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My hourly fee is $145 per hour, but the range i’ve seen amongst other professionals is $65 to $250 per page: i’ve never charged on a per page basis, but know that some writers do. It is hard to calculate because the word count per page really depends on the page layout and font used. On average, you can consider that there are 250 words per page, so it is possible to make this word: having tried a number of methods, this is the one i like best. Personally, i charge a dollar per project: when i bid on a book, i usually bid on the project, but base it on the number of words the client anticipates the work to be. After talking to several ghostwriters, i have seen the range be anywhere from $15,000 to $150,000 for a non-celebrity book. The price for celebrity books goes much are other incentives you can offer your ghostwriter, in order to negotiate the best price. Here are a few you might consider:A percentage of the back end: never ask a professional ghostwriter to work solely for a percentage of the back end (royalties). These are not within the purview of a typical ghostwriter, but i love working on this aspect of projects. However, some will offer me the coveted “with” credit on the cover (one given to some ghostwriters). It lets the world know the author hired me to ghostwrite for addition, it is always nice to present your ghostwriter with a written testimonial at the end of the project. Articles you might find helpful:Hire a ghostwriter to record your family history for future generations. S good business to write a different ghostwriting you need in a ghostwriting much does it cost to hire a ghostwriter? As a parent of three, and one of the top 50 women chess players in the united states, laura wrote this book to teach any parent to teach any child, of any age, to play business tips for writers / tips from a ghost ost tagsaffordable ghostwritingfind a ghostwriterfreelance ghostwriterghost writer , it i were to take on a project as a ghost writer, i’d definitely quote on it as a project basis out of the options you have described. Love ghostwriting, as i know i’m helping authors find the words to communicate their ideas. To answer your question, editors charge anywhere from a half a cent per word to ten cents per word (when rewrites are required). Not sure i want to charge by the word, because i write wordy and then skim down in the rewrite. I quoted him 30% because i am new to the ghost writing let it slide for 6 months, but has again approached me for the rewriting and i told him i now had an agent and needed to consult with that agent. You’ll need to talk to you literary agent about your agreement as it applies to ghostwriting.

Ghostwriting rates per word

Ghostwriter should never accept a percentage of the profits deal as a sole means to be paid. And wish i could afford a goast writer … sorry for my english writing … i live with a illness through my childhood …. I do coach writers on how to get prospective clients, bid and get started with a project. But the other thing its that i don’t have any budget sources at would like to let people know about my secret (story) i was wondering if there is some ghost writer or agent that will be interested and work a deal with me, and bring this astory to life, the press would be interested on this too. The ghostwriting process, who is responsible for finding publishers for the book and sending it to them? Does the ghostwriter also write the queries as part of the cost agreed upon for the book or do you charge extra? Most ghostwriters are only responsible for writing a book and rarely have anything to do with the publishing process. Having said that, some publishing companies have relationships with writers and hire them to help clients. Also some ghostwriters have developed a niche to help clients write proposals or query letters, but they charge extra for that service. Have talked to a few ghostwriters who have been asked to get involved with a book again after the edits come back, but personally, i’ve never seen that happen. Can i see a copy or purchase a copy of your ghostwriting contract that you use with your clients? May be off to a bit of a late start for a career as a writer, as i recently turned 62, however, after attending college for the past year and a half, through a program offered for disabled veterans, i have discovered that i have a flair for writing. I have read your responses to the questions/concerns raised by some of your readers and although i, too, have many questions, i am mostly interested at this point in learning how one goes about obtaining work as a beginner ghost writer, all else i believe is, as sherlock holmes (sir arthur conan doyle) would say, “data! Would like to learn more about getting started as a ghost writer and will appreciate any advice you can you for writing, sam! Aperson with a memoir hires a ghostwriter and both select an agent to improve odds for a higher advance, do both pay the agent’s 15% standard, or doees the originator pay the agent ? If the agreement states that the ghostwriters fee is increased if the advance is larger, doesnt the ghostwriter profit from the hiring of an agent and therefore should help with the expense? Once in a while they are also given a percentage of the profits, but a ghostwriter wouldn’t be responsible for any of the expenses. I receive quite a few requests that appear to be in between editing and pure ghostwriting.

One thing i’ve learned is not to take on a client who has had a failed relationship with a prior ghostwriter. I am a writer but most of my experience has been on the job as a salaried communications specialist. Sure, you can charge by the word, but remember, you’re only interested in the word count of the final draft. I’m a professional writer, but have only recently started a ghostwriting business (it’s headed towards more coaching). Anyway, i’m kicking myself for charging for such incredibly low rates as i began (since i didn’t really know what i could charge as a new ghostwriter who hasn’t written a book). Having been a ghostwriter for over a decade i realized the importance of having a good contract that protects everyone. Damian, as a ghostwriter i often help people write their memoirs, which are always very personal and intimate. Your ghostwriter would need to interview you extensively, and the process usually takes 6-8 months. So many writers have no idea what to charge or how to even bring up the subject of money! If you ever want to explore earning a living through ghostwriting, i’d be happy to help. Thank you very regards from ksenija, i think you’ll need to find a ghostwriter to help you create the voice you’ll need. I was wondering if you could offer some advice for the newbies to ghostwriting such as how to get started, getting clients, and anything else would be wonderful. I do sometimes take on coaching clients, helping them break into the world of ghostwriting. I am about to start my own ghostwriting business aimed at college students and writing their papers. Personally, i’d never ghostwrite a student’s paper, as i feel that wouldn’t be ethical. My friend (who is an aspiring writer) and i are coming together to write a book about a personal event that i went through as a child and the progressions i’ve come to have since that time. The reason i’m not writing it myself is because i get too emotional and it doesn’t help with my frequent writers block. He’s decided he wants to be co-author and not my ghostwriter which is what i had intended.

Any time you can hire a ghostwriter for any percentage of the profits, it’s an amazing deal. Normally it won’t work out, though, as the ghostwriter will run out of time and need to be paid. Books require hundreds of hours to write and people usually don’t have that kind of spare , my sixteen-year-old son is an aspiring writer. In fact, he’s written 50,000 words of his first novel (he says this book will be about 100,000 words). Am just starting out as a ghost writer, but i am no stranger to writing. I have been approached about ghost writing a friends life story, which is a really good one! I’d suggest charging on a per word basis, but bidding on the project as a whole. For instance, if you decide to charge twenty-five cents per word, and find out that the book will be 50,000 words, you’d charge $12,500. I am not a writer and what ever cost involved i will have to beg and steal to get it but can be done. I been told by told by many professors of the arts, that if i had a ghostwriter, and the time, stories of humble embarked truth, honest base , coming from with in the lives of these, would enhance forth with projected postive forth comings in so many lives would change with light to the darkest. Freelance: what would you say are reasonable freelance ghostwriting rates for a non-fiction book for a leading authority on a topic, based on his research and data? When negotiating a contract, should the ghostwriter ask for payment during the writing stage, plus a percentage of the book royalties? Pdf from the writers market says this about ghostwriting rates (without royalty or credit): $70 an hour, with a per project low of $5000, high of $100,000, and average of $36,000. But as part of the calculation, there are several immediate factors to consider for the freelancer who wants to add ghostwriting into his or her arsenal:An experienced ghost can command a much higher fee than a length of the book, in terms of word count and page much research needs to be done, or if the content is already in some written form, or if the author provides audio files that can be transcribed (or converted with dragon) and edited, rather than starting from much back-and-forth can be expected in the editing process. Ve participated in several ghosting projects and have turned down more than i can count. Here are a couple of examples from my own experience:I ghostwrote a short-ish book last year for someone who gave me audio files for each chapter. If the book gets picked up, i am contracted to receive a 15% royalty in addition to getting a percentage of the advance — but i’m not holding my you add royalties or credit in, it changes the negotiation as well as the ghostwriting rates. Ghostwriting a timely book for a 15-minute celebrity would clearly be more lucrative than even the most respected academician…as sad as that is.

Skilled ghosting is more expensive than most inexperienced authors realize — and at the risk of overextending the metaphor, freelance ghostwriting rates may spook them. As a longtime ghostwriter, i’ve found that every project is distinct enough that it requires its own considerations and terms. If it’s going to be significant, i often arrange, as a part of my contract, to be paid an hourly rate initially for doing the research, and then later, in the writing phase, move to a per-word fee. Bruce gave an excellent tip about how to handle a project that might be hard to pinpoint price because of the research involved–go with an upfront hourly rate to cover the front of the project and switch to a project rate or per word rate for the actual writing. One piece of advice not price related i would give writers considering a ghostwriting project is to be careful of taking on a project from a “client from hell” just to break into ghostwriting. Your advice about not taking on a potentially hazardous project to “break into ghostwriting” is absolutely spot on. I have an interest in finding a ghostwriter to help me forge a book about my life as a ward of the state from age 3 to 18 and the effects of this lifestyle on me today i know my punctuation isnt very good as my eduction is somewhat lacking in this department. You’ll need to do some research on who might be a good fit, as well as what it might cost, but i wish you the best of luck. I’ll certainly be addressing ghostwriting again in the future, so please keep up posted on what you find. M a ghostwriter for a self-published book that sold very well and future books will most likely be picked up by a publisher. I’m a hip hop/rap artist thinking of getting into ghostwriting for some new and upcoming artists. I ran across your article while searching for info on average royalty percentage for ghost writers in music…. Am about to embark on my first ghost writing job and i have some it appropriate for me to request a few chapters for reviewal before giving a quota? I am a freelance writer/copyeditor and have been asked to ghostwrite a series of children’s books. I’ve never done a ghost writing job, per se, although i’ve had to almost re-write some scholarly journal articles. I have done interviews for feature pieces as well as for fundraising videos; edited all manner of manuscripts and proposals; successfully written over other people’s signatures in their voices; and feel comfortable with all of the above, but have never been officially hired as a ghost a way to make ends meet, i have been thinking about advertising locally as a ghost writer and editor — i can pretty much edit anything. Is such a good article, i’m just starting ghostwriting too, wish there were more follow up replies! M a former literary agent and i am just starting out after about a decade out of the publishing business as a freelance editor and ghostwriter.

I plan to charge 20 cents a word for ghostwriting and 1 to 4 cents a word for editing, depending on the level. You say here that 50 cents a word is rock bottom for ghostwriters, but i’ve seen 20 cents elsewhere. I’m running short on time this week, but will try to address your query next you so much for this advice on ‘ghost writing’ pricing. I found it very helpful as i found it is sometimes best to charge by the hour, but usually charge by the word. Stated, i am meeting with a writer this morning and you have supplied me with the agenda of issues to discuss. I’ve actually been working as a ghostwriter and editor for quite some time, but it’s always good to have more reference material when i create a you ever had the problem of potential clients asking you about previous ghostwriting experiences? Ghostwriting rates: freelance ghostwriting rates for books factor in experience, word count and page cou… http:/// @drfreelance: freelance ghostwriting rates ##freelance http:///b31sxi http:///fb/ @drfreelance: freelance #ghostwriting rates #freelance http:/// prescription for g for better paying freelance jobs? Freelance guides offer professional business advice for freelance writers, editors, designers, and other solo creative entrepreneurs. Check him out on twitter, facebook, google+, or linkedin to hear his latest diagnosis or ask a question about your to primary navigation skip to content skip to primary sidebarmain navigationhow much should freelance writers charge per word? In fact, some freelance writers don’t know they should be charging per word in the first became evident when i first started hiring freelance bloggers to work with me. Per word, but nor can you reasonably hope to work for anything close to a dollar per , where on earth should you be in-between those numbers? With that in mind, let’s have a look at how to structure your overall freelance writing fees for ’ve decided it’s time to become a freelance writer. These are:Recommended: per major mistake many beginning freelance writers make is to think they should charge per hour or set up to handle payments per project. While this is possible to work with if a client specifically requests it, you should always estimate your overall fees by calculating rates per word r, when you’re first getting started, it’s far easier to keep it simple and only charge per word. This gives you the control to determine your own hourly rate by:Developing processes,Improving the quality of your other words, you’ll be able to produce better work in a shorter amount of time as you become more experienced. Keep in mind this is not a strict set of rules, but general guidelines to help you make an educated decision when setting your own nce writing rates ted blogging standards for freelance writer rates per word in ee per wordest. But the way i have succeeded as a freelance writing is in blogging on topics that:I know a lot about, ’t require an insane amount of research/work to write this approach, a seemingly low rate per word can actually result in excellent hourly is a a concrete example: as an intermediate blogger charging $. To set your own freelance writing rates and find now, you’re familiar with freelance writer pricing works and appropriate per word ’s time to actually set your own rates and find clients happy to pay them!

Choose a reasonable rate for your from your own experience as a writer and how in-demand your niche is, you can reverse engineer your goal per-word rate using this formula:First, establish your minimum monthly income goal. In this case, $2,000 divided by 20 is $ the per word fee in the table above which matches this hourly rate. Find clients happy to pay reasonable to blog jobs offers vetted writing clients for freelance writers of all that you’ve established your goal rates and what is appropriate for your current level of education and skill level, you need to find clients happy to pay in your price range. Per word equates to very a healthy hourly rate, on which one can live very comfortably – especially if you work on your speed and ’s review the takeaways on how (and how much) freelance writers charge, one more time:It is important to charge per word so you have more control over your effective hourly nce writing rates range from . Instead, we create profitable online businesses through nothing other than hard work and your email address below to get our best tips for getting a head start on the learning curve with our ebook "how to make your start as a beginner freelance writer" right away! Understand where you’re coming from, but for me, the number of words you write is a good base point to start with when determining your rate, and also sets clear expectations in the client’s mind. I intended to write for corporate, but a ghostwriting blogging opportunity fell in my lap, so i’ve stuck with it. I’m a fast writer when it comes to topics i’m very familiar with, but most of the articles require a lot of research. I’m starting to get more knowledge in the field (wordpress, etc) so i’m getting faster. It’s not always about getting more per word, but writing more in less is key! Like charging by the article too, but it is loosely based on a per word fee. Think it’s important to realize here that there are a lot of different types of jobs you can have as a freelance writer. It sounds like you’re talking mostly blogging rates, where $1 per word would be pretty ridiculous, but i know some magazine writers and journalists get paid that much because those articles require a lot more time commitment and research, especially if you’re conducting being said, i personally think $0. Per word is pretty reasonable assuming you have some experience and are a decent writer. Per word, and i would encourage others to shoot for that range as there are so many other factors that go into it. So if a client orders a 1,000-word article, i might charge a $120 flat fee even if i go a little over the word thank you for sharing your thoughts alicia 🙂. Per word, you need to have a discussion with the client, because the job isn’t economical. If however you can write up an 800 word post in 40 minutes (which i used to do at around $0.

Per word), you can make the equivalent of $36 per hour, which i for one was absolutely delighted my experience, most writers won’t be able to make anywhere near a decent income for writing for less than $0. An aside, i find i get a bit nervous when i land a new client at a higher rate, as it feels like its too much money for some words on a blog, and i expect it to end as its too good to be that my rates are that high or anything! Wouldn’t necessarily get all clients on the same rate – it depends on how intensive each job approach is to generally impose a rate increase across the board, as even if you lose a client or two, you tend to make a great of it up in about 1$ per 100 words ghostwriting. Personally, i never accept jobs that pay less than $30 per 1,000 words, and even that’s very low–but i write fast when there’s little to no research involved. Would suggest checking the latest version of writer’s market before you quote a job. It’s pretty specific, and you can see per-word rates as well as hourly and per-page rates. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing this, and i would hate anyone to be turned off or intimidated by the notion of quoting high rates from the get a great extent, the freelance writing market is sat in the past, thinking that the only way to make a living is to charge a dollar a word. Most freelance writers still haven’t woken up to the reality that you can make a very good living at an absolute fraction of that rate by creating blog posts on topics you are familiar with (and thus can write quickly). Word because the topic is easy and it takes me 30 minutes or less to write. Ingore the naysayers; if you’re happy and making enough for you (or feel that you’re heading in the right direction), you’re questions is about a huge essay – say 50,000 words. One could argue that having to come up with new ideas every 1,000 words and restart the writing process is more difficult than writing a 50,000 word essay on one topic, but you could certainly put a good argument together to the all comes down to what you’re willing to work for and what you negotiate with the client. Am obviously late joining this discussion, but i would like to say that i found your article very helpful, mainly because someone just approached me about writing for a particular site and asked how much i would charge for a 1,000-word article and i was unsure how to answer. Have just started as a freelance writer and have so many thing from the postings. I have been asked how much i charge per x number of words and i’m never sure how to answer, but this has helped a lot. You know of any good companies who might be looking for content writers in canada? Till now, i used to work at the rate of 1$ for 100 words, but i just realized that it is too low rate. Could you please suggest me some good companies who could pay better ( 2$ for 100 words is enough for me) ? What are the charges i shall take as its my beginning per words and per articles??

Per 100 words and only people who make more than that, are those that have significantly invested in a website, and have massive social media following, for placed “thought leader” or authority content in their specialty you are competing against global writers in lower paying countries, who are happy to write (albeit you can tell it’s non-native north american) content for $2 per 500 quality, originality, the speed with which your write and years of building a solid reputation allowed me to segue from my day job to consulting, but having both college and university education in marketing made that happen too. As opposed to regular blogs/articles, these are taglines, captions etc creative ones, with less words. Charging by the word in such cases doesn’t make it worth the while for a are devaluing your talent – and all writers’ talents – when you charge by the word. If you’re just typing random words with no thought or research involved, then definitely charge by the word. I just found your blog, here, while searching for beginning rates for us freelance writers. Per word, but then i also include a custom made feature image in the i come up with the $120 is that it take about 4 hours for me to write a blog post with a custom made image that is well planned, proof read, and revised. Although i have no intent on discontinuing my work as an independent author, i have recently decided to become a freelance writer with my ultimate goal of becoming a ghost writer. Lots of great comments here, but everyone seems to be far too fixated on this “per word” ing per word commoditizes writing into a bulk product. Put fixed costs on your price all depends on the topic, the amount of research required, and the amount of finish required in the final ’s a big difference between posts that require 20 minutes of research and posts that require interviews, multiple hours of research, careful fact checking and a high level of here are comparing apples and oranges and are pretending they’re the same thing. I work very hard to say more with less and that just doesn’t get factored into a per word fee structure. As a consumer, i’m suspicious of being charged by the word and also by time. I like your observation about factoring the complexity of the subject and that some writers may produce better results if they have familiarity with the topic and can produce something in a shorter period of time. I’m sure writers agree if they had more time they could have shortened the writing or been more concise, but why put in the effort to do this if you get paid by the word and the work is good enough? Check failed, please try , your blog cannot share posts by you hire a ghostwriter for a business book, a novel or a memoir, you are purchasing a work-for-hire. As the buyer, you have certain rights that you will want to protect with a written ghostwriter agreement, including copyright, which ensures you (or your company) reap the financial benefits of your will want to have your ghostwriter contract reviewed by a lawyer who has experience with such contracts, particularly if:You are concerned about maintaining strict confidentiality: while acknowledgement of ghostwriting assistance may have little impact on a memoir to be shared with family and friends, it can undermine the business model for other types of project is going to involve a significant amount of money: any contract that involves a large sum of money should be reviewed by a lawyer who can identify potential risks and missing anticipate your book will attract a great deal of publicity and earned income: again, where a lot of money is involved, things can more easily go riter for hire: ghostwriter it’s impossible to anticipate every challenge that could arise in a ghostwriter work-for-hire situation, a legal contract creates clear expectations for both the product and the working relationship. A standard ghostwriting contract will include, but necessarily not be limited to:The name of the parties entering into the written ghostwriter purpose of the ghostwriter agreement: be as specific as possible. Note: when you provide material for the writer, be sure to indicate when material is not originally yours. Share all your sources with the writer, so that they can give appropriate credit to the original source.

If you will be doing some of the work and the writer will do some of the work, be sure to break out the exact duties of each nes and deliverables expected of the ghostwriter and whether and when you will have access to the ons: determine how revisions will be made and when additional revisions will trigger an additional fee. Note that royalties are typically not paid to the ghostwriter but this will need to be included in the ght: state who has ownership of riter credits: will the ghostwriters’ name appear on the book – or not? Not only might you want ghostwriter confidentiality about writing the book, you may also want to ensure he or she does not share confidential information gathered during the writing of the book. Your ghostwriting contract should specify how fees will be figured – for example, an hourly fee, a per word fee, a per page fee, or a per project fee. Charges are hourly ($25 to $200) or at a per-project g a children’s book for hire may be charged at an hourly rate ($50 to $125) or a per word charge of $1 to $10 per riting fees for a book could be charged hourly ($30 to $200), per word ($1 to $3) or per project ($5,000 to $100,000). More experienced ghostwriters tend to charge per project, with additional hourly fees if the project scope expands. Books for which the ghostwriter receives no credit are usually charged at a higher -writing writing tips + g and publishing g course book writing your book to life®.