rare.

This original research stems from a 2gc project within a large and complex multi-divisional organisation in the….