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Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your can see my ve corporate business : layout design ltd. You ever stared at a client with a blank face after hearing questions like these, you made 1 tiny mistake in your workflow — you forgot there was a client involved with your design decision you make has to be driven by rationale — and reasons to support it.

You approach design projects this way, you solve 2 important problems: first, your designs become functional, not just eye pleasing and second, you have an answer ready when your client pops the ruthless while designing — keep asking yourself questions and finding good answers for everything you do. Everyone knows that building a house is hard , not everyone knows how hard it is to come up with a good design solution.

S why it’s important to show your effort by presenting snapshots of your work in various stages, from initial sketches to final designs, before showing the final design solution. All this will make them appreciate your design far more than they initially : when preparing your design submissions on 99designs, create a small collage of images across the top or the bottom of your composition, and show your progress that leads to your final design.

Create realistic 3d is something powerful about 3d — hollywood spends millions on 3d movies and effects, people go wild about 3d icons, and clients get a kick out of 3d mockups showing their designs in action. Dimensional graphics help us believe something is live, tangible, already there, even when we know it’s only an image on our templates: pixeden, ’s why the closer you get to showing how your design looks in the real world, the higher your chances of getting the job.

If you’re working on a logo design, show how it looks on different materials and in different executions. Explain your should go without saying but you wouldn’t believe how many designers submit their work without a sentence of explanation to go with i firmly believe a design either works or doesn’t work for a client, i also know that client’s love to hear designer’s thought process, or why things were made a certain way (remember those design decisions i mentioned at the beginning?

Explanation doesn’t have to be long and elaborate — just list the most important thoughts and end ’s a example from 1 of my projects:Hi pascal, attached is the proposal for the website. There are other options that work, so we can try them too if for any reason you don’t like what you it short, to the point and avoid stating the presentation isn’t about you — it’s about your client and your attentive and consider all questions, comments and concerns carefully and with an open mind.

If you disagree with something, say why but do not push it — there is nothing worse than working with a defensive designer who refuses to hear something isn’t you know how to listen, you’ll know how to improve so your next presentation becomes a winning presentations are presentation is the story of your work. If you spend a day creating a website proposal, you can spare 10 minutes to write an explanation of your design designers even go as far as to create a video presentation of their story, process and ideas — simply because they know how essential it is.

Descriptive design words you should tips … like the emphasis on presentation in the last section. Looks like something went t design ers, check out these contests so you can start building your tips & business trends in your inbox?